War of the sauces!

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Which do you like on your pasta?

  1. Tomato-based sauce

    2 vote(s)
  2. Cream/cheese-based sauce

    12 vote(s)

    4 vote(s)
  1. I can not vote. You ask why? Because it depends on which pasta. If it's spaghetti, I like tomato sauce. If it's penne or fettuccini, I like cream sauce (like alfredo). If it's macaroni or spirals or shells, I like cheese sauce.
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  2. I wish I liked tomato based sauces, though.
    They're less rich and heavy on the stomach...
  3. Let's eat ALL OF THE THINGS!

    No, really, I like both kinds of sauces listed in the poll. I picked ice cream because reasons.
  4. I love them both... Both of them ruin me in different ways, too. Tomato sauce bothers my acid reflux, cream sauces bother my lactose intolerance. I really can't win. The best solution to my problem is to request (or cook with) light amounts of sauces.

    I did some thinking, though. I think ultimately, I like the white, cheesy sauces best. :3 Mm mm good. I can't not eat these things, yo. I'd be married to Italian food if they were a person.
  5. I like red sauce on my pasta, pesto is nice too. Really anything, just not a huge fan of cream based things in pasta.

    But I picked cream/cheese sauces because they are my favorite. O_O
  7. Cheese and cream. fo sho.
  8. Where's that one option where they combine cream/cheese sauce and tomato-based sauce and call that shit something like... rose sauce or whatever thefuck.

    Got that sharp tang from the maters, but that savory smooth shit from the cream/cheese. Fuckin' best.
  9. I totally agree with Kooriyu - I love the mix! One of my favorites on the shelves being Bertolli's Vodka Sauce. Mmmmmm. However, I chose the option of ICECREAM BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I'M CRAVING RIGHT NOW. GIVE IT TO ME. YOU PROMISED.

    Woaaaaaahhhh.... that came out of nowhere... Sorry.... ;)
  10. Butter with lemon. And only egg noodles. *picky*
  11. I voted for b├ęchamel/cheese based sauces, but I really think it boils (pun intended) to what type of noodle it's on.

    But still most pasta taste better with cheese.
  12. Cream based for life. Tomatoes can go sit in the corner.
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  13. So not fair! There should be an 'All of the Above' button too >,< lol
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