**Wanted!!** Long Term Rping Partner

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Am I A Bad Rper?

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  1. No Honey, Your Perfect :)


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  3. Meh, your okay...

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  1. Yep, Idgaf rlly if its romance then it leads to smut or something but I need a pertner whom which I can Rp For atleast.... Two Weeks maybe? idk my rps usually last 3-8 days and it dies....

    So Yeah, Please put up with my replies if they take too long cus rping isnt the only thing i do....
    Thanks :)
    -Ashley The Expert in Fabulousness ​
  2. I think I can do that. Up for F x F?
  3. Sadly... No...
    I do Yaoi THough, But I have to be submissive
  4. crap i hate Yaoi. though i'm alright doing either Dom or Sub.
  5. Thats Okay, I dont exactly Hate it, but I easily get bored of yaoi. Maybe we can just do a FxM?
  6. eh the plot i have in mind was built around FxF but possibly.
  7. Ah, What the Heck Ill Try it... FxF it is, But If I suddenly Get grossed out in the middle, Can we change the rp? Idk I wanna try it, I might actually be into it
  8. fine by me. so then shall i tell you the plot?
  9. yeah sure, leave me a pm
  10. Do you care to to with me as well?
  11. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this today e.e
    But yeah, sure if you have any rps in mind we could talk it out, leave me a pm