We did it by one point! Iwaku wins!

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  1. I went to vote and I what I saw amazed me. With 1012 votes, we are over the other sites 1011. We are winning, keep it up guys.
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  2. ALMOST. D: Down by another point again!
  3. We're now up by seven, I think :)
  4. First RP sites... Then the world!

  5. Such competitiveness.
  6. I'd vote if it let me.

    But I click Enter and Vote, click Vote for Iwaku, and it just loops me back to Enter and Vote.

    Sh-shut up, Iwaku.. It's..It's not like I WANTED to vote for you or an-anything.. S-stupid b-baka..

  7. Psst, windsong. You do vote on iwaku by clicking enter and vote :3
    As you can see written on the top of the thing you come to:
    -Gateway Page
    To deter cheating, a gateway page has been put up. Click the link below to Finalize your vote.

    With other words, you are already voting for iwaku, and if you don't want to vote for iwaku and check the alternative sites first, then you click the enter without voting. ^^
  8. Huh, I figured it was there to click on BEFORE I got to vote.

  9. We're falling behind again :(
  10. They're on to us man! O___O



    MUST WIN. O__O

    MUST BE NUMBER ONE. O__________O
  12. took me a while to realize that gateway page IS how we vote ~____~

    gimme an "I Voted" sticker lol
  13. We're getting our asses kicked already! D: NOOOOO
  14. I voted! I like the banner, it's a nice reminder.

    Iwaku is like Charlie Sheen; always winning, even when it looks like we're doing drugs and hanging out with hookers O.O
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