Wanting to develop a character of my own!

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  1. Hello! I would like to develop a character concept I just had, and I want to play with him lots! As such, I'm looking for plenty of partners for him, both males and females, though he will only be able to fake being attracted to the latter, if you know what I mean! Since he is a brand new OC, I can't give him a drawing, as I do not have the skill and he do not yet have the complexity needed to be drawn, and as such we will have to do with his basic description.

    To play with him with me, I ask that you have the skill needed to play as Adept and that you refrain from mindless and lazy one liners, one paragraphs posts being acceptable if they have the proper content to them. I need you to talk to me as well, that is very important! Also, please be aware that I may disappear for a day or two at times due to my issues, but that has nothing to do with you, so try not to get hurt by my disappearances should they occur. Thank you.

    Okay, here we go;

    Konstantin Lerche - - Born in Germany to two Russian parents.

    A perfect young rising playwright on the surface, his true calling could had been better suited as a conman or an actor...

    A lithe physique with icy blue eyes and strawberry blond hair, he is either short for his age in his teens or a little over average height in adulthood. A late bloomer, he was unkempt and disinterested in social interactions until his last year in high school, his sudden change astounding as the source is still unknown to any but himself.

    Hemophobic Sociopath with a penchant for the grandiose.
  2. What sort of situation are you looking for Konstantin to get into?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.