INTEREST CHECK We are but Visitors. Tales of cause and effect.

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  1. A little RP about some people that randomly find themselves at various places in various times. Doing what they think needs to be done, like maybe ending a war or something^^
    (It is a world of sci-fi technology and fantasy powers)

    Have you ever wanted to change a story, finding the present lost and unfulfilled ?
    What if you could try to change it, would your attempts create a better place, or would you find the future even worse.
    Or are you content with the way things are, is the outcome not important ?
    Follow, and hope you don't get left behind.

    We are but visitors:
    There are crossroads, some simple roads meeting. But there are also places where paths join and change course.
    The world may have ended already, but we don't let that affect us. When we meet again the time and place may be different, but the world the same.
    Are we going to change the end or walk the same road back again ?
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Thread Status:
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