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  1. He was just a homeless man. No one would miss him. There was no one to notice if one day he might not be sitting beside his usual dumpster. Why, then, did she feel so guilty? He didn't have children, or a wife to come home to. His only friends were the rats that also loitered in the alleyways. But he was still a human, with feelings, and dreams. Hopes and aspirations. And a soul.

    His soul was what Ahri needed, what Ahri craved. And, as always, the craving won over the guilt. She stepped from behind a building, quiet as a shadow. The vagrant didn't notice her at first, only startling out of sleep when she was almost upon him. There was no time for him to call out, to shove her away, to do anything but stare, entranced, into two glaring yellow orbs.

    The moon hung heavy among the stars, illuminating what might have been a lover's embrace. She took from him every memory, every emotion he ever felt. She knew his first kiss, his first broken bone, every "I love you" and every "Goodbye." She took it all, and left him a husk of a man. A gift for the rats.

    Her tail dragged in the grime of the city as she walked, then ran, to the forest. Even as his soul invigorated her, she felt filthy. The worst part was knowing that she would do it again. She fled under the canopy of trees, feeling suddenly unworthy of the moon's glow.
  2. No longer a human, and having to deal with a temporary break from fighting Zaun's battles in the League of Legends, Warwick found himself tending to his primal urges. Primal urges that, before his transformation, would have been foreign to an ordinary man. But he was no longer ordinary. No longer a man. He wasn't even just a wolf, or the two combined. He was something far more. His lycanthropy was intended to be something different, but alas his failure to acquire the heart of Soraka rendered his potion unfinished, and he had chosen to make due without the third ingredient.

    And so from then on he has tended to his need to feed by night. The need of all werewolves. His brief absence from League participation came at the peril of Valoran's wildlife. As gruesome and horrible as his hunts were, it could have been humans. T'was a binding contract with the Institute of War that kept Warwick from seeking the flesh of other beings besides wild animals. It was a privilege only afforded to him by participating in the League itself. As he bit into his most recent kill, Warwick released a horrifically loud howl, broadcasting his bloodlust far and wide as the blood of the animal could barely satiate him. It was getting harder and harder to deal with.

    Days earlier, Warwick was more...sane. It had been less time since his last feeding in a battle at Summoner's Rift, so his human side was more prevalent for a time, but not long. During those past days he considered where Soraka might have been so that he could attempt to finish what he had started so long ago, but it quickly became clear that the endeavor was a futile one. Throughout his experiences in the battles he had come across many a champion, but none had caught his eye quite as much as Ahri had. Certainly, being a male, she had caught his eye for obvious reasons. But there was more to it. Yes, indeed there was. Legend had it she was once a fox and was turned into a human. Over time he'd done some research into the subject, and his brilliant mind concluded that Ahri might hold the key to controlling his lycanthropy. Yet he knew not where the seductress spent her off-time. It was a little detail that he had neglected to investigate, being so tied up in his research. For the time being he removed his thoughts of Soraka, now dead set on finding Ahri to complete his transformation and make himself something the more...stable...than the monstrosity that he currently was.

    Offering the moon another howl out of pure instinct, the manwolf dropped onto all fours and began running through the forest once more, intent on finding more prey to satiate his unquenchable thirst. Many scents were to be had in the misty, moonlit forest. Warwick had grown tolerant and used to these smells that he was now so keen of, being a wild animal of the night. Yet he smelled something odd this night. His heightened senses afforded him the ability to differentiate even the most minute and faint scents. He knew not what it was, but it was something vaguely... feminine...

    Warwick stopped for a moment and sniffed the air before once again howling as he shifted his trajectory slightly in an attempt to follow the new scent.
  3. Whatever the creature was that followed her couldn't have made it more obvious. Ahri smirked. She gave it points for trying, though its thundering crash through the forest didn't even require her large ears to hear. What her ears did pick up on, however, was the size of the animal. Not even the fearsome dire wolf made so much racket. She had originally guessed wolf, the howl in the night being too cliche to ignore... But wolves typically hunted in packs, and yet Ahri heard but one.

    In truth, it didn't really matter what her hunter was. What mattered was that she was being hunted. Memories of her fox days came rushing back to her. The men and their hounds, the endless pursuits, all for a pelt and bragging rights. Bitter memories. It made her angry that, even human, she was still the hunted.

    Still, she remembered the basics of evasion.

    Weaving through trees, then doubling back, only to cut in a different direction, Ahri and her pursuer spun in the eternal dance known by all creatures. She raced through the wood until sweat matted her thick black hair to her neck. She would not let it catch her. She had just discovered humanity, only to be hunted down like lowly prey. The sound of running water was sweet relief to her ears. Making one mad dash, she found herself on the bank of a river. Its name was lost in her mind, all she knew was that it meant safety. Splashing into the shallows, instead of fleeing directly across, Ahri dashed half a mile downstream. Her scent, now thick and pungent with anger and fear, would be lost in the water.

    She came up on the opposite bank soaked and shaking. Her nine tails instinctively wrapped around her body as she shuffled towards the highest tree she could find. The rough bark tore her dress, a gift from some forgotten human lover, on her way up. Her guilty conscience flared once more. Perhaps this was the universe's revenge for all the souls she had stolen... She waited, hardly breathing, watching the shadows of the trees from above.
  4. Warwick continued to chase the scent, it becoming more and more profound. He was almost sure he was approaching it, only to realize that whatever it was was now fleeing from him. 'The thrill of the hunt...' Warwick thought as he chased after the scent, and then finally the form of the creature he was chasing. The fact that the creature was running from him only served to shift his primal instincts into high gear as his speed increased dramatically. He was close enough that he could make out white fluffiness from the form, but was still too far away to discern any kind of details. Yet the scent, the increasingly profound feminine scent, invigorated the werewolf in more ways than one. It was more of an aroma now that he had a closer smell.

    He chased and chased as the scent began to reflect fearfulness and agitation, a shift that often meant the prey was losing its ability to...well...evade his wrath. The pursuit of the creature took him to the edge of a river bank, where the scent abruptly cut off. He was scarcely able to catch himself before falling in. In fact, his stop was so sudden and so narrow that his pawed feet hung over the edge of the bank with soil debris dropping off into water to make small ripples. Warwick looked around, slightly confused. Yet the moon's reflection on the water betrayed the creature's movements, for Warwick saw quite a few ripples and then...finally...the details of the creature's form. It was a female. A human female, yet she had been faster than any he'd seen previously. Something seemed off though. She had a profound amount of white covering her, and it wasn't skin. Some kind of clothing, perhaps? Warwick scratched his head in confusion as his bright red eyes scanned over her form. He saw a tail, but couldn't really make anything else out.

    After a moment of agitated contemplation about what this creature might be, Warwick began chasing her again, but not through the water. He ran parallel to the river bank, which enabled faster movement than through the water. Or so he thought. The female form was extremely agile and fast. It was a trait that made him question the humanity of whatever it was that he was chasing. Warwick kept an eye on the form as she drifted through the water like it was nothing. Eventually she saw fit to get out of the water. She brought herself out of the water and... Warwick stopped, seeing her form illuminated by the light of the moon. It was...Ahri. The creature that he was only moments ago wondering how to locate. Warwick let out a beast-like, vindictive laugh at the cards fate had just played. It was in his favor, or so it seemed.

    Ahri didn't stay visible for long as she scurried to a nearby tree, covered in her tails. With obvious skill the tricky vixen-human climbed the tree as it claimed a shred of her clothing. Not wanting to let her out of his sight, Warwick jumped the width of the river with profoundly inhuman agility and strength, and howled once more. The scent was stronger than ever. But he was aware of the tales of Ahri, he had to try to resist the infatuating effects of the seductress's sweet aroma. Instead, he focused on the thrill of the hunt.

    Warwick approached the tree in no time at all and approached the torn clothing. He looked up. He couldn't see Ahri in the shadows, but could smell her. He breathed heavily, his instincts anticipating a feast. "Ahri dear, you musn't leave things laying around..." he chuckled evilly. "I'm sure the poor fool you took it from would be hurt." Warwick circled the tree, saliva dripping from his teeth as his bright crimson eyes tried to pierce the darkness to find her. "But then, I somewhat doubt he's around to care..." he teased Ahri, fully aware of the business that she partook in. Stealing the essence of men.
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  5. This creature just couldn't seem to give it up. Ahri stared down at her hunter, safe behind a drape of pine boughs. It was obviously male... A trait she might be able to take advantage of, if it came to that. All men were weak when it came to one certain aspect, and Ahri was more than well equipped to exploit that weakness. Though, this manbeast looked anything but weak circling her tree. Saliva dripped from his mouth, smattering the forest floor with every labored exhale. Labored, either from his pursuit, or the prospect of making Ahri a potential meal. The latter option made her duck closer to the branch she clung to.

    The utterance of her name surprised Ahri. She peered more intently down at the beast's form. The red eyes, the wolf like appearance... Could it be Warwick? Ahri was new to the world of humans, and only some of them she knew. What she knew of Warwick was only a story to her, she had never met the man... If you could even call him that. His near faultless pursuit of her made perfect sense now. While most would have been fooled by her tricks, this Warwick seemed to know exactly what her plan was before even she did. The identification of her pursuer did nothing to calm her. The part of the story Ahri remembered now was that Warwick almost always caught his prey.

    If she had any hopes on surviving, Ahri had to focus not on the beast, but on the man. Ahri knew, firsthand, how difficult it was to shed one's nature. Even she, who had lived among these humans for so many moons, still felt alien. Certainly there was still some of the man left in him?

    "Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't mind... Most men prefer less clothing on me. What do you think?"

    Her voice was slick as oil on water. Hopefully it ignited a fire of a different kind in him. She was sure those crimson eyes had found her hiding place by now. Ahri's bare legs wrapped around the branch, framed by the silky fluff of her tails. Everything about the image was soft and feminine, less edible and more... Something else. The moon's luminescence dripped through the branches and shone off her skin, casting off an ethereal glow as amber eyes met blood red. If Warwick let his guard down, for just one moment, there was still a chance.
  6. If Ahri was anything, she was a seductress. She had to be; it was her nature. Her creed. Her requirement to sustain herself. Many a man had fallen for her trickery, and the vixen-human sitting in the tree above wouldn't be there if a mere man was able to resist her certain charms. As strong as Warwick was, the tone of Ahri's voice as well as her word choice awakened something within him. Although faint, it was noteworthy enough to be distinguished from the thrill and invigoration afforded to him by a successful (or nearing successful) hunt. Warwick observed her form for a moment as the imagery present in her voice continued circulating through his mind. Though the beast inside of him typically dominated and orchestrated all of his thoughts and actions, there was still some human within the beast. A man. Though in Warwick's case that would not imply morals. His nature, of course, was one of scientific perversion and a complete and total disregard for life. But still, he was a man.

    Ahri's words had an impact of sorts on the man-wolf. And it manifested in a pause in the beast. His blood drive was ceased for a moment, and his breathing slowed to what would be considered regular for a creature of his stature. He simply stared at the female form above him, the moon's rays reflecting off of her skin in a beauty that would befit a creature of such attractiveness. His eyes traversed her form once more, making note of her long hair and the bushy tails that accompanied her. His eyes eventually shot back up to meet hers as he tried to fight the feeling with both words and thoughts. He was calmer now. If Ahri's ploy had achieved anything, it was that.

    "Ever since my transformation and my...change in diet...I've found that ripping off clothes is a nuisance. Yet worth it, since stomaching both flesh and fabric is not exactly desirable." Warwick chuckled in an amused manner, knowing he put a spin on his answer that Ahri was perhaps not expecting. Though Warwick was unsure of what to do. He knew what she was capable of. Ahri was an elusive creature. If pushed to the limit, he might forever lose this lucky opportunity...

    "I know of you, Vixen. Creature of the wild. Who wanted to be a human." Warwick approached the tree in a calm yet unsettling manner. "We aren't so different. We both must kill to sustain ourselves. You boast a soft, inviting exterior...but let's just say that I think we're both fond of the beast within. Who we truly are." Warwick slowly drew his claw down the bark of the tree, shredding a bit of the trunk. "You are beautiful, but I am no fool. Just as you are no fool. You didn't fall victim to my ploy - you saw the futility of pointless running and decided to perch yourself upon this tree. Likewise, I will not fall for your ploy."

    As he spoke, Warwick was trying to devise a plan. He didn't have a very good idea of what to do, but was content to calm the situation down and make her less likely to suddenly disappear. But her charm, despite Warwick having reasonable control over himself, was having an impact and perhaps clouding his judgement to a degree. To Warwick, it was fascinating that his beast nature might provide a sort of protection from her meddling. Yet it couldn't fully cancel out her attempts at seduction, for it had been quite some time since he was in the company of a woman...or what appeared to be one.
  7. Ahri's fox like ears twitched, displacing a few errant hairs on her head, as they registered Warwick's change in breathing. His bloodlust had ceased to dominate a seemingly one track mind, replaced by lust of a different kind. Both of the creatures' heartbeats had slowed, the pauses within beats filled with questions of what it would be that shattered this tenuous peace. A shift in the wind, a snapped twig, one stumble or ill placed word... And the chances of Ahri's internal organs remaining, well... Internal, became very slim. While, even now, she felt a connection to the magic all around her, Ahri's small frame couldn't withstand a serious blow from her hunter. Ahri was built for deception, with her brain being her strongest asset. And Warwick was not the simpleminded brute his hulking form would lead one to believe. Behind that slavering facade hid a real predator...

    ... But also a man. Ahri was certain. As he stepped into a patch of light, she got her first real look at him. The moon bleached the color from the picture, painting the image in black and white. The uncertain look in Warwick's eyes was all that needed to be seen. His instincts were fighting against his desire, a desire that had been long forgotten. Forgotten, or buried underneath his anger at fate's game.

    Her question had not required a verbal answer. Answer enough was the way his gaze continued to return to her very female form. Still, she giggled at his rebuttal. He was trying so hard to resist her, it was almost cute. Ahri welcomed a bit of challenge, it had been so long since she had faced a man the least bit defiant to her charms.

    As Warwick continued to speak, or growl was a more accurate term, Ahri slowly stood up from her branch. As easily as descending a spiral staircase, she made her way down. Ahri kept her eyes on him as she moved, looking over her shoulder as her back was turned. The delicate fingers of her left hand trailed almost inaudibly against the trunk of the big pine. Ahri wondered if her skin would give way as easily if Warwick chose to rip into that instead. But prey did not act so fearless as she did. Hopefully her action would wipe the classification from the beast's mind.

    Ahri sat down. The two creatures were now so close that she could feel Warwick's exhale on her skin, and on his breath smell the blood of some animal he was most likely digesting. She continued to watch him, waiting an unnerving thirty seconds before responding to his remark. "Who I truly am? I am truly... Bored. I cannot believe the storied Warwick would go to all this trouble to make me a simple meal... Surely I'm more important than that?" Ahri pouted, idly toying with the bottom hem of her dress. "No, you crave something more. Just as we all crave something more. I can give you what you dream of... So, why don't you tell me what it is?" Ahri leaned forward, balancing her elbows on her thighs, and resting her head in her hands. Inside, the fox-turned-human was screaming. Her face was inches from being torn off by a halfhearted swipe. Hopefully she was enough to distract him from how easy that would be.
  8. Warwick grunted in a dismissing manner as Ahri giggled at his words. It would appear as though the female had essentially brushed off everything the brute had just told her. Warwick shook his head at her. In truth, it mattered not. Warwick knew he was right about her nature, and knew what kind of a monster she was beneath the veil of a beautiful female. Yet still he couldn't help but be mesmerized by Ahri as she began to elegantly descend from the tree down to the earth below. Curiously, in any other circumstance Warwick would have taken that opportunity to slaughter his prey. He didn't intend to eat Ahri, because she was of course required for his experiments. But was she needed alive? That was the question. It made things more difficult. He couldn't simply bring her back to life if he assumed otherwise and was wrong. No, he needed her alive. Just to be sure.

    But of course, the requirements of his experiment was not the only thing on the werewolf's mind. It wasn't the only reason he didn't spring into a feral rage. He observed her as she ran her fingers along the pine, similar to how he had done earlier. Albeit less destructively to the tree. Her beauty weathered the beast in him, upwelling long lost, forgotten, and neglected feelings of physical attraction. Beast blood aside, Professor Warwick was a moral void. But she gave him pause from taking any malicious actions...at least for the moment. Warwick felt nervous as Ahri approached him. Yet another feeling that was foreign. Especially to a hunter of the night. He briefly looked to the side before looking back. It was a mistake - he knew that as soon as he'd done it. It would give her physical confirmation that he found her...pleasant to look at. His ears perked as she spoke once again, proclaiming that she was bored. He raised an eyebrow as he listened to the rest of what she had to say. His eyes traveled down to watch her meddle with her dress, his imagination being fueled by the simple gesture. After a moment, he looked up into her amber eyes.

    "You are correct about one thing. Your worth far exceeds that of ordinary prey. But I assure you, your importance is merely a means to an end, and nothing of real substance." Warwick explained, turning his head to the side a bit. "But my dear, who are you to offer me anything? You cannot give me what I crave..." he trailed off for a moment, considering, before turning back to her. "Well, perhaps you can, but I am quite certain it is nothing you'd partake in willingly." he finished, not wanting to disclose exactly what he was after. Warwick was concerned that there would be a danger in divulging that information to her. He still didn't know what she was capable of, but it was imperative that she remained calm. Or else he risked her fleeing.

    A moment passed. Warwick knew he had to say something else. He needed time to think. His eyes traversed her body once more before looking up. "You are an excellent seductress, I must admit. You have brought upon me feelings which had been dormant for some time. I'm not sure I'm thankful for it, but I will say it's quite unfortunate that your offerings are a mere ploy." he paused for a moment as he allowed himself to plop down on the cool night grass. It was all part of the plan, though he was not lying. Sometimes the truth was useful in diffusing a situation or buying time. Who knew? Warwick assumed a relaxed position on the grass as he snickered a bit, the vocals traveling ominously through the misty moonlight. "Unfortunate indeed. If I wasn't so sure of your intentions, I might've fallen into your little trap. I suppose you'll never witness the endurance of a werewolf being channeled in other...creative...ways." he flashed a seductive grin at Ahri. It was a rather suggestive thing to say. Perhaps the fabled seductress could also be the victim of seduction?
  9. It was all Ahri could do not to laugh. Her sweetly full lips pressed together, turning them white. She tried to look away, but the grin fixed on the werewolf's face was almost too much. Was he trying to seduce her? Her? Ahri pulled one of her tails in front of her mouth, stifling a guffaw. The stars reflected brightly in her amber eyes, watering with the strain of restraint. The chilly night air helped to sober her, prickling her skin in a way that she was just getting used to, as a human. The rest of her tails wrapped around her instinctively, giving the werewolf a momentary reprieve from her all too female form. Calmer, Ahri dropped the fluffy appendage from her face.

    She was tired of her game. The lines of predator and prey had blurred, leaving her in confusion. Why should Warwick bother playing the passive? Why couldn't he just cooperate? Ahri's ear twitched it childlike frustration. She always got what she wanted. No one, especially a man, ever stood in her way. And yet, here was Warwick. She looked down on him, seated in the grass. The night turned his body into a dark, shapeless mass. Which was strange. Ahri peered closer now, and it had become obvious that she was staring. Where was his soul? It couldn't be that faint flickering... Had he truly lost so much of his humanity? Her previous humor had completely gone, leaving her cold.

    "Not a trap. A black hole. They all fall in, never find their way out again," Ahri murmured, almost to herself. She remembered every face, the expression of every man, the moment before she stole from them. The infatuation, the obsession, the mindless trust and adoration of something so beautiful it couldn't possibly bring them harm. This guilt, this useless human emotion, ate away at her. It took a little piece of her even as she took from someone else.

    Shaking her head to clear her muddled thoughts, Ahri continued, louder, "Why don't you tell me what you're really after? It's obviously not my life, as you've had the chance to take it several times now. And it's obviously not sex, as disappointing as that fact may be if what you claim is true..." Ahri slid from her branch, landing softly on her toes. Her body was a long sinuous line as she leaned against the tree, arms folded, and stared down at the male.
  10. Warwick studied Ahri as her grin faded. In a sudden movement her tails curled around her, masking the humanity beneath. He tilted his head, but it eventually donned on him that perhaps she had been cold. After all, any scantily clad female out in the middle of the night like this would surely find herself freezing to death. Moments passed as Warwick continued to study her movements, anticipating some sort of slippery escape. Or perhaps an attack. None had come, but Ahri's gaze was upon him, planning who knows what. Whatever the case, Warwick felt wholly unthreatened by Ahri at the present time. Which of course meant he let his physical guard down for the time being. Seeing as how any sort of manipulation or plan would begin and end with an attempt to infatuate him, he doubted she was even capable of harming him physically.

    Warwick listened intently as she explained the fate that had befallen so many of her victims. It seemed more like a thought than anything, perhaps she had not fully intended to disclose that. Warwick chuckled. "I'm certain they didn't know what hit them, being infatuated and such. I suppose you might see that as a certain mercy. Often times my test sub...err...volunteers find themselves in incredible pain and agony before their death." Warwick explained, but he immediately squinted his bright red eyes and looked to the side, mentally scolding himself for saying that. Though perhaps not an illegal practice in Zaun, it was best if as few people knew of his experiments as possible. And by a few he of course meant himself, Singed, and whichever rich politician currently ran Zaun.

    As his thoughts about Zaun had taken him a little off track, Ahri's voice brought him back into the moment. Her words made him feel a tad bit nervous, and if she was quick she might have detected that on his features. She was prying again. Who could blame her? Surely every fool she'd happened across in the past had played right into her hands. Maybe it was a challenge for her? Warwick looked at her quizzically as she finished speaking and adjusted herself to rest against the tree. The confusion was evident on Warwick's face. "...Disappointed? I can imagine a seductress feeling many things as she's taking advantage of the male mind's weakness. But disappointment? Do I sense a bit of frustration due to the fact that I'm not falling for your ploy? Or have you simply never laid with another as devoid of morality as you are? Perhaps you're curious?" Warwick grinned in an unsettling way, still trying to work the situation into his favor. Perhaps he could not turn the tables on her with cheesy and flirtatious dialogue. But getting her to think - that might yield some success. "Nevertheless I share your...disappointment. You'll forgive me for valuing my own life, if no one else's." Warwick said with a grumbling sigh. It was true - he wouldn't mind seeing what Ahri was capable of, that is if she even gave her victims the gratification of at least some sex before stealing their souls.

    It had occurred to Warwick that he hadn't answered her question. How to provide an answer? That was the true question. Warwick rose from his sitting position and stood in front of Ahri, hands clasped behind his back. It was an odd gesture for a werewolf, but it of course was a carried-over habit from his humanity. "I couldn't tell you exactly what it is that I seek...if I were able to put it into words...I simply feel..." Warwick extended his clawed hands forward, non-threateningly, as he showed Ahri his half-human features under the light of the moon. "...Incomplete." he sort of whispered the words in an almost sad tone. The sadness was at least in part genuine, as he found his diminished state to be both unfortunate and depressing. Very likely Ahri would still be confused as to the nature of what he needed. Truth be told even he himself knew not what his prize was. Only that she had something to do with it...
  11. Ahri tilted her head to the side, one perfect lock of hair falling across her face. The wolfman had just made a mistake, that much was certain. His suddenly averted eyes was validation of his verbal slip up. You didn't need to be an expert in body language to guess that Warwick was growing less and less confident by the minute. His flirtation served only to prove that fact. That he would resort to such a tactic was more confusing than gratifying to the she-fox. Why should Warwick even bother to entice his prey, when he was more than capable of physically over-powering her? As a predator, Warwick was not built for luring his quarry, as Ahri was. It simply made no sense that he should try.

    Perhaps it was the moonlight's glow on her bare skin, or the way her amber eyes pried into his shifting crimson, but Warwick's tongue was looser than Ahri expected. His earlier omission gnawed at her. She knew of Zuan's reputation for scientific exploration from the stories spread from city to city. Big ears served the she-fox well in gathering rumors. He had meant to say test subjects, that much was certain. His blunder's significance to Ahri's current predicament struck her in a painfully obvious way. She doubted the male had ever had a willing volunteer in his life. Perhaps that was why he was so thrown off by her flirtation? Had he never wanted someone who truly wanted him back?

    Ahri began to question her own actions. The momentary insight cost her a few precious seconds of control. Her not quite human features fell out of their carefully composed mask, and grew sad. Again the guilt. Again this new thing called a conscience scolded her. Who could be so cruel? She played with the hearts of men and yet seemed to lack one herself. Ahri turned her face to the side, hiding her emotions from the beast of a man - if he hadn't caught them already.

    Ahri peeked at him from behind one fluffy white tail as he stood up. The image of Warwick, so animal yet standing in such a human pose, made her laugh. It was only a short giggle, immediately snuffed out by one delicate hand placed on her mouth, but it served to diminish her momentary misery. He looked almost like a doctor or a scientist, what he must have been before his... Change. All he needed was a lab coat. Ahri stifled another laugh.

    As he stepped closer, her smile faded. She drew as far back as the tree behind her would allow, practically melting into the trunk as he came to a halt just a small distance away. For a moment, the she-fox was panicked. How could she let her emotions trap her like this? What Warwick felt didn't matter as much as what Warwick was - A beast. Maybe toying with him had been wrong, but she doubted she could hurt him more than he could hurt her, when it came down to it.

    But for all her panic, all the werewolf did was extend his... Hands? Claws? She wasn't sure exactly what to name them, they seemed a mixture of both. Warwick clarified as much in one word - Incomplete. Ahri stared down at his half finished product in the moonlight. She could sympathize, she thought, smoothing down one of her over sized ears in a force of habit. What she did on the battlefield that one fateful day, without quite even understanding it, had left her unfinished, too. Otherwise she would never have had to hurt all those men. If Ahri could do such things, What would Warwick do to finish his experiment? She was curious to find out.

    Side stepping out of the too close space between Warwick and the tree, Ahri folded her hands in front of her apologetically. "Well, good luck with that, Warwick." She bowed her head slightly as she continued to back away. Would he chase her down? Ahri wanted to know just how desperate he was. It wasn't much of an escape. It was more of a test. For all of his amiable smalltalk, the she-fox doubted that he would let her walk away from their little exchange.
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