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  1. Greeings!
    I have many names, but I'll give you my favorite. Lena.
    I am new, so bear with me if I ask too many basic questons.
    Below are several plots.
    If you like to roleplay, please message. I am always open.

    Green is for FanFic.
    Red is for Fantasy/Magic/Other World/Supernatural.
    Blue is SciFi.
    Violet is Modern Fantasy/Young Adult/Mature/Mythology.
    A combination of colors means it has a bit of both or all. :bouncy:

    I'm sweet, I swear. I don't bite :angel:


    Save Me
  2. I would be very interested in trying Seeking with you. ^ ^
  3. I'd love to try the Save Me role play with you if you're still up for it#
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.