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Flaremon's Signature Experiments

So, since I took up signature-making recently, I thought I might as well put them here as well, just to see what you guys think. All of these are anime signatures, as I made them to showcase in AnimeSuki, which I joined recently.

Gawd, spent the whole day making three signatures. The desire to make better sigs is a killer.
This here is the first real signature I made in years (excluding mesh-ups of images picked out from Google), using the real-deal Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended instead of the crappy Photobucket.

Ever since I got into K-On! recently, I kinda got hooked, so I made three K-On! signatures across two days. This first one is, naturally, supposed to be fun and light-hearted, like the show itself.

This second one was the first of the three signatures I made consecutively yesterday (up till today) following Photoshop tutorials. Kinda morbid. Didn't know how it turned out like this (I missed the essential steps of the tutorial, I guess). Regardless, playing with the Liquify filter was fun.

First time using a c4D in a signature. Not bad, but not very satisfying (though it's better than the previous one). I love the splatter brush.

Just made this one just now. Totally showed the f-ed up side of Mion from Higurashi. Go and watch the show if you haven't.

That's all for now. :3 Expect more soon.