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    "Is Darkness your friend, or your worst nightmare?"

    For years now, the Alien Vs. Predator world has held my interest greatly! The aliens more than the predators (Not that they aren't both equally awesome in their own way!). I was really dissapointed with the Colonial Marines game, but that didn't damper my love for this series (even though I don't know much outside the Alien Vs. Predator game and movies.)!

    This roleplay takes place on a large military carrier ship, the Rockefeller, where two different military teams are sent to protect a package from bandits and robbers and such. The package is four carriers, all boarded up to the extreme. Both teams are given orders to never open those packages.

    Half way through the return trip, the ships intercoms and engines were cut off. Next the ship was thrown into lockdown, the marines the only ones being aloud out of their rooms. Third, the lockdown was lifted, the only indication was the red light blinking shut off, and all the doors opened up. Finally, chaos. The lights went off, the emergency lights dimmly lite the hallways and rooms, and screams echoed through the five level ship. The marines and a few unlucky survivors are all thats left, the rest dead, about dead, or missing. We alone have to face the darkness, and stand to face what lurks inside it....

    I WILL go in more detail if I get a few others, and if I get enough, I may even allow people to make Alien characters! Sadly in this roleplay, Predators aren't aloud, but I may allow a few altered Alien's

    Any Takers?
  2. *raises hand* oh oh oh me me!
  3. Sweet! Anyone else?
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