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My name is Taylor, I'm fifteen years old, and I already am what I wish to be; a writer. I write with two of my friends, but I thought I'd give this a try and meet new people. I'm a sucker for romance and it'd be great to find someone who feels the same way. I do 1x1 RPing and I'll reply everyday. I'm looking forward to writing with you lovelies and I think that's all I have to say. Baii(:


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Welcome to Iwaku, PZW! You're username is pretty cool and it's awesome that you're a writer. Hope you enjoy the site and don't be afraid to get right into role playing. Our users aren't that scary and I'm sure they'd love to have you. Happy role-playing :)

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Welcome to Iwaku, I hope u enjoy your stay, and sorry about such a late post. work really puts a crunch on my free time, but i like to post on new arrivals if im not in mid rp. so, here i am ^_^ if you ever have any questions or would like to just chat or possibly discuss and rp, please feel free to message me anytime! Oh, and please don't be offended by this copy and paste message, being usually crunched for time, i find that this works well, its quick and covers everything in one shot.
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