War of Salad Dressings

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  1. While growing up we only had RANCH. There was never any other salad dressing in the house. D: So on those rare occasions when we'd go out to a buffet or something it was like this crazy fascination with trying all of the different kinds of salad dressings. These days I keep a variety in my cabinet cause I like having all the choices.

    Yet, I find myself always sticking to the Ranch. XD

    What is your favorite kind of salad dressing? Or are you... A SALAD HATER?
  2. Honey mustard or French... Not really a big fan of dressings. I'M MANLY I JUST EAT THE LEAVES AND ALL THE OTHER PARTS MIXED IN RAW.
  3. Ranch... Just ranch. XD

    I kind of want to make some salad for dinner now. So good with some cut up chicken strips, croutons, shredded cheese, some carrots... Yep, Fluffy lurves salad.

    Mostly because I wanted some cheese.
  5. Is this ranch-stuff the kind you buy fabricated from the store or are we talking about something like you add the ingridients yourself?
  6. Caesar, homemade.
  7. I will eat a Cobb Salad with bleu cheese.

    Otherwise... FUCK YOU SALAD.
  8. SCREW SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. buttermilk ranch with added bacon bits OWN ALL!!!
  11. I tend to just go for a bit of oil and vinegar, though sometimes I'll go for a good Tahini dressing, and if things are direr, honey mustard.
  12. Only ever had homemade salad dressings...... don't trust anything at resturants or in a bottle O_o
  13. Agrees with TK.
    When Caesar is made right it is the best.

    I'm like blue cheese too though and ranch.....and french.
  14. Bleu Cheese, Basalmic Vinegarette, or Caesar