Way back in days of old, there was a legend told~ [MxF, romance]


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Hello! I recently posted an ad in the off-site ads area because I greatly prefer to role play over email. However, given that you seem like a fun lot to RP with, I thought I'd post an ad here for some on-site fun!

My cravings are pretty specific, so feel free to scroll down to the end to check that out. However, if you're interested, I ask that you please read everything on this post. I'll try to keep it brief! Somewhat. Heh.

  • As far as our primary pairing (and any romantic pairing) is concerned, I only do male x female.
  • I love playing males and females equally! I will occasionally have a preference depending on the specific plot or pairing (or my mood at that time), but in most cases, I am just as happy to play either as my main character. I also love to add in side characters of varying age and gender.
  • My responses are generally 2-5 meaty paragraphs in length. I have no idea how many words are in them.
  • This is important: I LOVE ROMANCE. If there's no possibility of romance in a role play, it doesn't interest me. Slow burn is my favorite variety, but I'm also open to things moving more quickly and/or beginning with our characters already having a history between them. The main thing for me is that it doesn't feel cheap or forced. Even if we make it happen relatively quickly, I want there to be an authenticity to it, and I don't want to forsake the subtleties of falling in love in the name of laziness.
  • I tend to have more of an aggressive style when it comes to plotting. I'm happy to take the lead in most things, but I definitely don't want to step on toes, so I may ask for your input from time to time. On the other hand, if you come to me with a plot and ideas of your own, I'd be more than willing to follow your lead if you know what direction you want to take it in!
  • I enjoy making character sheets/bios for my main characters. They include pictures (I use real face claims and would prefer than you did, too) and anything from the most basic information to full history and personality profiles. If that's not your cup of tea, though, it's not a requirement! We can go with or without.
  • I prefer to role play over email, but I'm also happy to do this over PM here.

  • Grammar and spelling are pretty important to me, as is reading responses that actually flow and make sense. I'm certain that this entire site of mine is riddled with errors; I'm not referring to minor typos. Just put some thought and care into your response. Describe what your character is feeling, their surroundings, what they're doing. I want to understand what's going on in their head, and I want to receive something I can respond to.
  • Please don't control my characters. Don't make assumptions or presumptions about them. Don't make up something that they've said or done in the past or something about their family that you and I didn't talk about. If our characters have a history, we can work out the details of it; don't make it up on the fly.
  • Give your characters a healthy mix of strengths and flaws. Make them believable.
  • Communicate! We don't have to talk about every single thing in detail before we do it, but it's super helpful to discuss things in advance so that neither of us is wondering what to do next or making moves the other doesn't like. That being said, I'm open to being surprised by plot twists and such as long as it doesn't completely derail what we've got going.
  • I would greatly prefer if our main characters were in their twenties. I don't like playing mains younger than 18.
  • A word on doubling: First of all, I am not opposed to it! Doubling can be great fun, especially if we intertwine their storylines and have a variety of relationships happening! But if you only want to double so that I'll play the male for you without being cranky, I'd rather not go that route. I'm happy to play the male, like, 99% of the time, so no sweat! This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don't like to use doubling as a means of compromise. Mostly because I don't want people pouring their heart and soul into one character and then having their second character as an afterthought. So, to recap... I'm okay with doubling, but I will be GREATLY DISPLEASED if I see an uneven amount of effort being put into your characters.
  • For the love of all things good, PLEASE give me some information when you contact me. Tell me which idea you're interested in, whether you like character sheets or not, what role(s) you want to play, and whatever ideas you might have. There is really nothing I hate more than having to draw every minute sliver of information out of someone. Please, help me out.
  • Language: I don't really care. My characters will probably only use light language. I don't love reading long strings of vulgarities, but I've never had an issue with that before.
  • Violence: A lot of my role plays include violence. I don't mind my characters getting hurt, but please just follow the basic rules of role play and don't powerplay/godmode/whatever else?
  • Sex: I don't do smut. If our characters go there, we're going to fade to black before the clothes start coming off. No exceptions.
  • Other no-nos: Master/slave dynamics (or slavery at all), rape, huge age gaps, incest, adultery (that is, a MARRIED person cheating on their spouse), abuse, bestiality.


Okay, I'm SUPER DUPER in the mood for something in a medieval setting. I do other settings, but lately I've been super bored with modern things, and I haven't found anyone willing to do a lovely Regency era role play. So, medieval. I don't usually like to incorporate fantasy, but I might be willing to do light fantasy for some of these. Onto specifics:

  • I would love to explore a gypsy x knight/prince/nobleman pairing. And friends, I would absolutely love to play the gypsy. If you and I just really hit it off and you want to play the gypsy, though, I'd be willing to play the male. I have some vague ideas I'd be happy to share, but basically the idea is that someone of importance gets mixed up with a troupe of gypsies and falls for one of them. <3 They have all manner of adventures, there's banter, there's humor, there's fluff. Delicious.
  • I'm also a sucker for the knight x princess trope. Once again, I would really enjoy playing the female, but I'm willing to play the male.
  • I'd be happy to provide a more extensive list of pairings and such, if you like medieval things but aren't fond of these two ideas.

That's it! PM me if you're interested!