Warning: Contains Aliens

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  1. Hello hello! I am trash in need of roleplaying this!

    "In a strange future where humanity have made contact with aliens known as Niadee. Many members of the alluring, semi aquatic species (finding perverse thrill in it) have sold themselves and each other into the sexual 'slavery' of humans.

    An attractive man
    (25-35?) with a large family inheritance enjoys collecting and 'breaking in' new, virgin slaves. He hears about a young, only just of age boy from a rare tribe of Niadee being sold by one of his brothers at the next 'market' and plans on buying and keeping him."

    I would play the Niadee boy, who has non human 'parts' (vagina like slit, sheath, and tentacle like dick) and is incredibly naive and innocent, while whoever takes me up on this offer would play the Lord. ^^
    I'm open to kinks and stuff but I don't think I can cram much plot in this.

    Anyone interested?
  2. Sounds err, different I'd say I think I might be willing to do this one. Never done something like this but hey worth a shot.
  3. you don't have to if ya dont wanna, but if you are interested in trying it out send me a message? ^^
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  4. sure, worth a try.
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