War....war never changes.



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I have been wanting to do a Fallout RP for a while. I have had this idea rolling around but I have always been to timid to try and start. well here it goes.

Neutral city. many from other places wonder how sworn enemies can live with eachother. they don't know the horrors of the Cascade wasteland. Entire communities are dissapearing wihtout a trace. Horrible creatures have been seen wandering the wastes. Mutated animals have been banding together attacking wastelanders. Something is going on and the Residents of neutral city are going to end it.

Neutral city is an amalgamation of societies. The Enclave, The Brotherhood of steel, Caesers legion, Supermutants, Ghouls, Wastelanders, all living together protecting each other, building a future together. They are united by the horrors of the Cascade wastes though. They are united by a common enemy, an enemy they don't even know.

Here is a quick poorly put together story of how Neutral city was started.
War…… war never changes. It’s been five years since the second battle of the Hoover dam. The NCR is still expanding rapidly, and Caesars legion is still conquering every tribe they find. The brotherhood of steel still kills for technology and hordes it away. The Enclave barely functioning still plots how to take over what was called North America. Raiders still prey on the weak. Supermutants still wander killing whatever they see.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
There is a place they say, a city to the far north where all are welcome, where prejudices are punishable by death, where all can live together in peace. Then again that’s just hearsay. There really is a place far to the north though where Prejudice is punishable by death, but that doesn’t mean that there is peace.<o:p></o:p>
It was once called Seattle. A few decades ago its streets were filled with the blood of a thousand warring tribals. That was until they came. It is said they rode the wind and lay waste to those who did not submit. They organized the trabals and imposed peace. It would not last; Raiders, supermutants, and a dozen other threats came at them. They fought them off though. The NCR eventually discovered the city. They mobilized their army. The Enclave could not be trusted.<o:p></o:p>
The NCR mobilized its army and sent it north to destroy the community. The NCR would learn to pay for its impatience. The army began marching in November. What was left arrived in January. The soldiers were not used to winter so far north. The Enclave sent an envoy to the troops offering shelter, food and, water. The commanders had little choice.<o:p></o:p>
At this time the NCR began its fight with Caesars legion. The republic seemed to forget about the Enclave controlled city, and the men they sent to destroy it.<o:p></o:p>
Seattle soon became known as a place where all could come and live in peace. NCR citizens began to flock there. The Brotherhood of steel sent a chapter there to see if they could steal some of the Enclaves advanced tech. Even Caesars Legion sent a century to try and capture the city (they had a similar situation as the NCR. Only worse.) The community received a name. Neutral city. A government was set up with equal representation from all parties there. The Enclave, NCR, Brotherhood of steel, Caesars legion, even supermutants. It sounds like a paradise to outsiders but those who live there know of the horrors of the Cascade Wasteland. Strange and horrible monsters stalk the wasteland; entire communities disappear in less than a day, without any traces. Neutral city is mobilizing its forces. Readying for a conflict they know nothing about.<o:p></o:p>
Character sheet

Race:(Human, Ghoul, Supermutant.)
Faction:(Enclave, Brotherhood, Folwers of the apocolypse, NCR)
Skills: (are you a sneak, gunner, techie, etc?)
Anything else:
I am willing to consider any faction from the Fallout universe, Even one you make up yourself. Just as long as I OK it.
I am in. I haven't read your full city justa bit and I know its fall out and I am freaking in. Working a lot right now but give me a couple days and I'll read it all and get a character up.
This set in the East ot West of the USA?

But yeah, Fallout. I'm so in.
It's set in the greater Seattle area. Neutral city is in the ruins of seattle.
So - going back to fallout 2 and fall out tactics - just to open the possibilites of other characters, maybe not perse something I want to play but out of pure curiousity where do you stand on the following races: Dogs, genetically enhanced intellectual deathclaws, regular trained to merc death claws, robo dogs, robots, cyborgs, ghoul 'glowing ones' and there are a few others that are on the tip of my tongue but I've been drinking so they are not coming to me.

As an additional side note - how do you feel about miming some of the traits of the FO universe in your roleplay - I.E. Bloody Mess (If this is okay I call it)
I'll play... Even though it goes against what I had done to Seattle for my Fallout PnP game I was trying to do :P

And for Grumpy's benifit... its in the north western most section of the US... about 200 miles south of the US-Canadian Border.
Okay sorry It's been a while.
@ XmelsioX I am okay with any sentient lifeform in the fallout universe. (Including Glowing ones. Jason bright was a glowing ones.) If you want to be an intelligent deathclaw, come up with a damn good reason noone in the city has tried to kill you. No feral ghouls or any other non self aware creatures as PCs. If you want to roleplay out Blooby mess or any other perk like that go ahead.

I have also been thinking about changing the location. The overall story would be unaffected, just small little things would change. I am considering the following possibilities.

(Links are to map with location of city)

Western United states. If done in the west the NCR would have a huge influence in the game, the legion would as well but sliughtly less. the Brotherhood of steel would be the typical stuck up tech worshipers they were in the first two (and New vegas) games. The Enclave would be the last organized group in the west, they would have completley abandonded their genocidal goals.
Possible locations include Seattle,or Billings.

Midwest united states The NCR would have little to no presence. The Legion would have some presence. The Brotherhood would be less xenophobic and more Imperialistic. they draft tribals into their ranks but keep a tight grip on the people.
Possible location s include Chicago, or St Louis

Eastern unied states. This would be the most interesting (I think)The Brotherhood would be very protective of the local populace and wouldn't be as isolated as the western brotherhood. The NCR and Legion would have no presence. the Enclave would be remnents of the massacre at Adms Air Force Base. There would be a lot of problems between the two.
Possible locations Miami, Philidelphia, or Rochester and Buffalo.

Go ahead and thell me where you would like to have it take place.

Also since there seems to be some interest i am going to change the name of the thread and include fallout in parenthesis.

(if the picture in the link doesn't come up try it again a couple of times.)
Chicago's pretty cool, I suppose. I'm not so hot on US geography, though, so I'll let others pipe in on this one.
In Fallout 2 there was a recruitable Deathclaw that was sentient. His entire tribe was and if I remember correctly it was stated that secretly all Deathclaws had the capacity. They lived in Vault 13 with the remainder of the population after it split in the epilogue to the first game. As for him not getting killed on sight? Well I would think that most people would be scared of a deathclaw alone not to face one, but once it started speaking they would become more curious then scared.

As for location I'm in favor of the Northwest, but there has to be a better name than "Neutral City" for Seattle. Little to nothing was created for the Norhwest and that which was is not cannon, being in the design notes for the sequal to the most abyssmal Fallout game to date, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Not to mention I'm not a huge fan of people still representing a group in name but not ideals or an organization being somewhere when it makes no sense (ie. the NCR having the possibility of being in Eastern Texas five years after the events of New Vegas).

I do wonder about what xmelisox was asking though. Seeing as there are weapons as well that show up that are joke weapons if anything. For instance, the Red Ryder Limited Edition BB Gun... One of the better small guns in the games.
Thank you slyen for explaining the Death Claws for me. And we'd have to put the deathclaw in a robe to scare less people on sight - just like in FO2. Makes some sense and it could be cool. I'm leaning towards depicting bloody mess so I might move around the deathclaw because I'd feel like I'd be hogging two f'in cool things.

I'm leaning towards the northwest as well. Depicting from mid oregon up into some of the lower areas of canada. South oregon and california were depicted in the first game so it would be kind of cool to follow close to that and just move north bound. Plus - I live in the northwest so I'm extremely prejudice.

Sticking with the Fall Out Universe we would have to have the semi- odd comical moments like being asked the three questions on the bridge or the holy hand grenade. Even the joke weapons at some point in other. It would bring a little humour to the roleplay as well as be true to the FOU. The Red Ryder Limited Edition BB Gun is a beast of a weapon. We could use any firearm we wanted I'm sure. Well, atleast in speculation I'm sure of all this. It really comes down to what Okami wants or does not want to allow.
Yeah, there's basically nothing for Seattle in terms of canon background; a bit of concept art for Fallout Online and that's really it. Which could be a good thing for us, actually, because it gives us all a blank slate of a setting with which we can play about with and build on our own.

So we need to decide what sort of place Seattle will be like; has it been nuked to shit like Washington, or did it come out of the war relatively unscathed, like Vegas? We'll also need to decide what sort of factions are kicking around, maybe even design some of our own.