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  1. Okay. Here's the situation

    1. Background History
    In the latter half of the 21st century there came peace on Earth. Somehow, against all odds, humanity finally learned how to get along. Fast forward a decade or two and the need for entertainment becomes paramount to distract the masses. So "they" make thousands of clone soldiers, and train them in the art of war, using ex military from all over the globe. American green berets, Russian spetsnaz, Iranian quds force, you name it. Once the soldiers are ready "they" place them on the battlefields. Places that took the worst beating during the last days of the wars, so torn up they're good for nothing but destruction. Like so:
    They put cameras everywhere and turned the battles into a TV show and called it "War Games".

    2. RP specifics
    Characters will be part of a squad on one side of the war. The story itself I'm thinking will be centered around carrying out missions and fighting the enemy. I'm not gonna lie I tried this before and it worked pretty well for a little while but sort of petered out. Hoping this time around does better. All equipment and weapons will be modern day, nothing beyond that (surplus from when the wars ended).

    3. RP rules
    Okay so I'm not a big rules guy, these are more like guidelines I'd really appreciate if you followed:
    A. Keep all OOC content off the IC thread please
    B. Don't bully or insult anyone else. This is a rule. When it comes time to do missions we'll need to do a little planning beforehand but it should be fine as long as everyone keeps an open mind
    C. Have fun (:
    You can make as many characters as you want as long as you can manage them all.

    4. CS format
    [Picture here] if not just a brief appearence description
    Name: Name
    Age: they're placed on the battlefield at age 18. You can be as old as you want but keep in mind it's an active war zone 24/7 so life expectancy isn't that high. Recommend keeping it between 18 and 25ish
    Gender: Male or female doesn't matter. The field has an equal amount of both genders.
    Role: Are they an officer, capable of leading a group into battle and giving commands? A practiced soldier, superior in almost all forms of combat, in hand to hand and firearms. Use your imagination
    Equipment: This includes your favored weapon and a secondary such as a pistol, any grenades, flashbangs, night vision goggles, etc.
    History: Here's your chance to be creative. Not asking for much just a minimum of a few sentences. Any training stories or pretty much anything significant that happened in their past that gave them some type of individuality.

    5. And since my thread tools are being mean right now, here's the IC thread:
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    (Yes I know it's the ultimate skinny white boy DJ Qualls xD )
    Name: Johnny Klebitz
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Role: Scout sniper, trained marksman and practiced stealth man.
    Equipment: l96a1 sniper rifle
    Beretta M9 standard issue military pistol, two frag grenades, two smoke grenades, C4 remote explosives.
    History: Johnny was hand picked for special marksman training and was assigned to a four man squad which provided long range sniper support for other units where he played the spotter for sniper 2. But when a stray missile blew the floor of the building they were in our from under them the entire thing collapsed on them and he was the only survivor. Now it's his turn to pull the trigger and make the kill.

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