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  1. I was thinking of making and or joining an RP featured in either the Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40k universes. Before you ask, I am (in my own opinion) fairly experienced with the lore and setting. Experienced in Warhammer 40k, that is. I know little about Warhammer Fantasy but I included it here as a suggestion.

    If you don't know, Warhammer 40,000 is a long running tabletop wargame set millenniums into the future, where humanity has formed into a zealous empire known as the Imperium of Man, serving under the word of the God-Emperor of Mankind whom sits as a rotting corpse upon the Golden Throne in the Imperial Palace of Holy Terra.

    The setting is known for being over-the-top and very, very, grim and dark. Almost every situation in the setting involves either war and destruction. It mainly focuses on the Imperium of Man and the sub-factions within, but there are other playable species and armies that act as constant enemies of the Imperium. These include...

    Traitor Legions/The Eye of Terror/Forces of Chaos: Basically, anyone who worships Chaos is an enemy to the Imperium. They worship the four dark gods of chaos and scorn the Imperium and their "Corpse Emperor"

    Orks: Big, green, killing machines. The second most numerous race in the galaxy, and -sweet emperor- do they come in numbers.

    Eldar: Ancient space elves. See all other races as inferior, even though they fucked themselves (literally) over a couple years back.

    Dark Eldar: Edgy angsty grim Eldar with extremely kinky themes of torture and stuff. They harvest souls and feed them to the Chaos God of Slaanesh to avoid getting eaten by him/her/it

    Tau: The least grimdark of the warring species and factions, they worship the philosophical idea of the Greater Good and try to peacefully introduce the Greater Good to other species and cultures. Oh, and they are commies.

    Necrons: My personal favorite, they are essentially souless metal egyptian zombie skeletors that fought the Eldar in an ancient war and have recently emerged to claim the galaxy they once owned, through extermination.

    Tyranids: The original zerg. Giant space locusts that cruise the galaxy in massive Hive Fleets and consume every planet they come across.

    I suggest you go and find a wiki to read up on the setting, there is much more to it and a good understanding of the lore will get us a good RP

    So, what do you folks think?
  2. I'd be interested. Did you have any plots in mind?
  3. I'm interested. I use to play the table top all the way till 6th edition.
  4. For the immortal Emperor of the Mankind and his golden throne!
  5. Well, we could use one of the RPGs as a crutch

    Im sure you folks heard of the Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer 40k Roleplay games? They are pen-and-paper RPGs that have you roleplay in the grim dark darkness of the the 41st millenium.

    There are a total of 5 games:

    Dark Heresy - Focuses on the Inquisition, PCs are acolytes of the inquisition and they go about searching for heresy and busting evil chaos plots
    Rogue Trader - Focuses on the Rogue Traders, PCs are explorers under the wing of a rogue trader and they go off into the unknown to claim worlds for the emperor
    Deathwatch - Focuses on the Space Marines, PCs are apart of a Kill-Team working for the chamber-militant Deathwatch, hunting down aliens and being Spess Mehreens.
    Black Crusade - Focuses on the Forces of Chaos, PCs are cultists and chaos space marines that go around and fuck over the loyalist scum
    Only War - Focuses on the Imperial Guard, PCs are soldiers of the IG and have to not get killed by literally everything.
  6. Well I have played all those games except Only War. Dark Heresy, Rouge Trader and Deathwatch can all cross over.
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  7. I've actually never played the tabletop games... My experience with the franchise stems mostly from the video games and reading of the wiki.

    As for the options themselves, I like the sound of Necrosis' idea. Combining several of them in order to create a fresh story and allow greater character diversity.
  8. I have read all of them, but never played. I think that for rolepalay would be best the concept of Dark heresy, Rogue trader or Black crusade. Depends on how "good" would we wantto be.
  9. Fair warning, I am actually pretty bad at GMing. I put this up so a GM who is actually good could gather up the players needed to start a game.
  10. If we don't have an experience GM, perhaps we should not use those rule books and go for something a bit more casual.
  11. This is relevant to my intrests
  12. There is currently an Only War RP already up that I believe needs one more player to join and we will have a full squad. However, I'm still interested in another Warhammer RP and there was a Deathwatch RP, but it never got off the ground.
  13. I'm down for some black crusade
  14. I'm interested; although it will depend on what final RP concept is; I'll decide then if I'll join or not.

    Would it be possible for me to play a character in the vein of Ciaphas Cain? A form of black/gallows/dark comedy badass? Possibly with both incredibly good & bad luck to add humour to his character (Not necessary though)? I.e will it fit the tone of the RP to have a more comedic character to tag along? Seeing as it is Warhammer I'm already assuming all the characters will be badass turned up to 11.

    Also I know some of the lore...I would like to know more. I go through seasons of obsession where I spend days upon days just reading Lexicanum. I don't necessarily remember everything I read so I'm definitely not a loremaster. I know a lot more about 40k then Fantasy, but that's just what I've been exposed to most, its not necessarily out of a dislike to Warhammer Fantasy.
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  15. Dark humor with incredibly good and bad luck? That can easily ride in any 40k setting

    On a side note there's six of us posting in this thread. Which in my (limited) experience is the perfect size for these games. If we had an iron willed GM we could even run a PvP style game set on one planet simple goal of control.
  16. I think so too, but I've encountered some people who like Warhammer Fantasy & 40k to stay excessively somber; I've been called out on trying to bring any humour into those roleplays so I'm checking.

    Also what I mean by "incredibly good and bad luck" if anyone hasn't understood that then read the TV tropes page for Ciaphas I linked (the Cain link).
  17. Dark Heresy was always particularly fun in my recollection. It is pretty easy to structure with a running series of "missions" and there is fairly large amount of variety in the retinue of an Inquisitor.
  18. Hmm, this interests me and I am interested to see how this goes.
  19. Down like a clown Charlie Brown
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  20. I kinda want to play a Xurunt Frost Father
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