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  1. Hey guys, I, after lots of brain torture, have come up with a few plot lines. In all of them I play Character A. I ask that your grammar and spelling has few mistakes (it happens) and a reply once or twice a day. Please don't drop off the ends of the earth without warning!
    Anyways, I'll do my best to reply often, but I have school, so bear with me! I only play female roles or very feminine men, I don't do so well in male ones. I'm always open to anything any of you guys have come up with though. If your interested, just PM me! If you don't want to fill any of these roles, but have suggestions, I'm more than happy to accept them!

    What can I do? (MxF)(Closed)

    Character A has always lived with her useless idiot father, trying to keep the pair of them alive. She always skips school, and yet still manages to avoid all the people who are convinced she should be there. Until, elderly neighbor tells her she has a nephew who would take care of her, and get her away from her father if she promises to go to school. Who is this guy? What could he want?

    I want to fly away. (MxF or FxF) (Open)

    Character A has lived with her aunt for as long as she could remember. She hates her aunt, she is ignored often and her aunt forgets to fed her, and in her aunts angry streaks, she's been thrown about. Her body is covered in scars. Character B is your classic delinquent, except for his weakness for small birds. What will happen when he meets the caged bird that wants to fly away?

    Stop Me When You've Had Enough (MxF) (Closed)

    Character A is a internet sensation for her faceless covers of songs, little does anyone know she is the slight girl that hides in the back of class. Character B is a world wide rock star on tour, what will they do when character B stumbles across Character A recording her newest cover of one of his songs.

    Say Something (MxF) (Open)

    They've been going out for weeks, but she won't say a word. He's frustrated, he wants to communicate, but she just communicates via her damn notepad. (Lotta wiggle room on this one ;D)

    Condition? (MxF, FxF or MxM) (Open)

    Humans have become lesser beings to the new higher race that has taken over the world. Humans have been reduced to pets for the new upper beings.
    This one is just an idea off of the above world, if you think of another plot based off it I'd love to hear it.
    When character B (you) comes out of his/her house, they come across a young human (me) lying on the side of the road, asleep, or knocked out, one of the two. Character B decides to take it in, on a few conditions.

    Newest Plotline:
    Inner Beauty (MxF or FxF) (Open)

    Character A is and always has been, well, a mess. Her hair is always a rats nest, no matter how much she brushes it. Her clothes are always astray, and she just can't get organized. What will happen when she crosses paths with Character B, a neat freak, wannabe fashion designer, determined to turn her around.
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  2. I'm interested in doing "Stop Me When You've Had Enough" if you're sill looking!^_^
  3. Definately, send me a PM ^-^
  4. New Plotline: Inner Beauty
  5. I'd really love to do: What can i do?

    Or i'd be interested in: Stop Me When You've Had Enough, or possibly Inner Beauty.
  6. 'What can I Do?' is still open if that's what you want to do! Send me a PM!
  7. I'm interested in "I Want To Fly Away" if you're still looking :)
  8. Definitely, send me a PM
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