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  1. I don't know if anyone would be interested but does anyone want to do a Warriors RP?
  2. I'd join. That was my favorite series as a kid.
  3. I would like to join
  4. Really awesome I was scared that this RP would just 'die' okay I can go ahead and make a thread if you all want.

    Also if you want a particular position feel free to just play the role
  5. May I be a shadowclan deputy? Or, if this is based in one clan can I be that clans deputy?
  6. Okay sounds good to me :) Oh um... how many characters can we have? My two favorite clans are Riverclan and Shadowclan hehe....*rubs neck*
  7. You can be a Shadowclan deputy ^^


    I like the idea of cats from other clans being out and about in the RP it just seems more natural.

    Also is there a certain plot you guys want to do? I had one originally but I forgot what it was going to be about.

    I'm cool with any amount of characters I personally end up using two or three in RPs XD
  8. Well we can always make our own version of what happened in one of the series like our own made up outside clan threat, or they have to move or something like that.
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  9. That sounds like a good idea. I have only actually read the first and second series. My friend kind of spoiled to much of the third so I'm waitting to forget most of it to read it. I don't do good when people ruin the end of things.
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  10. XDD Same here!
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  11. Same here! I hate spoilers because the excitement isn't there @_@.

    Okay ^^ I can make the thread if you want
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  12. Sure! And will we use real pictures for the CS's or cartoon?
  13. Oh that's a good question...
  14. I'm not picky either is fine :) because I know there are some cool/cute cat drawings/cartoons/anime/ and real pics
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  15. I'll probable join in the morning. It's 11:49 pm where I'm at and I don't think to well on characters at night. So I hope that's alright and I have to head off soon for bed.
  16. It's alright, I know the feeling :)
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  17. Okay um...Sorry for my late start. And I might not be on again will Monday, after Easter.
  18. Okay I made a CS for Lionspots.
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