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  1. World Name:
    Refers primarily to the continent on which the Sabran and related human races are isolated to; rest of the world is unknown to these people.


    The Ice Sheets
    An Arctic waste far to the North, beyond the Frozen Towers. Completely inhospitable to civilized species, it is inhabited by gnolls, strange beasts, and dragons.

    The Frozen Towers
    The enormous, jagged mountain peaks that mark the Northernmost edge of Kithlinor. Extremely tall mountains, covered in snow year round and bearing terrifyingly steep cliff faces, and thick forests that sprawl across their foothills. The home of the Yauri, and believed to be the ancestral home of the Shavii. The Meunis will occasionally enter the mountains for stone and ores with which they make their weapons. Gnolls are known to inhabit these mountains.

    The Dark Wood
    A thick forest that sprawls across the foothills of the Frozen Towers and the land south of it. Primarily known for being the only place the Ironwood Tree grows, there are also ores in the foothills, and many, many caves, many of which are inhabited by earthbears. The Meunis are native to this area, and it is believed to be the birthplace of the Kaizen as well. On rare occasions, gnolls have been known to descend into this region.

    The Hills
    A thin strip of land between the Dark Wood and the Burning Waste. Rippled with small hills and sparse grasses, it is empty and windswept, a tough, hard land. Inhabited by herds of oxen, buffalo, wild horses, and the small bands of Hill-folk humans that scrape out a living on these beasts.

    The Burning Waste
    A vast desert, the largest region within the borders of Kithlinor. The desert itself was once much smaller, contained only by the northern part of what is now known as the Burning Waste, in a small territory that was then known as the Burning Sands; the events of the great Mage Wars however, decimated sandy plains south of it, and caused damage that slowly extended to consume the entire territory and corrode it until it became the desert known today. A scorched and seemingly lifeless landscape home to sand stingers, reptiles, and a few, hardy species of small mammals, the only landmarks are a few precious, scattered oases, the ruins of once-thriving cities and villages, and the Plateaus, a series of large, flat-topped mountains in the northern regions riddled with cave systems. It is the home of the hardy Kashki, who make their homes in the Plateaus and traverse the desert regularly to trade at the remains small cities on the edges of the wastes. It is also the former home of the Desberikan human nation.

    The Sunplains
    The broad savannah grasslands found south of the Burning Wastes. A lush, abundant land in the rainy season, with many rivers and vast herds of thunderbeasts, buffalo, and gazelles; becomes nearly a desert in the dry times, when the rivers dry up and the herds move south into the Riverlands and to the Thick. Home to the K'tar tribes and the Dengae warriors.

    The Riverlands
    A marsh region where the rivers of the Sunplains empty their waters, covered with very tall grasses and reeds and nourishing thriving populations of fish, waterfowl, and the far more dangerous riverteeth. Home of the Fisherfolk, small human tribes who live on what they catch from the water and travel on large rafts throughout the area, as dry routes passing through the area are unreliable and ever-changing with the seasons. It shrinks in the dry seasons, but because it's also fed from rivers coming directly from the sea, it never dries up entirely, and feeds the rivers that pass through the Thick.

    The Thick
    The dense jungle that covers the Southernmost region of Kithlinor, and covers the largest area of land but for the Burning Wastes. Mysterious and wild, it is inhabited by all sorts of mysterious monsters, wild beasts, poisonous creatures, and strange, deadly plants, and is the most hazardous region to traverse- one can get lost in the Burning Waste and die of dehydration or sunstroke, and one can get lost in the Frozen Towers and die of an avalanche or hypothermia, but no one will learn what became of you if you perish while in the depths of the Thick. It is inhabited by the Fariss nation, the Riya Pygmy villages, and the last of the mysterious Amzerikan cities, the Forest of Spires.​
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    Harper Row


    Batman (New 52)

    November 17th



    Black (natural) and blue (dyed)



    110 lbs

    Education Level:








    Energy projection:

    Fighting Ability:


    • Electrical and mechanical engineering savant​
    • Acrobatics​
    • Marksmanship​
    Harper has one pair (two) escrima sticks, a pair of taser guns, and her own personal Batwing.

    The main reason Harper does what she does is to make sure her younger brother, Cullen, is safe and out of harms way. So when he is put in danger or injured, Harper will usually get extremely angry and desperate, doing anything it takes to keep him safe, which can in turn lead to her downfall one day.

    In early issues featuring Harper Row, she is introduced as a streetwise young woman from the Narrows, one of the roughest neighborhoods in Batman's locale of Gotham City. She and her brother are also revealed to be from a broken family with a deceased mother and a deadbeat father who would later end up in jail.[9] With such humble beginnings, Row did not seem naturally inclined to be a hero. In fact, she made her first appearance stealing food from a Wayne charity gala.[6] However, her life changed when Batman saved her brother Cullen from being gay-bashed, although not before the bullies managed to butcher Cullen's hair with a pair of scissors.

    Batman's intervention left a lasting impression on the young woman. In addition to shaving her own head in solidarity with her brother, Harper began trying to learn more about Batman in order to assist him in his fight against crime in Gotham. She even managed to discover the devices Batman uses to disable the city's security cameras, and improved them with technology of her own design.

    Her efforts only earned the Batman's ire; at one point he rewarded Harper's attempts at helping him by breaking her nose. The next day Harper visits Bruce Wayne at Wayne Tower and shows him plans that she thinks will help Batman. To her surprise, Bruce agrees. That night, Batman tracks Harper and apologizes to her. She tells him she may not know the details, but she knows he’s going through a lot of pain (the death of Damian Wayne). She also reminds Batman what he means to the city with a touching and personal story. The issue concludes with Harper’s message to Batman broadcast on Wayne Tower. It’s one simple word taught to Harper by her mother before her death: “RESOLVE", which just so happens to begin with the letter “R". Even saving Batman's life by pulling his unconscious body out of Gotham Bay and restarting his heart using only jumper cables and a car battery failed to win him over.

    In Batman Eternal, Harper stows away on board Red Robin (Tim Drake)'s plane and, over the course of the series, gains his trust. In issue #41, she suits up as Bluebird for the first time in order to rescue her brother Cullen; Red Robin and his allies Batgirl and Red Hood are caught up in a trap, leaving it up to her. Despite setbacks in her relationship with Batman himself, a near-future flash forward shows that Row eventually manages to overcome Batman's reservations and joins him in fighting crime as Bluebird.

    During Batman & Robin Eternal, it is revealed that Harper's mother was murdered by Cassandra Cain, who it is eventually revealed was acting as an agent of 'Mother', a villain who manipulates traumatized children on the grounds that she will make them stronger through trauma (Although Cassandra had been sent to kill both of Harper's parents and only killed her mother before she found she couldn't do it). Even more shockingly, Mother had Harper's mother murdered as part of a plan to 'offer' Harper to Batman as the perfect Robin; Batman had made contact with her to try and expose her long-term agenda and believed that he was meant to kill the parents of the new Robin Mother had chosen for him, when actually he was just sent after two of Mother's other disciples as a test of his loyalty to her ideals while Harper's parents were attacked in Gotham. Despite recognizing Harper's qualities would make her an ideal partner, at the time Batman simply forced her surviving father to take responsibility for his role as a parent as he didn't want to benefit from Mother's plan, never revealing the truth even after Harper began working with him as Bluebird. Mother attempts to win Harper to her point of view by arguing that her own family fell apart so that she had to rise up on her own, offering to let Harper kill Cassandra Cain after revealing that Cassandra was the one who killed her mother, but Harper rejects that idea, proclaiming that she grew up because her mother supported and recognized her desire for a better life rather than trying to make Harper be what her mother believed would work.

    Following Mother's defeat, Harper assures the returned Batman that she understands his reasons for not telling her about his history with Mother and his indirect role in her mother's death, but recent events have prompted her to go to college to receive official qualifications for her electrician skills and explore a life outside of the vigilante role, but Batman assures her as she leaves that Bluebird will always be welcome in Gotham if she decides to suit up again.
  3. The Humans
    Believed to have come to Kithlinor from other lands across the sea, the humans grew into the first true nations of Kithlinor. They brought with them knowledge of metalworking, and from the Sabran, learned the secrets of magic. Magic-users are uncommon among the humans, and those who are born with magic can learn to tap into any and all of the elemental powers. The majority of human mages are weak, however, usually only able to start a campfire or purify the contents of a waterskin.

    The Desberiks

    The Amzeriks

    The Hillfolk

    The Fisherfolk
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  5. Put up the basic description of humans in general, as well as the list of the four major groups of humans on Kithlinor. Will start work on filling out the Desberikan summary tomorrow.
  6. Interesting...quite a bit of work put into this concept.

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