Wayfarer's Sanctum



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They say that the best places appear when you haven't been looking for them. The tavern that is hidden among the Feysprite Woods is one of these places, four stories high and built with an architecture that doesn't fit in with the cities that are indigenous to Thrydia. The entirety of the thing seems to be one continuous mass of wood that has shaped itself into a building complete with gables and an attached stable. Nothing about the thing is small; it is a building clearly meant for entertaining and rest. In a cove nearby is the sound of running water hitting stone, a pool glittering in the light that filters through the trees.

Entering the building is easy, the southern door not one with a lock or key. A simple push open the warm inside to anyone who desires entrance, and the décor inside might give one the impression of a hunting lodge. A large fireplace is set into the western wall, framed by a mantle of wood that has been specially treated. Nymphs and satyr are displayed in relief, frolicking along the wood in a frozen display of mirth. The walls are lined with trophies from hunts, impressive heads of deer with large racks, and a bear in the corner set to strike. Tables are scattered around, far enough apart that none who sat at one would touch the back of another patron.

The bar itself is set along the northern wall, and a door leading to the kitchen can be seen behind it, though it has been blocked by a fur. On the eastern wall is a staircase leading upwards to the second floor, where the rooms of those who would stay the night can be found. It is in these lower floors that the most business can be found, and there are a fair few who never wander far from the tavern itself.

One can be found making her way down the stairs, her crimson hair mussed and falling into a face that is as fair as her body is lush. All that she wears is tailored to fit and accentuate, from the tightly bound bodice that gives her ample cleavage, to the the layered skirts that offer just a teasing flash of pale skin when she spins quickly. Her dark eyes are lined with black kohl, her full lips painted a rich rose, but she needs nothing else. Her movements are graceful as she moves from table to table, lowering the chairs that were placed up the night before so the floor could be attended to.

She is not the only one to be active. Already, the smell of freshly baked bread is filling the room, making empty stomachs rumble. The clash of pans and clatter of tableware is a common background noise in the tavern, as well as the foul mouth of the cook that lingers behind the hidden door. Another noise, the rich laughter of a man who has found himself truly amused, heralds the appearance of a tall and lean blonde man with flashing blue eyes. He strides from the back room, followed by a furious halfling who seems more than eager to cleave the man in two.

There is a moment of pause as they spot the maid, and even the shorter and more surly man manages a quick grin before trudging back to his kitchen.

“Causin' trouble again already, luv?” Terra's eyes flash while she brings down another chair, scooting it into place with her hip before moving on. “Don't see why you must drive Muushi up the wall so early in the morning. What would Sonata say, if she came downstairs to find you with a cleaver in that pretty head of yours?”

“Same thing she'd say if she caught me and Eslee wrapped around each other on the bar, I suppose.” He grins, a smile that would melt hearts if he only turned it on those who wished it.

“Boy, when that happens, the whole damned world will go up in flames.” She tilted her head back as Caven stepped behind her, combing his fingers through her hair and tying it up in a messy half-tail that at least kept her face bare. “I do hate when you do that, you know.”

“Hmph. Shame you're more a sister to me some days than anything else, or I'd have to punish you for that little bit of snark.” His hand swatted at her backside, and his grin faded when she skittered away and retreated back up the stairs. Caven made his way to his own chair and table, pulled into one of the unlit corners that allowed a complete view of the entire bar. As security for the tavern, t was his job to watch out for those who would cause more harm than good. Some days, he hated his job. Others...

“For the record,” the voice filtered into his thoughts, though he didn't look up. “Were I to find you and Eslee fornicating on my bar, I'd have you castrated and her made to eat what was cut off.” Sonata appeared in his field of vision, stepping lightly from the last stair and striding to place the heavy tome she carried down on the pedestal that housed it beside the door. The book was opened to a new page, a fine pheonix-down quill placed beside it.

Slender hands smoothed her skirts as she moved away from the door. Sonata wasn't one to raise her voice, and her very appearance seemed to reflect that. Her dark hair was pulled back from her face in a braid, her clothes a simple white chemise with a red silk sleeveless gown thrown over it to make it an outfit. Never did she wear kohl or paints, nor did she have a single bit of jewelry. It was common for her to claim that all she ever needed was the tavern, and those who had landed their jobs with her knew that better than anyone. To Sonata, the tavern was her child, and she expected it run a certain way.

“I assume Terra has already been down, or have you been doing her chores again to make sure she is continually employed?” Sonata leveled hazel eyes on her guard, the slightest grin flitting across her lips when she noticed him still clearly thinking about whether or not she would make do on her promise of bodily harm. “Caven.” Stern, but never loud. Her voice snapped him from his trance, and she knew by his answer that he'd been listening the entire time.

“She was already done by the time Muushi chased me away.” Caven knew she'd never throw Terra out, but it had become something of an act between them. Sonata would play the mother to everyone, and they would obey as grudging children, all the while shooting laughing glances at each other. This was home, and there was nothing he wanted more.

“Good. About time the trollop got her rear out of the bed, and got her head on wholesome work.” Sonata's attention went to the door while she moved behind the bar. “It's a cold day. I wouldn't be surprised if we had rain in a few hours. All the better reason for the sprites to open the paths.” Her arms folded over her chest, and she took in a deep breath.

Wayfarer's Sanctum was open once more...