War of the Elements

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  1. This one is in a different world, one that's been stuck in my head for a long while.
    Six countries, or nations, and one element to each one:
    • Icelands (Ice/Water)
    • Cimerian (Darkness)
    • Volcan (Fire)
    • Iris Valley (or just Valley for short; Wind)
    • Jungland (Earth)
    • Solarin (Light)

    1. Each of the six countries are ruled by a monarchy, who is accompanied by it's own Prime Minister (who is chosen by the king and queen - the only requirement is that their firstborn must be male). If a king and queen do not give birth to a son, their daughter will marry the Prime Minister's eldest son.
    2. Every country speaks a common language, as well as some who speak the Ancient Language of their element (mainly elders and spellcasters)
    3. Dragons naturally inhabit every country, depending on which species of dragon it is. For example, a finned dragon would not survive well in Volcan, therefore the finned dragon would most likely reside in the Icelands, where water and ice are abundant.
    4. The center of the world is a void; each country is it's own floating island. The only way to travel to another country is by riding Dragonback, or one of the Iris Valley's ships (that travel to each country regularly, on schedule)
    5. Every person in their country can control the element passed down through their parents.

    • Fire (M) + Fire (F) = Fire (child)
    • Fire (M) + Dark (F) = Darkfire (child)
    • Light (M) + Dark (F) = Darklight (child)
      • These children are almost always mentally unstable from having such badly conflicting elements. There are rare stories of children surviving into adulthood
    • Fire (M) + Ice/Water (F) = Firewater (child)

      • These children control water/ice temperature only. They can make blood literally boil, or freeze. Or can melt an iceberg or freeze a lake.

    Plot Idea
    [Not set in stone, open to suggestions/alterations]

    The king had wed the princess of Cimerian and they had given birth to a Darkfire daughter, the first princess of two countries. While her parents had taken fifteen years to master their own elements completely, this little girl mastered both of hers, darkness and fire, before she reached her ninth birthday. Her mother, power-hungry as most Cimerians were, then thought up a plan: get rid of her humble husband and raise her daughter to help her expand their territory.

    But the humble king has had a backup plan since before he had wed the Cimerian princess. He already had clues set up to his whereabouts, which he only written in a journal he had written for his daughter. When the Dark queen began to set out her plan, the Fire king disappeared, leaving his precious daughter in the care of her mother.

    Years later, when she is finally old enough to leave the country on her own, she finds her father's journal one more time. This time finding something she had not noticed before. Could it be a clue to finding her father? She leaves that night, taking the journal with her. She asks for the aid of her favorite dragon, and they escape.

    But the queen would be watching carefully. After all, she could not let her only chance at covering the world in darkness pass her by.

    - - -

    [list can be added to, please don't hesitate to ask, I don't care how many characters there are]
    Princess: Bean In Jeans
    Dragon: Bean In Jeans
    Kwislea: FlyingGekko
    Featherinn: FlyingGekko
    Scarrlet Reach : ShatteredSound
    Eristophles Ruart : Kitti
    Eva : Rogue723
    [to be added to]

    [Appearance] Either photo or written description, I don't mind
    Name / Age / Occupation
    Short Biography

  2. This sounds very interesting! I'll mull it over and set up a character sheet.

    Any type of character you'd prefer? I do have my own ideas but I can modify them too :)
    Was thiking of a darklight child and he'd be a thief becasue let's face it, an unstable person wouldn't do very well socially XD. This begs the question, what in your mind, would "light" and "dark" powers be? Shadowbending, blinding people? ... just want to know what my limits are ;)
  3. I thought of "dark" being something similar to shadowbending, or blending in with shadows. With light, something like healing. But there aren't any limits, really. :) Go wherever your imagination takes you :D
  4. Awesome! Do you have a character sheet template available?
  5. Oh, shoot. Forgot to add that. *derp*

    [Appearance] Either photo or written description, I don't mind
    Name / Age / Occupation
    Short Biography

    There you, go. You can add to it, if you'd like. This is just the skeleton I'm used to.
  6. Thankye...
    [Appearance] Dirty light brown/maroonish hair that's straight and short. He wears the typical thief outfit (think Garrett in the Thief game series) and he has a sturdy frame. His eyes are kind of weird as one if cyan and the other is green. He has thief's garbs as explained previously which is a dark grey colour. Cloak, gloves. A belt with two daggers, lockpicks and a pouch with herbs. Otherwise he carries a small bag in which he puts his bigger stash, the rest is hidden in his various pockets.
    Role Thief
    Name / Age / Occupation Kwislea, 21, Thieving and odd jobs.
    Abilities One would call it Thief Magic, such as a very handy ability to fit more into his bags and pockets than would be thought possible (obviously only to a certain point). He can make himself completely silent when he's in shadows/the dark and also teleport from close proximity shadows. In light he is capable of cat-like reflexes and speed and his senses are clearer than any human's.
    Personality He's generally a nice guy and when he's extra nice be sure to check your pockets. Smooth talker would describe him well but he has a tendency to talk to himself like he's two people (think of twins but in one body). Sometimes he'll get agitated for no reason and can anger quickly.
    Short Biography His mother was the one from Cimerian and like Kwislea, a thief. Her stay with Kwis' father was short and she never realised she was pregnant until she was back home. Her sister and two brothers helped to raise Kwislea and as they all were in the same profession, he had learned quite a bit. One of their family rituals and right of adulthood was to steal his own dragon, which he did from a local hatchery. He has called her Featherinn due to the way she can seem as light as a feather and just hover in the air without flapping a lot.

    Decided to make one for Featherinn too...

    [Appearance] She is a Cimerian dragon, dark grey in colour with a hint of lightblue/purply sparkles and looks slightly transparent. She has midnight blue eyes and if you look really close there are white lines that look like lightning streaks emitting from her pupil. Due to her young age she's not very big, but she can carry two people easily enough.
    Role Kwislea's dragon and ride.
    Name / Age / Occupation Featherinn, 33, Kwislea's dragon companion <<-- If she's too young to actually fly then I'll change her age.
    Abilities She has the ability to seem light as a feather and if it's dark enough she can "dissapear" as she becomes more transparent. Another ability is to transform into a dark smoke-like substance and fit through really small spaces (this is handy for following Kwislea on his thieving jobs).
    Personality Inquisitive and curious and she's very fond of her human. She will protect him with her life but also loves to tease him a lot.
    Short Biography She was born in a hatchery and more often than not tried to escape to explore but never succeeded. This however made her hard to sell. When she was about 30 she was stolen by Kwislea (although she decided to go with him becasue something about him intrigued her) and she's been with him for at least 3 years now.
  7. :)
    Kwislea and Featherinn have been added to the list.

    [Appearance] Long, wavy hair that flows gracefuly down to her mid-back, and dark red in color. Her green eyes with their gold speckles have always been wide in her curiosity, though she has a habit of squinting when deep in thought. She is of a tan complexion and prefers tunics and dragon-riding pants to the flow-y dresses her mother makes her wear.
    Role Darkfire Princess
    Name / Age / Occupation Sarafina / 20 / Heiress to the Volcan and Cimerian thrones
    Abilities She can bend the shadows with her will, even make them three-dimensional. The Fhyre that courses through her body can be used to burn her opponents.
    Personality Adventurous, curious, and she doesn't like anyone telling her what to do. She has an unstable thirst for knowledge and wants to try everything out on her own, if possible.
    Short Biography Her father disappeared twelve years ago, and she was devastated. Sarafina had always had a close bond with her father, and now she is determined to use this clue to find him and figure out why he left.

    [Appearance] His western-dragon proportions might only be thrown off by his slightly-larger wings. His head is twice as big as Sarafina, not counting the four horns that protect his neck or the smaller horn on the tip of his beak-like snout. He is black in color, save for the underside of his wings, which show a wondrous pattern of the Fhyre that burns inside him, ever changing. The underside of his belly is a beautiful gold, and matches the color of his dorsal scales that protect his spine.
    Role Darkfire Princess' Companion
    Name / Age / Occupation Ibadul / 330 / [N/A]
    Abilities He can mold the Fhyre inside of him and change his own body shape. His favorite forms are his dragon form and miniature dragon form (so he can relax on Sarafina's lap).
    Personality Being a young adult of a dragon, he still likes to have fun and play jokes. His favorite joke is to shift into a guard and confuse orders. He is a good friend you want to have if anything goes wrong, he will always help in a pinch, no matter what mood he is in. He is especially protective of Sarafina, who he has had a bond with since he met her as a newborn.
    Short Biography He was sold as a hatchling to countless dragon-hoarders, all due to his always-changing wings. He escaped when he was big enough to fight back and hunt successfully on his own, and found himself a secluded cave big enough for him to live in. As he grew, he had to make himself smaller to fit through the tunnels that would not fit his fullgrown frame. After centuries, a Volcan native wandered into his cave and begged pardon. "I am merely exploring, great dragon," the man told him. "I mean not to steal anything from your home." Wary, Ibadul let him into his cave and kept a close eye on the humanoid stranger. The man introduced himself as the prince, the dragon trusted him enough. "I am about to marry," the prince said. "This is my last adventure before I become king of two countries." And so the king disappeared from the cave, never to return. About a year later, a second in dragon-time, Ibadul went to see the king and his kingdom. The king emerged from his castle to happily look upon the dragon. "I have a daughter, old friend," he called over the flapping wings of the giant lizard. "Wait here, I will bring her to you." The king soon brought out the newborn princess, and Ibadul has had a bond with her ever since.
  8. Alrighty, well all of our characters are up. Do you want to make this into a jump-in roleplay? Or would you rather wait? I don't mind, either way.
  9. Ooh, this looks like fun!~ Can I apply now? I can? Greeaat~

    Appearance Sleek black hair down to his hips, a body like an hourglass, skin as pale as a cloud, eyes as black as space itself all the way to the edge of the whites, a black overcoat that drapes down to his lower legs (a bit past the knees), a skin tight dark blue tshirt (kind of like a wetsuit), dark grey sweat pants and black buckle-covered boots.
    Role Lightwind King (or Prince, either work)
    Name / Age / Occupation Scarrlet Reach/17/King of(or prince towards) the throne of the Iris Valley
    Abilities Has nearly superhuman hearing and is able to control all forms of sound and light. Sound, because sound travels through air, wind travels through air, and through intense training; sound travels like wind and can be manipulated. Light, because he is a half child of a Light warrior. His favorite thing to do is morph his powers and create spears or arrows of light around a sound during an attack for effect.
    Personality Usually kind, but can turn to an absolutely evil mastermind when under stress or anger. A thinker, often lost in thought, and a bit of a spaz.
    Short Biography Born a child of a Light warrior and a Wind woman, he was often made fun of or neglected in social areas; school, working times, etc. Since he was a child, he was always curious about what he could do with his powers. He started, at age 7, to be able to control the wind somewhat. Using this, he would often float himself on a small platform of air or blow papers around to tease people. A few years later, at age 10, he learned to control light. It was a sunny day, there were no trees on his path, and all he wanted was some shade. When he concentrated hard enough, light just seemed to bend around him and shrouded him in a small veil of shadowy coolness on the hot day. By age 12, he had began to teach himself how to control sounds through wind manipulation. It took him until the age of 16 to fully master this...[Choose an ending depending on what I'm placed as.]

    (If I'm placed as king (open)
    ..., but once he did, he challenged the childless king of the Iris Valley to a duel; winner either stays king or becomes king. Due to his unforeseen control over sound, the king was soon crippled to his knees by a sharp ringing sound heard only by him. During his state of weakness, Scarrlet rushed over, stepped behind the king and held a knife to his throat. "I win." were the last gruesomely voiced words the king heard before his throat was quickly slit, leaving him dead. That was the day Scarrlet became king. He turned 17 three months later and held a town wide celebration to try and gain the loyalty of his subjects through kindness and good times. In short, it worked and he rules over a healthy kingdom very well to this day.

    (If I'm placed as prince (open)
    ...and once he was finished, he went to the king of the Iris Valley and humbly requested to become a part of his kingdom. "Anything, your highness; a priest, a guard, a soldier.." he had said. The king, being childless and in desperate need of a predecessor, he kindly offered the position of a non-blood prince to Scarrlet. Scarrlet joyfully accepted the kings request and has been prince for one full year. The kings health is good, and he may not get the throne for a while more, but he doesn't really mind that.

  10. Well, it looks like we got ourselves another companion :)
    I don't mind waiting a bit more - how about we start tomorrow? Or is that too late?
  11. I'll start whenever!~ When's good with you guys?~ Also, does it metter which role I take, or do you want to pick that for me Bean?~
  12. No, I don't mind at all if we start today :)

    And ShatteredSound, your character can either be King or Prince, I don't care which one :)

    Also, I'm sorry I didn't reply last night. I kind of passed out in the middle of typing ^^'

    Here is the thread ::> Click! <::
  13. I'll be king then~ x3
  14. [​IMG]
    Eristophles Ruart (open)

    Role: Knight Guardian of the Princess
    Name / Age / Occupation: Eristophles Ruart/23/Knight
    Abilities: Hailing originally from the Icelands, Eris is talented in manipulating water and ice. Typically, he keeps his skills a close secret but he'll use them in a pinch. Rarely using them offensively, Eris more often does things like crafting pathways out of ice for himself. His one notable kill of a would-be assassin, however, culminated with him forcing a blast of water down the man's throat until he drowned. Master of his element, but also a gifted swordsman and rider.
    Personality: Aloof and cautious, he tends to give the aura of apathy when conversing on matters. In reality, he is simply wary of giving his opinion on things before he can properly weigh them and even then, he likes to keep his own counsel more often than not. A calculating mind, he is not prone to rash decisions or foolish moves. He has the capacity for making sacrifices to further the greater good.
    Short Biography:
    At a young age, Eris's family moved from their home in the Icelands to the Volcan land, for the benefit of his father. The king and Eris's father, Tethyn, had once been friends and the king, who was still quite young at the time, asked Tethyn if he would come and serve at his castle. The king was elated with the birth of his infant daughter, only a month old at the time, and wished for a loyal knight that he could trust to help watch over his newfound wealth in his bride and daughter. Eagerly, Tethyn agreed and took his young son and wife to Volcan.

    From this time on, Tethyn trained his son in becoming a knight and mastering his abilities, for he had high hopes of his sin taking up his mantle as a knight of the king and was not disappointed. The disappearance of the king was hard on Tethyn, who did not know where his old friend has gone to and felt slightly discarded. Still, being loyal, Tethyn did not leave and stayed instead to protect the treasures of the king, the queen and princess. Unfortunately, old age and failing health caught up with him shortly after Eristophles's seventeenth birthday and he died, leaving his son to carry on for him in his stead.

    Eristophles is firmly loyal to the princess, with misgivings about the often ambitious and greedy nature of the queen. The other guards tease Eris for his dedication to the princess but whether he had any affinity for her or not is, he tells them, beside the point of his duty in guarding her.
  15. To quote Macbeth, Act 1; Scene 1:

    "When shall we three (4) meet again?
    In thunder, lightning or in rain?"

    Kwislea's easy, he could just be stealing in someone's castle XD. Which made me think, does the princess need help escaping?
  16. I think the princess would need more than just Ibadul's help :P Just one distraction isn't enough for all those guards in the castle.
  17. ... You should see how Kwis is rubbing his hands together. An that GRIN.
  18. I bet Kwis would have an awesome time in the Volcan castle XD
    After all, the Cimerian Queen is quite greedy :P
  19. I am terribly sorry, Kitti, I thought you saw my reply in cbox
    Your character is so wonderfully written~ :)

    And the character list has been updated!! :D