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  1. Hey, so I'm wanting a onexone roleplay. I have some ideas, so I'll list them below. Since i have more than one idea, maybe I can roleplay with more than one person?

    Idea 1: Two friends, both girls, haven't seen each other since they were really young. Both have changed immensely one becoming the captain of the cheer squad and making sure she's the air of perfect. The other has become more comfortable in her skin and is a tomboy. Neither are just what they seem, and both have their secrets, one of which they both share being that they're both lesbians.

    Idea 2: After her dad gets remarried, a girl is sent to an all girl's boarding school where she meets some interesting girls. Her father's choice probably wasn't the wisest since she prefers girls, but at least it will be interesting for her. The school could hold secrets, just like many of the girls. What will the old building and girls of the school hold? Will there be romance? Secrets?

    Idea 3: On a winter night, two girls get snowed into a coffee shop and their lives will be forever changed... (both would be lesbians...)

    ....I know most of my ideas, actually all of them, have lesbians, but I like the idea. :p So those are my ideas, if you have something you'd like to share, I'm game.
  2. I wouldn't mind idea 1
  3. I like number 3!
  4. Cool, we can talk about it more over PM and then I can make a thread for the rp or we can just end up rp over PM. :)

    Awesome! PM and we can talk more about it and I can make a thread for it. :)