We are the One Percent

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  1. You are one of the one percent. You woke up one day to a world where most of humanity just disappeared into thin air. You now must survive in this desolate land, hardly ever seeing any other person, and never knowing if you can trust who you do see, or even if he exists, and your just hallucinating. In this world, We are the One Percent.

    I woke up and got ready to work. Everything seemed fine, though my wife seems to have gone somewhere, probably the store. Yeah, she's at the store, we ran out of milk, and the store's only a short way away.

    The drive to work was great, no traffic whatsoever. Didn't seem to be any cars on the street today. Well, lucky me! I was kinda late for work anyway, so hopefully I can speed my way there, hope there's no cops, that would ruin a great day.
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  2. I woke up in Vincent's bed. A half smile formed on my face as I began to remember the events of last night. I turned toward the sun streaming in through the window, expecting to see him beside me. The bed was empty.
    I shivered as the covers rolled off my bare shoulder. I sat up fighting another smirk.
    "Are you cooking me breakfast?"
    I grudgingly moved towards the edge of the bed and put my warm foot on he cold wooden floor. Still no answer.
    "Are we going to play hide and seek like kids? I can' t deny, that'd be unbearable cute...." I chuckled to myself.
    Standing slowly, I listened for sounds of movement. The house was silent. An eerie chill crept up my spine.
  3. Well, this is rather unusual. Works completely desolate, not a soul here. You know, it's probably nothing. Ah, it was a day off for everyone! Yeah, that makes sense, so that means I got up and fretted being late for nothing. All well, guess I'm gonaa head back home.
    Wife still not here, probably still at the store. Probably getting herself some new clothes. She would do that, she was one who liked to stay in style anyways, and why shouldn't she. Ya-know, I'll surprise her. Let's get something special for her, when she gets done. She loves that one show, what was it called again? It was something on Hallmark, I think. Yeah, I'll head to the Hallmark store, grab her something from there, she'll love it.

    As I went to the car, I looked out the window, to see nothing happening. No kids on the street, no yard sales, no loud music or anything. This is quite frankly one of the most quiet days I've had in my life. Where is everybody.

    No, don't think like that, they're obviously at the mall, of course! There was some major sale there, and everyone's buying stuff at discounts. Yeah, they're all at the mall. The Hallmark's there, yep. Well good news, no traffic, again, seems to be nothing at all, actually.
  4. Vincent must have already gone to work. I looked at the clock. It read 9:13 am in bright blaring red.
    "Shit." I muttered.
    Gonna be late for work. I rushed into he bathroom and scrubbed the sleep from my eyes and gargled some mouthwash. There was no way I was using his toothbrush. I swept my long curly sandy hair into a bun and put on my outfit from yesterday. The kiosk at the mall wasn't going anywhere, but the owner was a stickler for time. Ironically, they sold incense.
  5. This is the most desolate mall I've been to. There is absolutely no one here. Not a single murmur of human conversation anywhere. I could drop a pen and here it from the other side of the mall. I mean seriously, the new Teen-book author was supposed to be here to take autographs, this place should be crowd beyond all doubt! Also, why are all the shopping centers closed? It's 10 AM.

    "Where the hell is my wife!" She doesn't have a job, and she spends most of her time here! Where is she?
  6. As I began the hour long commute to the mall, the streets were barren. The road was open and clear as far as the eye could see. I didn't understand what I was seeing. Somehow it was so bazaar it didn't quite register. But as I pulled into the desolate parking lot of the mall at 10:15, a deeply unsettling feeling began to brew in the pit of my stomach. It felt like I was dreaming.... like I'd woken up in a different reality....
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    Name: Nikoli
    Age: 18

    Nikoli walks through his house wondering where his family of 2 is. He begins searching around the house looking in every nook and cranny. Finally with a heavy russian accent he yells out. "come out everyone!" Hearing nothing he begins to panic he dosent want to be alone again its not fair! He storms outside and goes into his black pickup truck and started driving. He slowed down noticing no one. Anywhere. It was creepy like the whole world died out.
  8. Tony heard a cars engine getting closer from outside of his secluded house, it startled him. Recently everything had gone quiet, all the cars had stopped humming, his loud neighbors had not made a peep. At first tony did not mind, he had become reclusive in his desire to improve his body, spending all the time he could working out in a home gym he had set up, but as time passed Tony started worrying thinking about all the horrible things that could have happened to the outside world while he was hidden away. In a sudden burst of curiosity Tony put down his dumbbell and walked outside to get a look at what had gone down
    Tony felt the sunlight beat down on his pale skin, he had not seen sunlight in weeks. He felt his eyes burn from the sudden influx of light, in response he used his hand to shade his face. After his eyes adjusted to the sunlight he made his way further down his unkempt lawn, he began to notice there was nobody outside his once active neighbors were nowhere to be seen , and the only sound he could hear was the sound of the car. 'It cant be to far from here by now' thought Tony. In a moment he saw that the car he heard was a pickup truck, and as it gets closer he get the sudden impulse to hail it down and does so, his massive frame and muscles make him stick out from the backround
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    I made my way into the mall cautiously, still feeling like I'm dreaming. The security booth at the entrance was empty. Charles never misses work. The scent shop was barren, the food court too?! This is flat out freakish...

    "Hello?!" I called out. My voice echoed back seemingly unheard.