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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Horror, Romance, Yaoi, Furry, dark, twisted. Etc.

Just ask. I mix up many types as well.
This is a sci-fi, fantasy, action, supernatural and war. So a lot...of violence. This is a very dear story of mine. So ill need you all to read this very carefully. Cause I'll need the best player to make this very good.

When life was born in was placed in the darkness we call life. To escape it's cold reality, we run to a light hoping to get a better chance of it. As glories it would be to...escape such a nightmare. But this isn't the story to be told just yet. You see before man was more higher life that wondered the spaces we all stare at today.

In the galaxy far from Human's exists and reach, in a galaxy was colonies of a race called Arcian's named of the Gods they praise. Known for their sacraments to the Arcs they guard from other who wish of evil. Stories of their Gods dwells among the pillars that are told be the connects of the after. Each child of these power full race was formed for the Ice of the stars. Each born for one thing...War. The race is unmatched in the fields. But to call them a blood thirsty race is a insulate, they are for for peace. They refuse war when it means the death of another being. They train at a young age to be able to survive nature, also taught to fight only if it is needed and means of survival. For this are the race of the Pillar Nebula

As Life feed of the weak, with all they had was prayer. As the suffering yelled out to the heavens a roar of fire came. from the light came a race of reptile humanoids that were called the Refalga was forged from the fire of light. They protect the weak of their homes, the Tevnia are a cousin race to the Refalga, being more smaller, quicker, and smarter they were more left exposed to bigger and meaner races to harm them. The Refalga are more strong, brave, protective, and loyal. Being called big siblings by the Tevnia, they formed a understanding of each culture. That was until the war of stags that made the Tevnia run to watch The Refalga fight a enemy that would cause a very bloody war to the last. But this isn't that war.

Born from the breathe of enjoyment came The children of the Floating isles nebula. This beings are the guards of the very peaceful Nefa-Ka the small cat like race. As the ages came to a end for these funny feline race. They became nomads of space to hide from larger beast hunting to enslave or the fine Nefa-Ka furs, said to be worth of 10,000 of Kel.(be about the same worth as finding one pound of rubies. on human standards.) As the small beings raced to a big planet to find that there rested a long forgotten race called The Logarian A humanoid race of beast that have many forms. for each smaller race has a guardian that watches over them. As the Nefa opened the gates to the castle that held them in a dormant rest. The Nefa looked for the keys to wake up the sleeping beast of a time long forgotten. As time passed the Logarian was free to protect their new kin. Soon the nefa-Ka renamed the Logarian home of logara to Nefaulos. Due to this the Nefa-ka named the Logarian to Nefa-fari meaning Den sibling. As a new bond formed a match to soon meet the stars in blood was to conceive in this world we live in. The blood we all split in misunderstanding, Judgement of others.

The war was to be called the Broken wall. This is the war you get to partake in, SO! get those boots Tightened cause this is the story of How we all were made. So the Player in this are the main characters in the war and making of to BE HUMAN

Proud people of the planet Arca and other colonies in the Stars the rule over with a strong hand to help its people survive the harsh worlds over. Their religion is called Arcla The believe in gods that saved the the universe that was covered in violence and darkness. Each god holds a Arch, all of which holds a seal that was created to Imprison gods. The eight gods serve as the protectors of the archs and ones to share its unholy burden of each holding their prison. As a result in this the Gods Made Many pillars to give them strength to keep the archs sealed shut. Each pillar are prayed to keep the gods able to protect their people.

or Arctic, was the motherland to the planet until the farnamil war breaking the planet in to a war that soon ended with one winner the Arctic faction with their high skill in hand to hand combat. They use trees that go 200 feet up and up to half a football fields length as their homes. Due to the dark and very cold weather, all Lycana are born with hazle red or yellow eyes allow them to see light easier in dark places, not night vision their eyes see light lot better. hair as dark as the nights and skin pale as snow and allows them to with stand to cold winds.

Terrain: their name was given for a reason. Born in the coldest and darkest environment in all of Arca. They learned form the wolves they are raised with. Giving the country the name Lycana. The race is very good with night missions.
1. The Spirit forest: named for the many dead that died in its pitch black woods. The Arctic's elite soldiers fight and sleep in the forest as it is the boarder land to the grasslands, desert and Arcara. the lands are nearly impossible to see in, the Arctics can move in the forest with smell, hearing, and eyes that see light that is hard to find.
2. The Frost valley: A colder home for the more cold at heart once was the home to a king that lost his sight of mind. Going mad with greed he wanted all the jewels in the region. This was stopped after the prince ordered his army abandon and burn the large castle. As it burnt away leaving a big valley of stones that glassed up looking as giant ice block of the castle given the name the Castle of Frost.
3. The Grand Fall Lands: Home to the biggest City of the snow. It is Built on the Caven Vi lote the worlds biggest mountian. The tree of Luna was home to the new king of the land. A large tree that raises five thousand feet high and two thousand feet wide. These is the Home to the Arctic capital.

or the grasslands, these are the most skilled in magic and spells. They are more peaceful and passive until force. They do use martial arts only as a form of meditation. They believe spilling blood with your hands is a shameful move. So magic is more easy and painless to the enemy. Culture similar to the lands of Ireland and Scotland on earth. full breed faerlyn are born with silver eyes and tints in their hair giving a shine of blue or green. they have fair skin tones that vary.

Terrain: the beautiful grasslands of Arca. The forest next to the Arctics, their ally in war that had most of the grasslands destroyed by their own kin the Arcara which lead to the bisata wars. The war was ended when the Arctic's killed a large amount of the arcara.
1. long vail road. The longest hidden road to the boarders of Lycana and Sairma. After the road was built the Arctic's protected and used it as a form of alliance between the main three lands.
2. fall river flat lands or just evana river: This is home to the Fairies or Faerlyn The most peaceful people of all the lands. The village is large but still not big to be a city like the ones in its sibling lands.

or the desert people of the sairma sands they use technology to their survival in the red hot sands of their home. shorter than the others they have silver hair with either light blue or orange tint in them eyes are purple or blue. They have tan skin that helps camouflage them in the sands. Once the sand gave life to many trees and plants. to them it still does as where to the animals go for shelter. Underground.

Terrain: Hot temperatures higher that the Sahara desert. Life must live under the white sun's reach. The lands are rich with caves and underground rivers. The only escape from hell is to hide under its nose. The valley is broken up of Three sections.
1. The dead lands: Different varies of stones form into hills that are rough points called the bones of the fallen gods. Said to have been the birth lands of the Arcians long ago. As it was born with life, death soon showed up with a gift of war. The dead lands was were the great son of the father god turned against his siblings in a war lasting 3000 years. The Valley of the Sairma desert is called the mothers book. Holding the names and battles of the first civil war. The war of the Arctics and Desert Arcian children.
2.The Fire gates: Given the name after the war God Fushianlvan Turning the great mountian of Fire into the door it is now. The Door is now the center piece of the alliance the Desert and Arctics share after the lose on the home front of the desert people.
3. Hivera Latch: The home to the people of the sand their captial city. The biggest cavern was used to hide the sleeping people of old. The Gods wanted the best place to hide their creations so the best place was this cavern. The people turned it into a safe haven from the war. Now it is one of the largest cities in the world.

As the gods of war called for the rightious, The Rafalga came to help the weak in a form of battle. they are a warrior race that see to protect any that are in danger. their gods are three of the minds of battle. Chamelo the god of using the element of surprise and hand to hand he is known for his strength and attacks of mercy. Hydria The goddess of the skill of technology and using your enviroment as a weapon. Lamira the goddess of elemental control and potions is her skill uses her voice to calm the mind of others. Each god was more of the lines of war with out blood shed.

More of the skilled type with hand to hand they change form to hide when needed. they are more of assassin's and elites. They are equal to the Arctics in skill.

Terrain: from a planet of plants called the killing grounds to survive the lands is impossible as humans. They are very strong if they make it to adult hood.
1. The bone yard: Named for its deadly beast that is reason the chamelo hide their bodies when crossing this hell valley and also to catch the beast to be their companions. Draige, Dramer, and Deflak.
2. Scale Rift: a big path through a dead valley. This is one place you don't want to see at night when the Lic'va roam. known for it way of driving men mad from the Lic'va sick mind games
3.Therma: home to the Chamelo and is the capital city and is the Rafalga's capital planet.

They are more like a snake than lizard they have fangs but still can't hide the fact the don't have a tail. As a result they are more violent and faster moving in sands. They use technology same as the desert Arcian's.

Terrain: born in the jungle and desert planet called Hinxa[Hen-za] they are more able to climb trees and walls. very toxic environment.
1. Livarma: the home land and desert of the Hydria called the sidewinders of the Rafalga.

very skilled in elemental usage. they use not magic, but a skill call hand in movement. moving the existing object to extended out to help in a fight. potions are also a specialty of theirs.

Terrain: same as Hydria but more in the swamp lands of the Hinxa world.

Once the Guardians of all peace the Nefa-Fari slept for thousands of years waiting for their gods to one day need them again. Known as the oldest of the Rafalga and Arcian. Nefa-fari belonged to the race logarian, due to their rest the gods of logara died out due to the The Arcain's gods that failed to save the small pack of gods. The Nefa-Fari now seek redemtion for their lost homes and goods.

No Terrian, all are nomads

Nefa-Fari race to have skilles in hand to hand and stealth. They have a skill to find enemy in the darkest of places.

engineers and technology is this Nefa's great skilles. For Guns to Mechs they can almost be robotic themselves.

with valor and honor comes a price. This is not a very peacful bunch, magic is a teaching to them. they must not kill with magic but calm their enemy. They are never seen but are known to sneak in and get the job done.

they are trained at childhood to survive. on their 10th birthday they have a choice to join the military or the civil work force. The children train until they are 16 and pass to actual combat. are able to live to 200 years old.

New blood: The rank of a rookie mostly around 16-21 years old.

Calbine: The second rank of a soldier can be gained after passing the standard military test.

Scribe: The third rank of the military of to test you in the skill of technology.

Sentry: these are a rank of six from sentry to fleet sentry. Test are more tough to every get a chance at honor guards or Defense Police.
Honor guard or HG: Are more of the troop that deal with problems that happen in allies or territories.
Defense police or DP: Deal with problems with the home front, like help the civilians and other military issues with the home. Such as murders, deserters, civil concerns, etc.

Lieutenants: These are very high ranked officers that are more skilled in all steps of combat from hand to hand, technology and magic. They are deadly. Only three ranks on this one.
third Lt: are what a sentry can become if they pick to further there experience.
second Lt: These are the only rank that can be trained to captain. Most are born from a noble family or from a religious stand point a child that has been blessed by a god.
First Lt: They are more of the helpers to the captains only can a First Lieutenant with a High scoring, Family blood line, Or even a blessing of a god can Become a captain. Other than that They can only join the Elite or Specter Corps or even the Soul arch companies.

Elite, Specter Corps and Soul arch companies: Are military's high ranks next to a captain most are the special forces of the Arcian army. Elites are those of the Hand to hand standard of stealth and assassinations. Specter Corps are the Technological Elite force as the Soul Arch the religion magic Elites. Hell hounds are Elite Honor guards while Specter are the Robotics and mechs as the Soul drop down priest and summoners.

Captains: the generals of the military with up to ten ranks. The most powerful is the Head Captain. The Head Captain is the Leader of all the military of a Faction. While Kings, Queens and lords and lady's of a clan are for the people and politics. The religion are more of Judges that lead word of the gods help the people. Like also prison, crimes, and punishments.

They are born into war and all are needed to fight to live. perfect warriors. These beings can live up to 500 years old. their aging is longer than arcian's

Hatchling: these are children. They can kill a grown Adult if train well enough. birth to 45
Pup: Teenage Rafalga are old enough to breed and fight from age 45-60.
whelp: The young adult rank of the Rafalga able to actually fight in wars. 60-120
Krimlin: the rank of a leader of a squad. 120-170
septile: The officer rank of the rafalga. 170-240
Tesalon: the highest rank before the rank of dragoon. 240-320
Dragoon: rank of a Rafalga that is able to control most of all the fleets. 320-390.
Elder: This is the last rank until they are placed in a chamber to rest until needed again 390-480.

they don't have a real rank system just a skill set for each of them. Nefa-Fari don't age, they can die.

Ninx: most of the stealth fighters in this group.
Lenamis: snipers of their military.
Heliva: Heavy infantry
Arlami: Mech teams
Loxka: Hackers
Orgavi: Animal speicalist
Vorties: magic users
Longia: assassins
Logiara: Protectors
Hifide: Immortals

The battle of hell star: The three armies meet on a large meteorite. All leading into a bloody battle of who keeps the stone to help build their armies.

No god mode
No fighting
No one liners
No leaving without letting me know.
No using other players without premission
Keep it at least violence and not sex. This is a war rp.
Keep this fun.
Must read all the info to processed to battlefield.
password is Hidden in the top story.
you can have three characters.

[*]=this star is for the parts i will pick for you.
[x]= optional

Appearance( nefa-fari look like human's with cat ears, Refalga are lizard like human's and Arcian's are close to human's but are more better):
Reason for join the war:
Race(Arcian, Rafalga, Nefa-fari):
Faction(are the smaller parts of the race):
skilles(must match race or faction):
[x] relationships:
[x] other:
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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Horror, Romance, Yaoi, Furry, dark, twisted. Etc.

Just ask. I mix up many types as well.
Name: Haerik Black-Grin

bio:He was born in the lands of frost valley he was the National King's personal bodyguard. After the Prince took the throne by force after his fathers fall into madness. He serves the home front of Arca and fights as a Fleet Captain. He fights in major battles on the fronts of the homelands.
Reason for join the war: He fights for all of Arca. Was a general for the Old king.
Race(Arcian, Rafalga, Nefa-fari): Arcian
Faction(are the smaller parts of the race): Lycana
skilles(must match race or faction): He is very skilled with a sword and fights in a mix hand between Bladvra and nijicia the Arcian sword and hand styles Jujitsu and Kenjitsu.
*Rank: Fleet Captain
*Teammates: He is incharge of all squads. Runs the battle cluster of all Arcian's from combany 1-5
[x] relationships: He is a Arcian Elite, Born only for war and not with family.
[x] other: Still holds a old arch of winds badge from his old days as a kings guard.

Name: Maylern Isvarla Locke-Stone

bio: He is a son of the Lord from the Isvarla of the Locke-Stone War Clann son of the second family. He was born and raised to take the First Families son place in the war.
Reason for join the war: Was born and trained for my clann
Race(Arcian, Rafalga, Nefa-fari): Arcian
Faction(are the smaller parts of the race): Desert
skilles(must match race or faction): was good with using guns and skilled with a sniper and nerve suits.
*Rank: Specter Sentry
*Teammates: part of squad one of fleet 2 company 1
[x] relationships: Has a friend or two in the in different companies.
[x] other:

Name: Jericho Dragma
Age:235 or 23 in human

bio: He was born as a weapon in the chamelo army. Not much to be told on him, is a very good cook of his people.
Reason for join the war: well, my kin aren't going to protect themselves with no food.
Race(Arcian, Rafalga, Nefa-fari): Rafalga
Faction(are the smaller parts of the race): Chamelo
skilles(must match race or faction): Skilled with hand to hand is good with a knife and camouflage
*Rank: Septile
*Teammates: line 2 block 4 region 2
[x] relationships: most of his kin
[x] other: military cook.