We can't be together RP

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  1. Beeping.
    Iris opened her eyes, the sunlight streaming in and blinding her.
    "Uhh.." She mumbled, wiping at them. She tried to open them again, and it worked better this time.
    Everything was a bit blurry, but she could see the basic outlines.
    "H-H-Hell...hell...oo.." She muttered, looking around.
    As things came into focus, she realized she was in the hospital.
    Machines were beeping all around her, and she took a deep breath.
    She pressed the nurse button, and a nurse in a pink uniform came in the room.
    "You're awake." She said happily, smiling down at her.
    "I'll go call your parents."
    She walked out.
    Iris was thirsty.


    Iris sat up in her bed, listening quietly to her mother talk.
    A year ago, she was in an accident while riding her motorcycle.
    She'd been in a coma for a whole year.
    "I'm sorry honey."
    Her mom comforted her with a pat on the hand.
    "Wh-where's everyone? M-Matthew?" She asked, looking around.
    "We called him. He'll be here soon."
    Matthew was her best friend, they'd done everything together.
    Right before her accident, she'd been riding to his house, he'd had something important to talk to her about.
    Iris had gotten a shower and brushed her hair- it took a bit of time to be okay enough on her legs.
    But she'd done it.
    Now, she sat eagerly waiting for Matthew to arrive.