Warp Drives? Real? WHAT?!

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Do you think it will be used for space travel within the next 50 - 150 years?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Yesterday night I found this article: How NASA Might Build It's Very First Warp Drive

    If you haven't heard of this definitely check out the article it is the craziest thing ever. Imagine what life would be like if we could reach Alpha Centurai in just a few weeks. OMG I WOULD SIGN UP TO THE NAVY AND MEET ALL THE ALIENS! Star Trek it up!

    Discuss... What would happen...

    Total nerd gasm... "a mechanism by which space-time could be "warped" both in front of and behind a spacecraft." pektrjiepnrg What?!

  2. If the math is sound and the energy requirements are not in excess of what we can produce, then it is only a matter of time. I think it will be that uper limit though, but if it happens in my lifetime, sweet.
  3. The necessary power to pull something like this off is still fucking gigantic, if memory serves, but it's far more achievable than what we previously thought.

    Some clever fucker needs to figure out how to make it more viable, and then we're in business.
  4. Although I have already heard of this piece of news, I am still interested in how this will turn out. And yes, I definitely think that this will be used for space travel in fifty to one hundred fifty years in the future, and I hope that it will be achieved in my lifetime. That may be hopeless, though, unless I get a life extension or more research is put into preventing aging.
  5. Actually Grumpy with the reconfigured ring instead of a doughnut the power requirements are "feasible" the biggest hurdle is finding the right exotic matter. I've been following this story for months now and while exciting I have to rest in my pessimism that it will not come to life anytime soon. I would however be ecstatic if NASA proved me wrong.
  6. And here I was going, "Man, aero/astro is getting boring."

    I reasonably hopeful that aging will get at least mostly solved in my lifetime. There's a pretty good market for that stuff. Whether or not we'll all be rich enough is another matter. If only space had half as big an audience ...
  7. There is also the much more realistic fission "30 days to mars" engine.
  8. Never quite understood the urge to live forever. Can't help but think that it kind of cheapen the whole experience.

    Nothing like a time limit to drive you towards experiencing everything you can.
  9. I never understood the urge to live forever, either.

    Assuming there are aliens out there, I wonder how similar everyone's "first ship" is.

    30 days to Mars? That would be awesome. What else would be awesome? If there was Space Race Round 2.
  10. And ve know who vil vin dis time, da comrades.
  11. I just skimmed. Does it say anywhere how to actually warp space-time? I know it's a big scifi concept, but no one ever goes over how to actually do it.

    If they have a means though, I WANT ONE!!!