We Don't Belong Together

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  1. Madison "Maddie" Angelina Johnson

    Sixteen | American - British | Popular

    - Behind those smiling lips and shining amber-eyes, Madison Johnson conceals the truth of her horrendous family and the destructive lifestyle she's been forced to endure. While her father drinks himself into a stupor, her promiscuous mother also struggles with a Heroin addiction. Madison suffers physical and emotional abuse from both parents. She secludes herself in the basement or attic, anywhere she may obtain privacy.

    - At school, Madison is a model student. Team captain for the Girl's Baseball League, Straight-A student and she is beloved by practically everyone. However, no one is aware of the truth. Madison absorbs herself in school and socializing because she is so desperate to escape the tragedy of her own home.

    - Madison dislikes bullies, negativity and tries to be a friend towards everyone. She currently works part-time at the animal shelter and absolutely adores animals of all varieties. Madison's dream is to become a Veterinarian.

  2. Kevin Nathaniel Stewart
    Sixteen | Nerd

    Coming from an Asian mother and a strict businessman of a father, Kevin has always put his education and academics as the 1st priority in his life. While he does have his own group of friends, he is not the kind of guy one would see going out to the movies or to grab dinner with friends. He spends most of his time at home studying or taking outside classes or courses not offered in high school.

    Although he is called the school nerd, and he himself has accepted this title, Kevin and his friends aren't as stereotypical as others might think. He rarely plays any games at all - whether trading cards or video games - and likes to keep hiself looking sophisticated and organized.

    Kevin is quite a bit above the average academic levels of others in his grade. In addition to taking 5 classes at school, which are all AP classes, he is also enrolled in Phycology and Statistics at the local college. His favorite classes at school are definitely AP calculus and AP Computer Science, since he wishes to pursue a career in engineering tech or software development.

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  3. "Are you going to the party tonight at Vincent's?"

    Attending late night parties during the weekend are extremely common in High School, but Madison has never really been a fan of them. She kindly refused, returning attention to her mediocre school lunch. It looked to be squishy, mobile and possibly alive? Oh well, it's not nice to complain when being served free food.

    "Come on," her friend insisted. "I thought the British are supposed to love getting wasted?"

    Madison frowned, "That's a Stereotype, Jason. Besides, I'm American now." In actuality, Madison has duel-citizenship. A joint union due to her parents, American father and British mother. However, despite Madison's rejection, Jason continued his efforts.

    "You never have any free time to just hangout, y'know?"

    This wasn't exactly a lie. Managing her responsibilities throughout the school, Madison's leisure time is very restricted. She finally accepted, agreeing to go and left the table in silence. Her friends lingered behind, curiously chattering among themselves.

    "Madison's been acting a little strange lately," Jason contributed, watching as the tall blond carried herself through the open doors. "Wonder why?"

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  4. Kevin sat outside on the concrete that encircled the trees on the side of the quad. Although he and his group of friends were definitely not the only people who ate lunch outside, the cafeteria was still the much more popular choice among students. But that didn't matter to Kevin. He was never popular and he never had the desire to be. His group of friends may be small (it only consisted of four people: Adam, a huge Pokemon fan, Brian, the youngster who skipped two grades, Aaron, a tall, skinny swimmer who is the talkative one, since he's in speech and debate as well as other business clubs, and Kevin)

    Tucking away the cheat sheet of codings that he would need to memorize for AP Comp Sci, Kevin took out the sandwich that he made for himself earlier that morning. Since both his parents leave for work very early in the mornings, Kevin usually always made himself lunch. But because his mother's hospital is quite close to the school, she sometimes stopped by to drop of a bento for him.

    "Do people really party here? Like full out party with drinking and stuff?"

    Kevin looked up at little Brian, who was the mere age of 13, and chuckled. Not only was Brian probably the youngest in not just their grade, but the whole school, he came from a ver secluded private school so he was never exposed to the social activities that others were already used to. But before Kevin could respond to Brian's innocent questions, Aaron piped up and started a train of teases.

    "Oh if only you didn't life under a rock, dear child. I would take to one and give you the time of your life. In fact I heard there's a party tonight. You wanna go?"

    Kevin just shook his head disapprovingly at Aaron and turned to address Brian. "Don't listen to him. He's never been to a party himself. And parties really aren't anything cool."
  5. Madison was currently seeking privacy, something which is practically impossible to obtain while surrounded by a mass of teenagers and locked within the campus. Unlike most schools, this building was enforced in high security with expensive gates and a clearance check at the entrances. Luckily for Madison, she happened along an abandoned bench in the back area of the school. She happily took up residence there, setting her bag down and laid back along the bench. Dark eyes of amber curiously watching the sky which hovered above her view. The clouds were thick, almost hiding the sun entirely.


    Someone had found her. Judging the feminine voice, slight southern accent and the nervous slur of her words, Madison's conclusion was right in assuming the stranger's identity. Casually she lolled her head to the side, eyes landing on the brunette and she smiled softly. "Hi, Alice. Is something wrong?" Alice Ketin, a Freshman with anxiety-disorder and the Southern charm that could melt a man's heart.

    "Um, well, I was wondering if you could help me?" Alice nervously rang her hands together, nails clicking as she continued. "I can't seem to find my backpack." Predictable, Alice is always responsible for loosing or misplacing her belongings. A side-effect of her anxiety.

    Although having sought some peace and relaxation before attending class, Madison wasn't able to reject her friend's plea for help. She reluctantly left the bench, slung the back over her shoulder once again and approached the frazzled brunette with a calm smile. "Don't worry, Alice. We'll find it, alright?"

    Alice nodded, her cheeks darkened a rosy shade. "T-Thank you."

    Without further conversation, the two girls set off in search of Alice's lost backpack. Locating a bright pink bag with yellow sunflowers printed on the fabric shouldn't be too difficult, right?
  6. Aaron tried to gain his ego back, debating with Kevin and Adam about whether he was cool enough to actually go to a party. Not that Kevin thought parties were actually cool. But just when Brian was about to become too confused to understand understand anything anymore start questioning his friends, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.

    "This isn't over man," Aaron addressed Kevin. "No one tried to make me seem uncool and gets away with it." But his cheeky grin exposed that he was only joking around. Even Aaron knew better than to actually go to a party. If they as friends shared only a single common belief, it was that parties were for the weak. Everyone in the school, even the nobodies and nerds (except more maybe Brian), knew that parties were for the sole reason of getting drunk and hooking up to forget about everything else in life, if only for a night.

    The four friends said their goodbyes and headed off to their separate classes; for Kevin, it was AP biology. The class was a joke of an AP class. It might have been more challenging than other non-AP courses, but it was nowhere near the difficulty level of AP physics, which was Kevin's original course selection choice. But that's okay. Kevin really did enjoy the subject. Although he did already take regular biology as a freshman (as was required from all students in their first year), biology was really a lot more interesting when you could go deeper and design your own labs and such. The teacher had told them earlier that week that today, they would start on learning behaviors/patters and would be doing another lab design, this time with a partner. Although Kevin wasn't a lover of working in groups, he was pretty excited for the next unit.

    On his way to class, he saw a bright pink backpack with some floral patterns sitting lonelily on a deserted bench. Looks like someone forgot to take their backpack with her to class...
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