Warped Ideas: *Male Characters Needed*

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    She was felt the eyes following her, so she tightened her grip inside her pocket. For days it has been happening, that she can feel the eyes following her. It's not that she suddenly thought she's going loony, but this was different. By now she would have seen who owns those eyes, she's that observant, but no. She couldn't see. It's as if this person is personal.
    She turned at a corner, and was startled by the voice saying, "hi!" and she fell down on her bum. "What the hell?" she looked up.
    • Annamarie Kerkov
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    • Jonathan (Ghost)
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    Lilia is a bookworm, and not just any bookworm. She's the total dream bookworm. Ask about any book and she'll give you a summary of a full review. Then again, anyone have a secret. Books are her haven, and life is her nightmare. She's not social and barely talks. Working part time at the college library is fine, as she studies Literature in college. No one bugs her in class, and the professors are understanding of her quiet and reserved self, most of them. Everything seem to be going well in her life. That is until, certain soon-to-graduate Law student stumbled upon the library at the very first day of the first semester, and ever since then, he wouldn't stop following her around the library and keep asking her questions about herself, and all the random tid bits about her.

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    Ring Ring!
    The phone is ringing, the lady in black is running. "Hello?" she paused. "What?" She paused. "Again?" she paused. "Globby!" she paused. "I'm on my way".
    The phone went dead.
    Tick! Tick! Tick! Tock! Tock! Tock!
    The keys are being pressed, and the clock is sounding, the machine is running, the box is moving.
    "Here comes the Doctor!" the lady in black says. "Prepare the tea."

    • The Doctor (Female)
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    • The Companion (Male)
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    The Game of Honor (This one has a separate forum already. Just click on the title)
    • Lady Leona Fay Edela
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    • Lord Warren Rae Kallan
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    *Just message me if you are interested in one of these. I'd be happy to discuss preferences it with you :)
  2. Is that a ghost RP I feel? No wonder it got chilly.
    a Dr. Who with a fem-doctor?! Golly.

    Can I bother you for more info?
  3. Of course you can :)

    Which one would you like to know first?
  4. Well, both of the two mentioned I suppose. They've both got me thinking on how they'd pan out.
  5. Well, first Doctor Who fanfic. It would be a long term thread, since, it's Doctor Who (need I say more?). She'll be a female doctor, and her companion would be either male or female, depending on the preferences. In all honesty, I'm afraid to play the Doctor and the companion, at the same time, excited about it as well. First adventure up to the next depending on what you want to do first. But I think something about a danger to humanity (of course) would be a good start. Like, animals having a mind of their own? then we can go to the next idea/adventure we want to venture our characters into.

    Second, the to ghost companion. Well, what I thought about that is, the boy was in an accident, and he doesn't remember much about what happened. She moves into his apartment and out of nowhere she see's the ghost. They tried to find out what happens to him, and he can either be dead or in a coma. (My plan for this would be romance, but we can just turn it into something else if you prefer ^^)
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