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  1. *paces in front of the line of people* "My name is Jay. I will lead alongside one or two others. Who volunteers?"
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    i will?
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    *stops paceing and faces the volunteer* "Ok. Your Ace. Don't forget that." *motions for Ace to come foward*
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    * walks forward* " yes sir?"
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    *looks down then quickly looks back up* "I want you to come with me. The rest will stay here until we radio them that we need them. Also, no formal stuff, and I'm a girl. All is forgiven, ok?"
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    * geabs things and follows* " i apologize and okay*
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    *walks into line of trees and starts walking quietly North, then ducks suddenly, motioning Ace to do the same* "There's a line of soldiers ahead. We've got to avoid them to get to their main base."
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    * follows and then ducks* " okay and may i get your name miss?"
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    "My name?" *ponders* "My name has always been Jay as far as I remember. My parents called me that in their las... Just call me Jay." *smiles* "It reminds me of the comfort the forest can give you." *motions for Ace to follow again* "Let's go. I promise I'll tell you most of what you want to know when we get rid of this base. Then no more people will suffer and die."
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    He looked at her for a moment in wonder and then nodded when she told him her name.
    Fixing his clothes slightly he followed her. He wanted to get to the base as soon as possible
    so he could have a nice bath and grub to eat.
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    *stops and crouches low behind a bush* "Ace, I need you to use your binoculars and tell me how many soldiers are guarding the front gate."
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    He takes out his binoculars and looked over the bush and at the gate " there are three"
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    *grits teeth* "Ok. You take the one on the right, I'll take the two on the left. Ready?"
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    He noded and jumps out the bush charging the first guard he tackles him and then snaps his neck.
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    *jumps at the first guard, kicking him in the stomach and causing him to fall into the second gaurd, catches the first guards gun and shoots them both. Picks up second gun and tosses it to Ace.* "Here. You can use this if we run into more than we can handle. Nice technique by the way." *Smiles and heads towards the door of the base, gun raised and hood on jacket pulled down so face is shadowed* -mumbles something to self-
    "Let's go"
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    He lookes at Jay amazed and then catches gun and smiles bac " yea that would be good now lets get to the base". Walk up and checks surrounds.
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    *stops* "I need you to do something for me Ace." *looks at Ace kind of scared, yet deadly serious*
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    *Stops and lookes confused* " what is it?"
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    *takes a deep breath* "When we get in there, there is a General. I probably won't be able to fight him. All he'll do is smile, and I'll freeze up, I'll act just as I did when I was five and he killed my parents. Promise me you'll shoot him last and get out alive."
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    He nodded but was sartled by the request. He took her hand and then looked at her. " What about you?"
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