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  1. Gutteral howls echoed down the decrepit halls of a building long ago missing the glass from it's windows and claimed by thick patches of moss and creeping vines. Obstructed sunlight moddled the floor through the windows that was littered in sun and rain ruined parchment, filthy cloth, and torn, molded furnishings.

    Breathing hard, a shorter figure ran down the long corridor with a second behind them, connected only by a joined hand. Eyes darted searchingly, horrid screeches and chattering echoing behind them by their hunters. A split decision had them veer off to the side into one of the rooms.

    A foul curse was uttered under the breath of the first figure as they found themselves backed into the dead end of a crumbling bathroom, water long ago vacated from a yellowing toilet, cracked tiles and fragments of mirror scattered about the floor.

    The only thing that could drown any of the horrid noises of their pursuers was the panicked sound of blood pounding in his ears, his mind working quickly to try and think of a way to safety.

    The open space of a dingy washer and dryer, a pair of shuttered doors sitting open, seemed their best bet at this point. With a quick, whispered command the other figure, slightly taller, clammered up onto it as quietly as possibly, the first joining them. It took a moment of struggle but he got the shutter doors to slide shut, plunging the black-hoodied figures into partial darkness.

    Both took a few audible, hard breaths before falling silent, barely even daring to breathe.

    Only seconds afterwards, a grotesque human figure burst into the room, snarling and grunting as bloodshot eyes darted about hungrily, moving with a jolting tick as it searched for it's prey. A single blue eye peaked through the wood slots of the door apprehensively, catching a partial view of the inhuman thing that was intent on finding them.

    It was followed closely by a more hunched, slower human figure, but with a face that mushroomed out in angry red, pusstulous layers that overtook most of it's head, letting out a crackling clicking noise that was far from human.

    After what seemed several minutes, the creatures departed to search elsewhere. Even so, neither dared move, listening carefully until they couldn't hear even the faintest traces of the infected. Once they were certain to be alone, both let out a slow sigh and manuevered the doors open, slipping out quietly.

    "That was way too fucking close," the first figure muttered, a young male voice.

    "Yeah," the second, female, agreed.

    "Let's get the Hell out of here, before those things come back," he announced, grasping a hold of her hand again and taking the lead. "And be careful not to make too much noise. We don't know how close those things still are."

    She simply nodded her head and followed along, the pair creeping out cautiously and keeping their sense alert, first taking down the stairs and halting just before each corner or space they couldn't see to listen for signs of any more infected.

    Or, likewise, any other people that might have been about. If there were, more than likely they'd be hostile.
  2. (OOC: I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be one of these two people or someone else. A bit of clarification would not be missed.)
  3. (Different person. The two are characters of mine lol)
  4. (OOC: Okay, thanks.)

    The sound of several gunshots rang out in the otherwise quiet night. Four in all as the young man picked his way through the field of debris. With surprising calm, he holstered his handgun, a Beretta 9mm, and drew forth a gleaming sword of steel. The blade had a slight curve to it, similar to a Japanese katana, but the hilt of the weapon was much more similar to that of a European sword. With elegant, simple, but blatantly effective movements he cut down the last few Runners heading toward him, the keen edge of his odd sword shearing cleanly through flesh and bone alike. When the last one fell twitching to his feet, he stepped over it without a care. He glanced through doorways as he passed them by, but didn't investigate most of them. "Something had to rile these things up... hope they're not dead. That'd be quite the disappointment. Eve won't be happy."
  5. The pair jogged down the stairs of the old office-like building as quietly but quickly as possible, stopping just on the bottom steps and out of sight. The lead of the two carefully peered his head around the corner, cursing softly under his breath at a group of Runners that were bolting around in a frenzy, hunting.

    Before he could even think to find a way around them or fight them, they turned and ran off another direction, intent on finding some prey. He was careful to look and listen before giving his companion's hand a small tug, stepping out cautiously.

    "Come on, we'd better hurry." They only made it another room's length before the sound of gunfire made him jump, signaling that they weren't the only humans here, and by the voice he could hear only a hallway down the other way, they were coming closer. "Shit, hide!" he hissed, only loud enough for his companion to hear. She nodded and ducked through a doorway to their left, ducking just behind a large office desk while he himself took up position just behind the door frame, quietly drawing a short, guardless blade from it's sheathe and holding his breath while he listened silently, being expertly skilled in the art of stealth from practice since his very first memories.

    He could only guess they would be hostile, as were most people. They'd narrowly escaped getting gunned down by a gang in the last town they'd found themselves in, and he wasn't about to take a chance. If the person showed themselves or attacked, they were going to get a long piece of a sharpened steel through the skull.
  6. Carefully picking his way through the building, firing expertly-placed rounds into the weakened skulls of the infected that came at him, the young man advanced steadily. He paused, taking a deep smell of the air. "Steel... not as rusted as most... and oil... the kind one would use on a blade, to keep it's edge. There is a survivor." He didn't keep his voice down, but neither did he shout. In the silence, even the dead could be heard if one simply chose to listen. He walked further, his head turning and his nose twitching on occasion. "Come now, no need for such tactics. I assure you, I mean you no harm. My sister is lonely, is all. Seems to think we're all that is left. A sign, that's all I seek from you. Something I can show to Eve, so she will know others live. That she and I are not the last." As he walked, he made certain to make more noise. The better to navigate with, as he could not truly see. His eyes had long ago stopped working, but as a result his other senses were as sharp as his blade. He had a black cloth covering his eyes, making it clear that his vision was gone. "Please, do come out. I can smell your sweat. Hear your breath. Feel your heat. Taste your steel. Why don't I hold still, and let you come to me? You'll be more in control, so you'll have less cause for fear."
  7. The young male stiffened slightly as he heard the guy speak out to him, narrowing his single eye. When the guy rambled on about all the things he said he could hear, or smell, or taste, he couldn't help but make a face.

    What the hell is this freak talking about? Who says shit like that? He couldn't help but think the guy must've been a total loon. Of course he had said something about steel...which led him to think of the sword in-hand, but the guy could've simply seen it or made a likely guess that he had a weapon, and had simply heard the footsteps, or guessed their presence by how the Infected had been riled up.

    Still, his presence was known...and that alone served to be a problem. It would be harder to slip away without trouble. Even so, maybe there was something he could gain from the situation.

    "I'm not an idiot," he called out, not moving form his position as he decided to at least play along for now, but of course he was by no means about to be careless, being rather sharp of mind despite that some would argue he wasn't. "Distance and staying in one place doesn't mean a damn thing for being in control when you're armed with a gun."
  8. The man laughed. "I'm not the one to worry about. Yes, I have a gun, but unless you start speaking, I'll never make a clean shot. I'm blind, young man." He hadn't moved a muscle yet, though his grip on his sword tightened. "I can't stand around all day. This position is compromised. Runners and Clickers are on their way fr-"

    BLAAM! The sound rent through the air like a thunderblast, echoing through the dead buildings easily. The swordsman cried out in pain, covering his ears. "Dammit! I have to go. Don't bother trying to talk, I'm deafened at the moment. Eve's in trouble. We have a camp about half a click south-east. Rooftop, old church. Find us." With that, he stumbled off, no longer as sure footed as the world spun before him. He needed to get her a quieter sniper rifle.
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