Warring in Hollywood

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  1. People say that governments rule the world. Politicians make the world go round. They also say that it's big businesses that control our lives. But they couldn't be more wrong. Because it's the “Special” people that rule the world. Celebrities. Champion fighters. Actors. Dancers. Comedians. Singers. Musicians. Athletes. You see them on the front of every magazine, plastered in all the newspapers, all over the internet, on the television, and their names are always on people's lips.

    You say I'm wrong?

    I'm not.

    People are obsessed with these stars and their personal lives. Fans that will never know the person that they read about every day spend hours obsessing over the latest hookups and breakups, the intricate meaning behind Lady Gaga's outrageous style and Miley's new hair. They rallied up behind Rob, sending out personal condolences when his wife cheated on him and he filed for divorce. These stars have more money than anybody else, getting paid anywhere between twenty and two hundred million dollars for people to watch them play pretend for an hour and a half. Getting twenty-five million dollars just to sit on the bench and watch their team mates win the game. Making thousands per show to stand on stage, sweat, and talk about their funny lives.

    But there's more to this than meets the eye.

    Many of them were born into this luxurious lifestyle. Others were plucked from humdrum lives as nobodies. Why? Because they were “Special”. Think back to primordial times when words ran rampant of powerful people capable of manipulating the world around them. It was magic, they said. Not really. Not even today, do people know how they came to have these powers except passed down through lineage. They were hailed as gods, their descendants as well.

    Shortly after the Crusades, a secret organization was formed to ensure that these godly people who were being treated as pariahs and demons were given the respect, power, fame, and wealth that they deserved. They evolved over time with the world around it, eventually birthing today's media. Any press was good press with them, though they learned to keep their powers a secret from normal human beings. They were told that the humans were not worthy of knowing the truth their greatness.

    Not every celebrity is a “Special” person. Just the ones with the most press. Because normal humans don't deserve more attention than they do.

    Groups (open)


    The Illuminati have been revered through the ages as a secret cult for only the most fabulously wealthy of people. The legends are all different but many center around the claim that they will one day kill everyone that isn't a member. Useless people. It's not true, not really. The Illuminati is composed of many famous and wealthy people and have eyes everywhere. Their celebrity members are notorious for acting out and doing as they please, often gracing magazine covers for such things like attacking fans with insults or driving drunk only to be let off the hook with a warning.

    But, beware.

    They're killers. Cold-blooded killers. Whether you're taking the spotlight from their deities or threatening to expose them and all that they do – It makes you a target. Marilyn Monroe was one of the greatest actresses of all times, but she was a normal human. When she refused to become an advocate of their cult, the “messengers of the gods” descended upon her and killed her, making her death look like a suicide OD. The same went with Elvis Presley. There's nothing they wouldn't do. And once you're in, the only way out is death as far as they are concerned. Whether it is literal or social. They shut you out from their properties. Your contracts with their publishers, movie studios, television networks, and record labels are torn to shreds. They humiliate you and make your fan base dwindle. Once you become a laughingstock, they make you a nobody. Then they give you a chance to come back. If you refuse, you die. Car crash. Overdose. Drowning.

    They don't take well to rejection...



    Some “Specials” are born into it. Some claw their way to the top and become a rags to riches story. Others are plucked from obscurity, having never even thought of entering the Industry from lack of talent or simply no desire to. Whatever the case, New Bloods generally end up in the same place together, compliments of strings pulled by the Illuminati. They are given a condo in a beautiful and secure complex. Lots of people apply here. In fact, nearly everyone moving to Los Angeles will apply for these condos because of their ridiculously low price. But it's pretty exclusive. From there, everything seems to go right for these budding stars. The gigs are flowing in, people want their pictures and autographs, they see their idols every time they walk out the door. Oh, and they find out they aren't the only ones sporting beyond natural abilities.

    When they're ripe for the picking, the Illuminati will come for them and officially welcome them to Hollywood...

    However, within the confines of “The Industry”, there is another group that is equally as powerful. They too are familiar faces and don't have as much infamy as others. There may have been once upon a time and every now and again incidents where you might see some scandal involving them plastered all over social media outlets, but it's usually just an attack from their more psychopathic counterparts. Aside from their talents and often good looks, these people are also well known for their charity work and close interaction with their fans without acting like total narcissistic divas.

    Okay, maybe one or two do, but that's just their personality.

    The Amareti strive for peace and truly enjoy their positions. Not for the money or fame, though it's a perk, but for the opportunity it presents them to do great good. They donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the less fortunate and everything they do is to inspire people to be all that they can be. They are more often than not educated and open minded and have no problem sharing their spotlights or even turning it over completely to the regular humans in the same brand. Many of them escaped the Illuminati before being rescued by the Amareti. They aren't above killing and have ordered more than a few hits of their own against the Illuminati and do their best to keep New Bloods out of harm's way.

    Okay, so that was certainly a lot to read. Hopefully, you're still reading. So, now that you've got the setting I think it's time to give you the plot.

    I was inspired to create this roleplay after watching a documentary on cults in Hollywood. I've never had the chance to sit down and do a thriller-esque type roleplay, so this was my chance. Our characters would be New Bloods. They have recently been plucked from their normal lives and moved to Hollywood into a fabulous condominium where they're paying extremely cheap. They're being offered amazing career opportunities and they wake up to find themselves walking down the hall and rubbing elbows with the biggest names in Hollywood. These extremely talented young folk - also holders of amazing powers - get comfortable with their new cushy lifestyle before all things go to shit.

    Essentially, the Illuminati are enticing them with money, jobs, and friendly faces. After we get comfortable writing our characters, they'll be invited to a party and they'll be offered to join the Illuminati. They will accept, glad to know that they are not alone in their powers. And because the entire idea of being part of a secret society is so fucking cool. However, after some time is spent with them, they realize that everything is not what it seems. The perks are great, but the people are batshit crazy. The New Bloods are swept up into a flurry of drugs, torture, murder, and coverups. However, when they want out... Things don't go quite as well as they'd planned. You see... People don't just leave the Illuminati.

    Our characters end up with the Illuminati beginning to tear down their career at every turn, cutting them off from every resource that was provided to them. That was all well and good - It's to be expected. However, they won't be expecting them to go so far as to kill them to make sure that their secrets are carried to the grave. Our characters will end up on the run for their lives, fighting and praying for salvation....

    { x x x x x x x }
    ’Auli’i Noa Makamai-Kapono Barboza (aka Prodigy)
    { 20 y.o. female }
    Performance Art Intuition & Art Intuition

    More commonly known as Noa or "Prodigy", this native of Hawaii has always known that she was destined for life in the spotlight. She's always had a little more "Oomph" to her performances than others. Gifted in all areas of Fine Art, that is her power. She is a virtuoso without any formal training, born to be an artist. Mastering all areas of arts simply by trying, she staked her claim to fame starting through YouTube. She remained in Hawaii when her brother went to college but they still spent a lot of time together. After becoming the Queen of YouTube, she made her way to Los Angeles to be with her older brother and also so that she could further break into movies after having a few roles. She wanted more.

    Kai Kona Leolani Tua Barboza (aka Tigger aka Bone Crusher)
    { 32 y.o. male }
    Enhanced Athleticism & Super Strength

    Born in Hawaii, this man with the body of a god never really imagined he'd be famous one day. He was always very charismatic young man, easily getting his way. Along with his sister, Noa, he was adopted. They never really had it hard in life. They were beautiful, talented, and beloved by all. He was nineteen when he headed off to San Francisco after being offered a scholarship in football. He was soon playing for the San Francisco 49ers. He's known by his opponents to be very intimidating to the point that nobody – except his teammates – wants to be on the field with him. He's branched out of the NFL and won a few Heavyweight Titles as well, making his name known as a fighter in the UFC and Bellator circuits. He is currently a rather longstanding member of the Illuminati and is trying to get out.

    Marla Mariah Macon (aka Temperance)
    { 24 y.o. female }
    Precognition & Retrocognition

    Born in a podunk town in the middle of the Louisiana bayou, Marla was always different from other kids. She knew things about people and places that she probably shouldn't know, often being pulled out of school from suffering chronic headaches. She learned from her grandmother – who raised her – that what she was seeing was the past and the future. She was homeschooled from the ages of nine to thirteen, taking that time to learn how to block out her visions and trigger them on her own as well as channel them through her tarot cards. She soon began making money off of doing readings for the people in town and soon after began generating a number of tourists. She was called to Los Angeles for an offer that involved her getting her own show.

    Dallas Wesley Rickers (aka Doctor aka DW)
    { 28 y.o. male }
    Telepathy & Telekinesis

    Rolling in from Austin, Texas is Dallas Rickers. Ever since he was a child he had a passion for modeling. He was always an attractive person so it wasn't hard for him. He was teased while growing up because of his interest in performing in pageants and his constant auditioning for commercials and magazines. It didn't help that he always had a rather scrawny build. It didn't bother him much – He knew that he'd go further in life than them. He was well-studied, cultured, and open minded. Not to mention, highly attractive. He went on into college to study fashion in Los Angeles before graduating and getting the opportunity to model and act. His fashion design career went on the back burner as he packed his bags and headed out.

    **You don't have to take any of the above characters if you wish to create your own**

    ***Please contact me via PM***
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