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  1. At the moment I wish to see if their would be an interest for an RP set in a war setting be it a past war or one made up by the RPers and while I have ideas their would be no point if their was no interest in this sort of thing. If this sort of thing interests you leave a post about what type of setting you would like to see.
  2. I approve of this title. Short and to the point. It's perfect. What kind of war are we looking at here? 20th century style war, 21st century, 41,000th century, 3000 BC?
  3. I might toss me hat into this... What kinda war boss?
  4. I want to hear from you two and who ever else shows their interest on that, what sounds like a good setting? Shall we be in the past or modern time where we know what we are limited to? Or the future where we would be able to make up the conflict as we go? Or as Karakui said are we in the distant past where the conflict is simpler but oh so bloodier? My idea was to put a bit of a fantasy element to expand the target audience, the idea was that the Nazi's at the end of ww2 and their occult mysticism opened a tear between our world and the next and out came all manner of things thought to be only fantasy and with these beings came their cultures and conflicts that drew humanity into it more specifically the former allies from the war and a restructured Germany. Now I would take some liberties with history so that it wasn't the exact same as our ww2 but that is neither here nor there.
  5. Oh, I do like that idea, but I have to say that setting sounds a little generic. Blaming the nazis for accidentally screwing up is a bit old now. But yeah, I like the idea of fantasy vs normal. The conflict between magic and technology. Cuz, we all know if the fantasy didn't have magic, they'd be screwed :D. I think what might work is if some nation that wasn't particularly involved in the war but was about to get into it accidentally screws up and makes the portal, so that the allies and the axis have to deal with the fantasy forces while also keeping one another in check.
  6. The reason I went with the Nazi's was due to them doing the while occult thing in real life, we may be able to step it up a few years and have a new type of weapon being tested in the cold war that opens the rift?
  7. Ooh a new type of weapon, that sounds plausible. Something that generated so much energy during testing that it accidentally ripped a hole in reality. That way we can put the portal in the middle of a desert somewhere and allow the fantasy side to establish a proper base rather than the portal being opened up in some nazi's mother's basement.
  8. But the question is who would of made it? The US? USSR? Or someone else?
  9. I think it'd probably be the US that made it, given how frequently they come up with pointless military inventions. They're always ahead of the crowd when it comes to weapons so I imagine they'd be the ones to make a super-nuke.
  10. Well if it is the cold war it would be able to be either them or the Russians as it was a constant "Hey look I can make a better weapon." contest. I figure though that it would be a different nation, the world powers have nukes so a smaller nation tries to make something cheaper but just as powerful to be on equal footing but tear reality apart.
  11. Oh yeah that could work. Isn't the cold war the one with Vietnam? Maybe vietnam gets pissed off about being used as a battlefield and is all like "Guys, stop plz"
  12. The cold war was from 1945 to 1991, it was a state of war in which the two nations involved (the United States and the Soviet Union) never went to actual war with each other as that would of been Nuclear war hence a "Cold" war. The Vietnam war was during the cold war and was a proxy where the Soviet Union funded the Communist North Vietnam to fight the US funded democratic South Vietnam. How much do you know about the Cold war? If it ain't a lot then I will need to explain some things to make sure the plot forming in my head makes sense to you. Don't take offense to me asking I just want us on the same page.
  13. I know literally nothing about the Cold War :D If it doesn't involve England, then it wasn't taught to me in school, and if it's in the 1900+ era, it's not a war interesting enough for me to look up in my own time.
  14. Well then we aren't able to go with that as I can't just do a fast explanation of it, so that time period is out. Hmm....
  15. What time period do you suggest?
  16. If you need me to know about it, then you're gonna be needing to make up a new war entirely, because I only know a tiny bit about a single war, and that's that Hitler was developing an army of nazi vampires and I think that might actually be fictional. So yeah, pick a war and I'll go look it up.
  17. Curses. Let's do world war 1 then because no one does world war 1.
  18. Yeah, world war 1 never gets a spotlight, and fantasy + trenches could be pretty fun. Land a dragon on top of a trench and use the trench as a channel for your fire breath. It'd be so cool.
  19. Now we just need to get more interest.
  20. So it's world war 1, yes?
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