War With Paradox

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  1. Time travel has been a dream of humanity for centuries. For over a hundred years, any research into, knowledge of or possession of technology pertaining to time travel has been illegal, however, as the galactic government fear the power struggle such an ability might ignite.

    Their fears were justified, for that power struggle is now underway. All across the galaxy, among every race and on every world, a secret, bloody war is brewing among the criminally inclined. A mad scientist claims that she has invented a devise which grants the ability to travel in time, be it to the past or the future.

    The government wants to find her to destroy the devise and keep it out of the hands of the common person. The common people, mostly those associated with criminal organizations, want to find the scientist to steal her work and use it for their own ends.

    The year is 2206 A.D. It is a war. It is a race. And the solution may already be predetermined by the nature of paradox.
  2. {Reserved for character bios and anything else that may come up}

    Name: Atlas Avidità
    Age: 29
    Appearence: Coming Soon
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 156 lbs
    Orientation: Straight
    Role: Member of the Verbrecher gang, named after it's head, Thomas Verbrecher.
    Personality: Atlas is very self-focused, and doesn't have any regards for others. He is greedy by nature, and doesn't follow any morals when it comes to getting what he wants. He is considerably young for someone with as much ambition as he does, but holds a somewhat low position within the gang he belongs to. This frustrates him, and he constantly plots to try and get ahead. He looks for money and power, and isn't interested much in finding a wife, settling down and having kids. He is also very deceiving, and his first impressions are often very different from what he's really like. He prefers to operate secretly, not openly, choosing to build up relationships with others in order to get close before tearing them down for personal benefit. Before you find out his true nature, he appears very charming and gentlemanly, with a good sense of humor. His usual attire is very formal and businesslike.
    History: He was raised by a poor single mother after his father left her. Growing up was hard, and he didn't go to a very nice school. He learned how to defend himself and what little he had. He became a pickpocket, practicing on classmates and people he passed in the streets. Even as a young kid, he had helped his mother sell things like peanuts and popcorn at events. He quickly took to the art of persuasive speaking, and figured out how to manipulate people to get what he wanted. He grew up and graduated high school with low grades, and when he couldn't get a job anywhere he tried, the Verbrechers took him in, and there he flourished in illegal affairs. That is where he has been, evading cops and trying to earn his way higher into the gang!
    Extra: -


    Name: Dominique Ausgard
    Age: 56, but she isn't entirely human, and is the equivalent of a human in their earlier 30's
    Appearence: Coming Soon
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 132
    Orientation: Straight
    Role: Dominique is a detective for Earth's police force, who has just recently been granted a full position. In the light of new time-travelling devices, she has been specially trained to catch criminals who misuse time travel in any way, including attempts to steal time traveling devices and operating them illegally.
    Personality: She isn't very humorous, which she compensates for with loyalty and a sharp sense of justice. Dominique has a strong sense of morale, and can often be quick to judge others. She had a very thick shell, and while she doesn't push others away, she doesn't open up to anyone much either. She can often seem cold and detached, and very intimidating. When she wants to, she can give others glares that are rarely rivaled. On the flipside, she's not good at all at showing happiness, excitement, or other positive emotions. She prefers science and facts, and doesn't have too grand of an imagination. She is very skilled at memorizing things, especially things she sees.
    History: She grew up in a good home with a stable family. She was the middle child with four other siblings, and would definitely testify that being the middle child is the worst. However, she still had a very priveliged childhood and excelled in her education. She attended an all-girls high school that was very prestigious, and went on to college with mostly scholarship money. She hasn't had very many jobs, but the ones she has worked she held for a very long time, with few exceptions. Inspired by her own father, who is part of the police force, Dominique aimed to be a detective. She was never one for television as a kid, unless it was a crime show, and she still loves to watch them today. When there was news of time machines actually being invented, she decided she wanted to catch criminals misusing that technology, and took a couple special courses in technology, history, and other fields.
    Extra: ~


    [color=silver]Name: [i]Extra form just in case I want a third character[/i]
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  3. Anna Ishmaeli
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    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Age: 32
    Height: 5'5"
    Orientation: Asexual

    Personality: Anna does not care about anything or anything outside of her work. She considers individuals to be slightly fascinating at times, and has been known to engage a few in conversation, but she generally prefers to use a person and then throw them away. Humanity she views differently - they are both the reason she does what she does and an ungrateful bunch of idiots who don't deserve any of it. She can be sarcastic, caustic or just plain insulting, but she is never pleasant and never nice.

    History: Anna Ishmaeli grew up reasonably poor, and was unable to afford college. In retaliation for a school denying her a full scholarship, she invented AI security systems, which she then sold. She purchased the college that had turned her down, and had it leveled. She has behaved in a similar manner whenever anyone else tried to stand in her way.

    While she is currently on the run and hiding out, she was previously the head of Ishmael Inc., the premier technology firm of the current century. She invented time travel a few months ago, and has been conducting experiments with it ever since, regardless of the potentially dangerous consequences of her actions.


    Vera "Verushka"Anatol'yevna Vladirmirskii

    Show Spoiler

    Age: 27
    Height: 5'9"
    Orientation: Bisexual?

    Personality: Slightly flirtatious, and rather classy, Verushka does not seem to belong with the society she keeps. Everything she does is done elegantly and meticulously. Her true loyalties, purposes and history are completely unknown. She enjoys enticing people with her mystery, while secretly conning them into telling her everything about herself. She is desperate to find the time travel device, although she does not appear so.

    History: Unknown

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