Wanting a long term roleplay!

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Hello everyone! I had posted this in the regular forums, but I thought about posting it in the libertine section due to adult themes and what not. I have a lot of spare time on my hands now and there's not much to do anymore, so I would love to roleplay more!!

I have a couple of plots and a couple of pairings that I've been wanting to do lately, so I'll post them right before I talk about some of my "expectations" or whatever you'd like to call them.


• I would like if my partner can get at least two - three replies a day, and if you can't it's totally fine!! I know we all have lives and we're not always going to be able to be online, but if it's a type of thing where you can't post for a long period of time, please let me know.

• I really don't like to expect for my partners to write so much if they really can't write that much, but I would prefer if you can write at least two to five paragraphs at a time. And no, I don't mean huge and long paragraphs, just decent sized paragraphs. And if you can only write one small paragraph, that's totally fine as well. Quantity over quality, right?

• I only write in third person, as first person makes me feel uncomfortable in a way.

• I would like to have an out of character conversation so we can talk about the roleplay as we go along, if we need to.

• I prefer roleplaying through private message, but if you prefer threads, I'll make an exception.

• I don't mind any smut scenes, as long as you're 18 and older and as long as there's more plot over smut and as long as we build up to that scene.

• I usually do MxF and FxF, but I am open to MxM. I'm more of a dominant type of role player as well.

Finally out of the way with all that stuff that nobody really cares about.

Now onto the plots and pairings!!

Hard to get x Player
Shy x Seductive
Out of the closet x In the closet
Teacher x Student
Celebrity x Normal person
Popular x Shy
Childhood friends

YC always thought that they were normal. They struggled through highschool, worried about college and despaired over crushes. Everything changed when they were kidnapped by MC, a skilled spy and assassin. MC takes YC to a secret agency where YC learns that they have extremely powerful abilities that, unbeknownst to them, the agency wants to use to take over the world. Faced with the danger of self-destruction, YC agrees to work with and train with MC, both in fighting and in learning to control their powers.

Muse A falls in love with Muse B and has been in love with them for a while now. Muse B is one of the most popular kids in school, while Muse A is just one of those kids who doesn't stick out that much, but it doesn't mean they're not well known. Muse A is also pretty shy and doesn't talk much unless it's to their friends. Muse B comes to recognize Muse A's feelings and they decide to finally talk to them. They immediately hit it off, or at least that's what Muse A thought. Turns out that Muse B is basically one of the biggest douches in the school. Muse B was given a bet by their friends to try and take away Muse A's "innocence" but as the bet is going on for a long while, Muse B starts to slowly fall in love with Muse A as well and right when things are going perfect, Muse A hears about the bet by jealous people and is absolutely heartbroken. What will happen between the two?

Muse A and Muse B have been best friends since they could ever remember. They had always joked around about getting married and it was a joke that had went on for a while until they were a bit older. Muse B ended up realizing that they were in love with Muse A, after they matured more and got more older. After a couple of years when the two were already high schoolers (or in college together, whatever you prefer) Muse A got into a relationship that seemed to be going well and they would always tell Muse B everything about their relationship, or at least that's what Muse B thought. What Muse B didn't know, is that behind closed doors, Muse A's partner was abusive and treated them horribly, but Muse A never wanted to say anything about it until Muse B saw a bruise on Muse A and questioned them about it. Muse A didn't want to leave their partner because they convinced themselves that they were in love with them. Muse B try's to separate them, but nothing seems to work. Finally, Muse B figures out that the only way to get Muse A out of their toxic relationship is to try and get Muse A to fall in love with Muse B. Will Muse B's attempts work out at the end? And if they do, will they have a happily ever after or will it just cause problems?

Muse A believes that relationships should be nothing more than sex and fun while Muse B is a hopeless romantic who yearns for love. The two meet at a party and there’s just something about Muse A’s apathetic attitude and realism that draws Muse B in. Like a drug, Muse B is soon hooked and starts falling harder than they expected. But, these feelings are not exactly returned on Muse A’s end. Despite, the fact Muse A wants to reciprocate those feelings – they don’t want to get hurt. So in turn Muse A pushes Muse B away. A few weeks later, Muse A and B run into each other and Muse B is in a new relationship. Muse A realizes that they’re jealous and never want to see Muse B with anyone else. But, have they lost their chance now?

If you have any plots or pairings that you might have to try, or any ideas at all, feel free to let me know. I don't mind doing two different Roleplays with one person either. PM me for more details!:)


What about an MxM for Hard-to-get x Player? If you want that is. :)


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Hey! I'm willing to do some experimenting with plots! However, I'm only able to access the site a couple times a day, but when I do I'll be online for at least half an hour. There's also a pattern to my appearances on the site.

I'm looking for someone willing to do a long-term committed rp. Any kind of plot of your choice is fine by me, so get a bit crazy! Also, let me know if I push your limits with graphic sex or gore, cause I have no limits myself and tend to go a bit overboard which scares people off, so please just tell me and I'll take it down a notch.

I prefer third-person POV rps, too, and I'd like to play mostly female characters, if that's ok with you. I'm happy to do it over PM's or forums, whichever you want to do.

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If your still looking pm me
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