Warzone: fantasy

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  1. It's one thing coming up with and putting together a small skirmish but totally another to create an entire epic battle on par with Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones even when taking it from the point of view of a single character but as with all things it's a peace of cake when broken down in to smaller bits.
    • What position are they in, have they taken a vantage point to wait for their perfect moment or for orders?
    • What can they see, how do the feel, are they scared? If not why?
    • Who or what are they fighting for?
    • How many armies are involved is it one side against another or is it a clash of five armies?
    • Do they stand alone in the fight, are they just there for their own reasons?
  2. The scents of blood and ash filled the warm night air. Blackened husks of what were once cyprus and mangrove trees stuck up from the ground like hot needles. The most gruesome sight, however, were the bodies of winged creatures who were unfortunate enough to get shot down and skewered onto the charred remnants of the trees. The ground was a slick slurry of mud, clumps of thick marshland grass, and the blood of the hundreds of creatures that had met their end on this fine day. Clusters of tents were scattered on what solid ground the two warring parties could find.
    Standing outside the war generals' tent was a lone daemon. Battle had made the winged creature restless, not unlike most of the others in the camp. He, however, didn't have the strength to face his enemies on the plain of sleep. Far beyond that battlefield, he could see the soft glow of the elven camp so far away. The only peace that the daemon could find with their closeness was in the fact that he was temporarily grounded due to an injured wing.
    Grumbled words in the tent behind him brought a tightness of dread to his chest. The general had just made his decision on which flight groups would be heading in tomorrow. His group would be going in first. His friends, his adopted family... He most likely wouldn't see them again after tomorrow.
    The purpose of this war was long lost in the muck, it had been drawn out for far to long to know for sure anymore. Many soldiers were fighting for revenge of lost comrades now, and surely the daemon would be fighting for that same purpose after tomorrow.