Warm Fuzzy Moments.

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  1. There are too many there to say what makes me truly happy. Thank you, by the way for sharing this. Everyone is going through a harsh time after what happened at Sandy Hook, and things like what you posted help us realize there is good in the world.
  2. These were really nice to read and definitely made me feel good. Number 20 really hits home because my roommate and I just did something similar a few days ago. I posted in the chatbox about it, but I feel like writing up what happened now. Perhaps it will help give additional warm and fuzzy feels.

    My good deed this week (open)

    I’ve always liked all types of animals. Unfortunately I am allergic to both cats and dogs. But that has never stopped me from wanting to pet, cuddle and just give some love to them.

    It was Friday and finals for my college had ended today and that meant that everyone and their mother had left to go home to their families for the holidays. In the area I live the sides of the roads and driveways are always packed with vehicles. But this Friday evening there was scarcely a car in sight the only people we knew of that were still around was our neighbors across the street. Like any normal night when no one is around to party with my roommate and I were just surfing the internet, watching TV and hanging out. That’s when we noticed the weather outside was starting to take a turn for the worse. It was barely above freezing temperatures outside and instead of a lovely snow storm we were given a fierce sleet storm.

    My roommate who babied his car more than anything else in this world of course wanted to park in the garage, so we had to do a little traffic jam car shuffle so that he could park inside and be safe from the harsh conditions. My car was already parked inside so I just stood in our open front doorway and watched. That’s when I heard what sounded like a cat meowing. It was quiet enough that I had to strain to listen for it again to see if it was just my imagination or not. But sure enough I heard another little meow. Curious I began to survey the surrounding area to look for the source but the sun had already retreated behind the horizon and the darkness made it hard to see anything. I expect it was just by random chance and pure luck that my roommate had decided to turn his lights on as he swerved into the driveway. Because by chance they shined upon the underside of a nearby car that I happened to be looking at and underneath I saw a little orange tabby cat.

    Immediately I recruited my roommate to help me get the cat and so we spent the next 30 minutes lying down on the cold, wet ground trying to persuade a scared, hungry cat into coming to us so we could bring her inside. The poor thing seemed friendly enough but would never come close enough to actually let us get a hold of him. We decided to resort to luring him out with meat, part of the steak we were planning to cook that night. As soon as we laid down a small piece of the meat the cat was at it trying to devour it. This let us quickly snatch him up from the ground and whisk him away into our warm house.

    We quickly isolated him in our downstairs bathroom and provided him a small bowl of water and some more raw meat since we had nothing else that a cat might eat. After letting him get used to his new surroundings for an hour or so we began to inspect him to see what we could find out. The poor cat was dirty enough that he left little black smudges all over our floor; his claws were very overgrown and looked sickly, we even noticed a few fleas. In the end we decided that we would have to give him over to a no kill animal shelter nearby. We would have loved to keep him but at the time we were not prepared to house a cat, and one of our roommate’s despised cats. We did consider looking around to see if anyone had lost a cat, but with the poor condition the cat was in and the fact that almost everyone had already left we decided that the poor thing would be better off in a shelter with people that would care for it and bring it back into good health.

  3. This one might seem a little self-centred, but... Oh, I'll just get on with it.

    At the time this was happening, I was being bullied. Quite a lot. It was always snide remarks behind my back, by the same people. I tried to ignore them, but it didn't work.
    Then, one day, some people in my year caught them. I knew of them, but we didn't speak much outside of 'When's the homework due in?' But, they stood up for me, and had them back off. Before that, I don't think I'd ever felt so afraid to speak, thinking that people didn't want anything to d with me. Now? I don't hve to worry about that. People know I'm strange and annoying, but I have faith in humanity,, because they accept me and don't ridicule me, in spite of this.

    And, maybe the second one as well.

    I have a friend - an online friend. We talk over Steam.
    Our conversations started out as just wanting to discuss game strategies, and opinions on new releases.
    Eventually, we started opening up to each other.
    Now, we know we can talk to each other about things we'd never dare to tell anyone else. We laugh, cry, sing together... We can't even see each other, and there are few people I'd rather speak to.
    It just makes me warm and fuzzy to know that I can be there for him. I can be that person in another part of the country that can give him a slap on the back before he goes into a competitive match. I can be the person that secretly fist-pumps when he wins a match, and is always rooting for him, no matter what. I take comfort in the fact that we trust each other.