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To be updated semi-regularly, I present to you Wasteland Boogaloos— prompts for you to answer and explore as your character in whatever form or fashion you'd like.

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1. Musical instruments in the wasteland are hard to come by, but a few remain. Has your character encountered a musical instrument before? What was it? Who was playing and what did their music sound like? Do they play an instrument? If so, was the item given to them or did they find it? Did they teach themselves or did they have a mentor? If they've encountered several, what's their favorite? Why?

2. If you had to choose between an adult radscorpion or a large pack of mongrels with only a machete, a .357 with 10 bullets, and 2 stimpacks on your person, which would you prefer to fight? Does your fighting style make one more difficult than the other? Easier? How would the fight end? Would you bet on your character?

3. Your character falls into a large cache of caps. Swimming in dough, what's the first thing your character does with their newfound wealth? Do they repair and stock up on rations? Do they purchase a shiny new weapon or piece of armor? A piece of land or apartment in one of the more civilized parts of the wasteland?

4. Your character is required to write three journal entries before being released from Doctor Espiria's care. What does it say? Does it recount the tale of why they were here? Random scribbles to get out as quick as possible? Poetry? Mathematical equations? Your character's moral code?

5. What's one physical feature your character is attracted to?

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  1. There's no musical instrument that a deathclaw could feasibly play, but Anchorage does like music. Radio stations blasting music or random signals across the countryside since leaving the northeast and running southward fill his memory. He humms them to himself sometimes like a possessed radio changing stations. He often transformed them into jarringly spliced propaganda. The nature of his defective speech center means the slices of sound define the music he can make by what's hidden behind the words. Jarring genre changes often appear in the sound fragments, but it's a specific singing word he's shaping and the sound a bare second. The connection between a sung word and its real one may not even exist in his mind yet.
  2. Anchorage would pick the mongrels as food over the radscorpion as a threat. The machetes attached to his fingers are more than enough to attack the mongrels; they're his own size. He could try to use the gun, but it would not be the least effective as he has an understanding of how to use guns but no actual practical ability to. I would bet on Anchorage with the mongrels as they have equal parity of senses overall, but Anchorage has superior strength and stealth capabilities to ambush them.
  3. He can't make the caps invisible any more than his lunchbox, so he's likelier to keep some in his lunchbox and put the rest in his hovel like a dragon's hoard. His sense of buying stuff is generally weak since he doesn't interact with people enough to know what expensive things would be. Though he does understand destitution and random small piles of caps might find their way into the homes of the starving. The other place he might acquire a large pile of caps would be homes of itinerant bandits, and it's entirely likely he'd pay guards random tiny piles of caps to return with grenades and kill the remaining communists.
  4. The deathclaw's writing is much more syntactically clear than his speaking if a child's handwriting didn't limit it. The increase in clarity is because he can express words he saw but hasn't heard in person. The usual writing implement is the extra-long pain-colored finger crayons, so his handwriting is surprisingly readable. However, the pigment dipped in to do so is usually soot or blood. It's far more likely to be a rambling page of child drawings and printing from a scrapbook stream of consciousness than a cohesive narrative one could read from left to right. He'd have to describe what he's heard in the abstract by context if Anchorage doesn't have words for the technical speech he hears. This likely results in him reassembling the concept into an incomprehensible propaganda-based internal metaphor rather than what a normal being would describe an unknown concept.
  5. Anchorage is too young to be attracted to the opposite gender, with FEV 's interaction with his regeneration/stealth slowing down his species' normal rapid development. As a result, eventually, when older, he's likely to be attracted to large-hipped human females from conventional animal instincts. This non-species affinity is often a problem common to the upbringing of wild animals without their peers. He may not be aware he's male until he gets older since secondary characteristics for deathclaw don't work like humans and aren't visible. At present, he has a particular gregarious affinity for those demonstrating 'American' values, even if it's from the point of childish innocence.
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