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  1. Terror. That was the only word that could have explained the situation in which humanity was confronted at the moment of the creation of the formula that ended it’s structure and the pillars of morality with which tit stood, including those of ethics and common value of any lives in general.

    It split the world in two and made sure those were not exactly human and monster zones, instead it became a desert and white desert world, either way the world was stuck in devastation and nothing else was held as a pillar of what it used to be anymore, instead it was but a nightmare, one held high by those foolish and ignorant enough to believe they could have controlled the world they were living in.

    The chaos, the apocalypse the intended weapon brought in was far worse than money could have been worth, caused a genocide to bring down the force of a million humans against each other in a violence fit that engulfed the world until it was no longer a solid pyramid of power held high by the classes, races and differences

    It made humanity a one, and it separated them into two very specific classes, Those who lived, and those who killed to live. It was a sin turned into a catastrophe, those who murdered were no longer held human but monster, brains meshed into a mass of one instinct and one only, although they breathed and frolicked as tough they were alive, they would seek to kill and eat.

    Seven years since the downfall and those lucky enough to hide would live and prosper in a world with no judgment, those who were not did not have such a destiny, they were forced to survive permanently, either from scavengers, mindless beasts, hungry animals, or just humans who had nothing to loose. And this was such situation.

    Stuck inside what once was the bathroom of a home, a young adult, apparently not older than 20 or twenty five years, could just not get himself freed from the insides of such a place, his body shivering in cold sweat. All because of a pack of dogs.


    Dogs in such a world were literally the #1 partner to have around, but when not, they were the most feared enemies one could have, one pack was violent and hungry enough to end a human’s life within seconds or minutes, unless they had the means to defend themselves. Which now the young male did not.
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