We can grow chicken!?

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  1. Friend on Nationstates confused me with this.. it's kinda gross.. But I'd likely eat it anyway..


    So we can grow human meats too and it would not be considered cannibalism if we eat it! I think..
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  2. That's awesome. I've always wanted to eat lab-grown mean.

    I guess starvation will stop around the world right?
  3. Naa.. costs too much to make..
  4. I would eat the hell outta that. So cool.
  5. My face when I read that:


    That is fucking awesome!
  6. Hell, I'd eat it. Food is food.

    Also, when I read "We can grow chicken" I thought about a raw chicken being a chia pet... It was a very weird experience.
  7. Oh, I thought this was something else that I already heard about, but this seems to be a cool thing too. I personally think that lab-grown flesh could be potentially much healthier as well as cheaper than normal meat because one will not have to care about all the animals. It should be more humane too, given that people will not be forcing animals into small pens and stuff like that. I look forward to seeing this technology develop.
  8. I read the title as 'we can grow children?!' and was breifly confused

    This is really cool, not sure if I'd eat it though :/
  9. While I am all for anything that promises to end food shortages or makes consuming animal flesh less of an ethical issue I have one concern...What in the fluff does this test tube bird taste like? The taste of any animal meat is highly influenced by said animal's diet. Given that this bird is an artificial construct lacking a traditional diet one can not help wondering exactly if it is even palatable.
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