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  1. It had been 12 days. Now, to anyone else, 12 days wasn't too bad. 12 days was only the beginning, and while it was also still the beginning for Jenna Oswald and her little 'squad' of people, it was a hell of one. War was hell, in general, but she thought it fair to say that this, currently, was much worse than any war that other people had fought in. That may sound a bit odd, and maybe a bit over-dramatic and arrogant, but it was true. If it wasn't true, she wouldn't even think it. She was also sure everyone currently with her agreed.

    Or would agree. They were trying to be as silent as possible at the moment, so she wasn't about to spout some nonsense about how this war was the absolute worst. They'd give her looks before their inevitable demise at the hands of the enemies. You know, the ones that kept getting back up. That's what made the war horrible; you couldn't seem to keep the opposition down.

    At first, she hadn't noticed. Day 1 and day 2? She just assumed she hadn't shot them in the right place. But, it kept on happening. She shot someone in the head. They fell. Then, they got back up and kept going. Then, a clean shot to the chest. Same thing happened, with little to no difference in the sequence of events. It was on day 6 that she had decided that wow, this probably isn't normal. So, she had called for backup.

    Unfortunately, the back up she called realized the same thing, and said sorry, we can't actually do that right now, you'll have to wait a while and find a area free of these things. It was bullshit, in her opinion. They-being her and her squad-would probably die before they could find a place like that. That didn't stop her from searching, though.

    Which leads her to present moment. She was sitting behind the remains of a building, listening for any sign that the 'things' were here. She didn't hear anything currently, but that meant nothing. She would have to wait at least a solid 10 minutes before she could be sure. Otherwise, she ran the risk of getting everyone killed, and that was a decidedly not good thing to do. As she waited, she reloaded her gun, just in case she needed it when they tried to get to the next camp point.
  2. Red had been having a bad two weeks he was hoping it was just a dream. Although Commander Oswald was telling him this was reality. He wasn't sure how many had died and turned into those things. As there is about 100 spotted before the first went running. This whole country fell to shit no wonder why they were bombing themselves. Although our country took it as a threat to human life and sent troops over to kill the leader. Now, they are trapped here.

    His commander lead them to safety as she clearly doesn't want to lose any more lives. They were running low on supplies and everything. This was everyone's worst fear. Though Red thought it was like a normal zombie apocalypse and you shoot for the head and it didn't work. Clearly this was hell coming for them.

    Meanwhile everyone was hiding waiting for orders, Red was out Scouting around to see if the areas were safe. He was fine with it as he smiled. He enjoyed the world going to fall but he was with 11 others. Then Commander Oswald on the other hand she was the only living girl of the regiment. He wasn't sure on how she made it this far but everyone wanted her to live and ended up getting killed.

    Red was about to report back as he saw the horde slowly approaching their grounds. He starting to head back to the base running at a fast pace. He made it back in about five minutes before he spoke "Commabder Oswald We need to run they are going to be her in less than five minutes" He said to her and sighed
  3. Jenna sighed to herself as the scout- Red, was it? She assumed it was -came back with the news. Slowly, she stood up, gun at hand, and looked at him. It was time to get a move on, apparently, and quickly. If nightfall came before they got someplace safe, there would be hell and lives to pay. She wasn't too keen on that. 11 people was a good amount; any less and they started to dwindle. She didn't need that right now.

    Though a bit disheartened, she flashed a smile. "Well, shit. That's bad. Man, coffee would do me wonders right now." She said, before turning to the group. She had long since given up acting professional, as she had deemed this not a normal war, so she didn't have to be a normal commander.

    "Alright, boys!" She announced to the group, hands on her hips "It's time to go. You don't move fast enough, I carry you, and you look like a dipshit. We clear on that?"

    She nodded once she heard the chorus of affirmatives and sures. Then, she began to move. There was no time for long conversation til they got there, and she knew that. She wasn't going to get them all killed just because she wanted another 'sir, yes sir'.
  4. They were running low on time and they knew they had to keep running away from this creatures. They can't ever die. Red looked at her as he listened to her speak. "You reminded me that I was gonna give you something while I was out scouting for food" he said and he pulled out some instant coffee mix from his pouch and handed it to her. "That's to keep you going" he said to her.

    None of them had the moral to act like normal soldiers as they know they were all determined to die. He was saddened that the truth was there. Though everyone did their best to live and he didn't understand it. His commander was the only person to hand them out tasks to keep peace as Red was always out on scouting missions risking his life for the team.

    They were given her 'motavational' speech to make them keep on moving. He knew that they were in an apocalypse but she was able to manage to pull some jokes off. Soon they all got moving as Red was traveling around to make sure everyone is okay.

    Charles moved to the back to talk to Jenna "We need to find a more permanent place to stay we all need it to have atleast a better chance of living" he told her as he was a coward.
  5. "You're a life saver, R." She said, grin widening as she took the coffee mix "I need this stuff to survive." And, on her end, she was totally truthful about that. She didn't get much sleep now, so coffee really kept her going. Unfortunately, there wasn't too big a supply of it, so she had to use it sparingly. She managed to get through, though.

    She was a little put off when Charles walked up, though. She sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Look, sport, while that might seem great, it ain't. Permanent camp? First off, we could easily get surrounded. Secondly, you'd get used to it, and if we need to move again, that's no good. Thirdly, I want to get OUT of here. Don't you? So, get your head on straight and keep moving, alright?"

    If the guy wanted to go die on his own, she would let him. But, the whole group? No way, no how. She wasn't putting everyone in jeopardy because of a retarded idea. While that might be a bit rude, it was true; the idea was awful, and she wasn't willing to try it out.
  6. Red was thanked by her and he nodded. She always needed coffee so once the event went down she would never get some anymore. He knew to have her thinking properly she needed coffee so it's best to always find it. Though reality is that will probably be her last thing so she will need to stay awake another way.

    Charles stared at her as she turn down his idea. Though her idea wasn't any better. She was thinking maybe if they run far enough they would get out of the country. He stared back at her and spoke "I know you the princess of this group but you can't keep forcing everyone to keep going. Their moral is low yet you tell them that they can leave here. They probably told you that they won't get out didn't they" he said to her.

    She was a complete fool in his mind. Charles soon spoke again "I don't know why you think you can do this with out losing anyone. If you noticed Red is out in a battlefield every day. If your not going to think about any of us that is tired and just want a break from the constant running. Think about your sergeant major. Your starting to become more of a dictator now" he said before running back up. He was absolutely pissed she can think to get out of their problem.
  7. "If ya want to leave, leave. I ain't stopping you. I'm just showing you the logic." She called over, shrugging "One area, permanently? Not gonna do you wonders, sweetcheeks. Supplies will run out. People are going to die, people already have. Again, I'd like to get out, and if we FIND a safe place, it's better to call a copter and then leave immediately instead of pretending this is happy apocalypse camping time with the family."

    She continued to walk, stretching a little as she did "So, I don't know about you lot, but I'll keep going. You can do what you like. After all, the dynamics of this have fallen to shit, haven't they? So if you want to go off, stop pestering ME about it and just do it, because I don't have the time or the patience to deal with your bullshit. I'm not your mom, am I? So if you think I'm not doing a good job, hightail it outta here. A dictator wouldn't give you that choice."

    And she was completely fine if they did, because if they thought they could, she didn't see why they shouldn't. She certainly wasn't up for it, though. She wanted out. If they didn't? Their choice. She wasn't going to force anyone into anything.
  8. Red was listening to their conversation. He wanted to but in but he was afraid of her assuming he was taking sides. He knew she only thought was best for her now as she was starting to get alittle selfish. Though didn't they all?

    He only spoke up after their fight "Jenna Oswald, your 25 and a intelligent military leader. You made it among the ranks when you weren't even trying. Now you made it so far to only think of finding a way out? You know that's wrong and these men won't leave each other as they been through a lot. You basically are commanding them no matter what. It's probably gotten worse as these things can't die" he said to her giving his opinion.

    "Your blinded by the fact that we are in hell and you think it's possible you can just escape it," he said as he pulled out his pistol and cocked it before he continued, "there is only one way out and I think it's time you realize it" he said as he move his gun to the right of her head and fired as there was a bandit of some sort about to shoot his commander as he fell to the ground. Clearly he hit him before he put his gun back in his holster and turned around to keep walking.
  9. She turned to look at the body, a bit surprised, before sighing "Well, it doesn't seem you're getting my point here. I'm saying that I don't lead this little group anymore." She replied, running a hand through her hair "As in, I go, you all can find a permanent position, because HONESTLY, if they think it's safer for them, I'm not going to stop them. Also, I have a obligation to get to that helicopter. Zombies or no, I'm still under someone myself, and they told me to make it happen, so I'll be making it happen. If it's just me, not in the 'all of you' died way, you know what I mean, but if it is just me, I'm sure they won't CARE. And that's my point. Strategically, I think it's safer. Morally, I ought to do it. So, that's two sides of my reasoning, so I'll be doing it either way."

    She yawned a little, glancing around "Besides, you lot have military training, you'd do just fine on your own. So, there. There's that. Nothing really selfish about it, I just want to do my job. Getting out of here is a plus to that, but if I were selfish, I'd be threatening you to come with me or you'd die. Not saying that."
  10. He nodded as he wasn't here to argue either side of anyone. Their beliefs were wrong and he knew they weren't gonna save them. "You really think they will come to save us? If they did they would've brought us back 12 days ago the world is going into chaos. "If you really think those stupid soilders are going to save you or anyone your foolish. Though I rather stick with you as you have more of a solid plan. But even if you don't lead us anymore most still look up to you as our leader. Though why is it safer. We are low on food in a matter of days we will be starving. We should atleast have a base camp for a certain amount of time before moving on. You might be strong willed but you can't force your body to the max by constantly walking" he said give his point of view out. Though she was kind to him and he was willing to stay with her until the end.
  11. "If it ain't permanent, I'm fine with it." Was Jenna's simple reply as she fiddled with her gun absentmindedly. She was fine with having a camp for a few days, but logically, any more than that would just turn out bad. He was talking about losing food supplies, but staying in one area wouldn't help that. Moving to places that hadn't been raided of supplies yet would, another reason she didn't want to stay in one place too long. There would be constant danger and lack of food everywhere, sure, but statistically speaking, moving seemed like a better choice. Plus, there was a chance that if they took longer, the helicopter wouldn't come. That would be probably the worst thing to happen. So she was keen to keep moving, but she wasn't terribly against setting up camp so long as they would only be there for a small while.
  12. He sighed as she finally agreed to the idea. He knew she would rather keep going but how long are they going to last keep walking. If they just kept walking and these zombies come from most angles and they were to tired to run. There are chances for everything. He soon sighed "Jenna, find a good location to camp out for a night of two. Your smart with finding them all. As I think I need to find some supplies" he told her but he wanted to see if she needed him before he goes to scout around.
  13. "Yea, go get some stuff if you want. I mean, you can send someone else out for once, even, if you want something even remotely like a break." Jenna replied, glancing around the area as she spoke. after a moment, she pointed towards a area of buildings; something that seemed to be where people in the area lived, with the houses- living spaces, maybe, as they didn't look exactly like what you would expect a home to be -close together, enough to be almost touching.

    "We'll go in that direction, see what we can find. It's close, the buildings are small so there's cover but not enough for a overload of surprises. Also, no big gaps between the buildings, good for 'crowd control'. She said, deciding to explain her reasoning BEFORE anyone tried to shut it down "So, is everyone good with that, or no? Speak now, or, you know, forever hold your peace and all that jazz."
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