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  1. So, if you have not noticed, wildpelt is a warrior name. I am interested in doing a warrior rp, specifically one with either Skyclan or back at the forest. The point is to be from a different clan. I want one for Skyclan and one for the forest. Any takers?
  2. Are those the only two clans to pick from?
  3. If you did a skyclan one, then you'd have to be skyclan. If not, you can choose from any clan. But it must be canon.
  4. Wait, are we talking the Warriors series? With the talking cats?
  5. *sigh* yes with the 'talking cats'
  6. Well, I really don't know how else to describe them. I definitely know what you're talking about (in elementary school, there was a group of girls who were total psychos about the series. And they weren't just fans, one of them actually thought she was a cat), but aside from the ability to talk and create societies, they're just violent cats. Especially (if I'm correct that we're on the same page) Scourge. He, what, killed dogs, and used their claws and fangs as enhancements to his own? He slashed Tigerstar's throat? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Technically, Scourge tore him open from neck to tail, then left him to die. That was the most violent death of the series.
    I guess that is the best way to describe them...
  8. Right. So, what are we doing here exactly?
  9. There are two plots. One is with modern Skyclan, in which I am playing Wildpelt the medicine cat. The second is with the clans before Scourge, but after Firepaw.
  10. Eh, not my thing really. Sorry. Luck with your success though!
  11. Canon? Damn, Even though I read the first book (of the first series) only, I still enjoy it and also have experienced a real life warrior clan. I call them Wanderclan because they were nomadic.

    Seriously an ENTIRE clan of tuxedo pattern cats lived in my neighborhood for about a month and then they all suddenly vanished, including Lester, the one cat we brought in.

    They wouldn't mind being treated like kittypets when they were in twoleg lands but the clan would always come first.
  12. Does not have to be Canon...
  13. That's not what you said here :p