War and Peace

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  1. Naoki

    Kyoto was a troubled place. For all the beauty of the houses of flowers, of the scholarly state libraries and the opulence of the emperor's palace, there was trouble under the beauty of this place. It rotted the supports of the society around him. It stunk like rotting meat, like a foul smell they attempted to cover up with the fake scent of flowers and the cheap opulence of the palace that masked something truly evil, twisted and depraved.

    Naoki didn't like it, not one bit. To one sensitive to forces beyond those around him, the evil that slunk in the shadows of this place was like a constant stench, of rotting hope and the wasting away of good people through war. And what a war there was. Peace had long been a foreign concept, unknown and desperately sought in the 'Era of Warring States'.

    "Asada-san." He turned from his thoughts, bowing his head to the elderly man and smiling softly. "Tanake-san, I assume it is time for my guard duty to start then." He drank the last of his sake saucer and drew to his feet, gripping tightly to his sword and bowing gently from the waist. "Has Iwameji-san returned yet or have you made different preparations? I do hope a partner has been procured?" As skilled as he was, he really didn't look forward to a guard shift alone in Kyoto. The elderly man waved a hand in front of his face, moving it side to side in front of his nose with an easy grin.

    "No, no Asada-san. I've found a traveller to fill in for tonight, a stranger but of good repute apparently. He should arrive soon, I had organised for him to help you cover the evening shift and he should be here on time." Naoki bowed once more and went to wait outside the small but successful bar.

  2. Kenta

    It was always the breeze which Kenta noticed most about a day. Wind was fluid, dancing freely as it swept leaves and long grass with it. From where it came it would not forget, carrying with it particles and scent of haunts long left. Of the future it may also tell, to those wise enough to listen, whether it was moisture to hint of storm or dryness to whisper a warm day. But of the present the wind did not speak, for its own present swayed within a moment. This was why men looked to the skies for things instead. The sky was eternal, a constant. It was as it had always been and always would be, unlike those who would seek its knowledge. Thus, it was from the wind Kenta learned for it was the only thing which would truly be free.

    Many years had passed since Kenta had previously been to Kyoto. He remembered little of that visit, of the person who he no longer was. Today he was only a nameless wanderer with a sword at his side, taking odd jobs to secure coin. Never had he liked cities much, too many walls and too many buildings. Still, they were certainly an exceptional place for finding work. Less than a day in, and he’d already got himself a job. Tonight he’d be working as a Kyoto guard, filling in for someone who’d vanished or at least not shown up. The man he’d taken the job from hadn’t been exceptionally clear on that part.

    Kenta had no trouble finding the bar where he with his acquaintance for the night. When it was within his eyesight he could see someone standing there already. As this was the location they were set to meet Kenta didn’t find it outlandish to presume that it was his companion standing there. His face was fair and he had a boyish appearance about him. That was fine; it was never bad to have something nice to look at, so long as the boy wasn’t incompetent. More than a few of the fine-faced people Kenta had had the opportune to work with had been more a nuisance than an aid. Not all of them, but plenty enough for him to host some doubt.

    Hey,” Kenta waved a hand in greeting as he approached the boy. “I take it you’re who I’m looking for. Name’s Kenta, I’m your hired help for the night.” Even now it still surprised him sometimes how unpolished his voice and speech had come to sound. Maybe he’d just gotten lazy. “What do I call you? And what is it that you guards do?”
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  3. Naoki

    Naoki let the soft breeze blow across him, carrying the soft sounds and scents of the markets nearby, whispers and hushed conversations that floated upon his ears and twisted off into the ashen-blue sky of the nearing evening. The sounds were strange, as they always were in Kyoto, a sentiment he had arrived at each time he visited the capital of their fair and united state of Nippon. He scoffed to himself, a foolhardy thought indeed.

    He spotted the 'hired help' metres before he had seemingly noticed him. He was a striking man, though not in the usual sense but striking he was. Taller, taller than Naoki to be sure and Naoki himself was no short bean. Lean but strong seeming at least, a familiar gait to his movements that reminded Naoki of his own movements, in and out of battle. A certain manner of bearing that made other's step aside and let you pass, something that most accomplished warriors had mastered after anytime in the war or in any battle. He was also slightly uncouth, if his manner of speaking was anything to go by.

    He bowed his head very slightly, just acknowledging the other. "Please to meet you, Kenta-san. Asada Naoki is my name and I suppose I should say welcome to Tanake's Bar and Motel." He took a moment to scan the other: the way he gripped the hilt of his sword as was habit, the way dark eyes scanned him in a similar manner and nodded quickly. Kenta didn't seem to be put off by his fine features or less that intimidating visage, a point for him in Naoki's book. "We'll start by patrolling, then make rounds of the taverns to settle any disputes."

    He began walking, nodding to familiar faces and smiling at those who met his nods with smiles and waves. He didn't turn his eyes from the road but began to converse lightly with the other. "I take it you are not familiar with Kyoto? You seem a little... confused here, if that is correct. It has changed greatly over the years after all."

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  4. Kenta

    Asada Naoki, huh? We’ll see if you still feel that way after the job is through.” Kenta gave a small, crooked, and slightly amused smile. Some people had told him that he wasn’t exactly the best of company. Kenta would have to agree with these people, he was far from the best. A part of him believed this came from his fundamental being. While others longed to make their peaceful home and family for life, his ambition was to rove. It was there nature to stay, while his was the opposite and lead him away. The road was the wayfarers entire home, the wind his family. Another part of him thought it might just be in his disregard for certain manners. “Thanks, though. Nice looking place.”

    Aye, what you say goes.” Kenta spoke as he took into step along with Naoki. To Kenta, Naoki seemed something like water. He couldn’t quite explain why, but if he were to describe him off of first appearances, he likely say the boy was polite, subtle, and like water. As they walked, Kenta noticed people would smile or wave to Naoki, they were returning his own pleasant gestures. It seemed his compatriot was well liked. Still, it seemed more like the people had made a habit they did not know they had. It seemed even more likely that they just wanted something. If the guard likes you, he’s more willing to turn a blind eye toward a minor misdeed.

    Nah, it’s not confused.” The man pondered a moment before continuing, “It’s uneasy, if I had to pick a word. You’re right about me not knowing Kyoto. I haven’t been here in over a decade and a half. Not that I remember much of it.” He added. This city wasn’t entirely unpleasant at least. The wanderer enjoyed watching the people go about their business. He might have not been overly fond of them as a whole collective group, but they were enjoyable to watch. A smell of cooking meat caught faintly in his nose. That was another thing that was not all too bad.

    I’m not very fond of cities, too many people.” Kenta gazed up to the sky as he said this, distinctly noting the last light of that day. He could see the moon in its place, crescent shaped, and several stars were crawling out to join it. “You seem well-liked. Have you lived here long?” Socializing didn’t seem such an unpleasant thing right now, so Kenta added to his question as he stretched out his shoulder. “Do you enjoy it here?”
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