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  1. Hello! So I've been wanting to do a role pay for awhile now, but I haven't had the time. Now that I finally do, let me share some ideas with you!
    But firstly...

    Things you should know:

    -I have school, therefore sometimes I can't reply as much as I can. However, I will at least reply once every day, if I'm not overrun with other things.
    -I don't do smut. Sorry, but it's just unpleasant to write about sexual situations.
    -I don't bite! So don't be afraid to talk to me. If you want to take the role play into a different direction, I'm all ears!
    -I usually write 2-3 paragraphs at minimum, and I'd like for my partner to do the same. I understand if you don't have any inspiration, but please, no one-liners.
    -Proper grammar would be nice, but if you misspell a couple of words here and there, it's not like I'm going to kill you!
    -For OC's, no Gary/Mary Sues. No god modding either.
    -I'm a sap and I like romances. So all of these are romance!
    -Yes these will all be romance, but the plot won't be centered around it. We need action! Adventure! All that cool jazz.
    - I only do MxF. I'm really not comfortable with FxF or MxM


    End of the World
    Muse A and Muse B wake one day to find that everyone has mysteriously disappeared. Both characters, however, find it relatively easy to adjust to this sudden abandonment, not quite liking other people much anyway. The two begin to wander through their city, breaking into homes and digging through the things that people left behind, taking food and clothes and electronics from stores they would otherwise not be able to afford, and just generally messing around and having tons of fun. Who says the end of the world as we know it has to be lonely or depressing? After a while things take a turn for the worst. Everyone who left returns, but they are not the same. Perpetually smiling and seemingly oblivious to the fact that they had left their homes and jobs in the first place, they resume their lives as they were before. But after a while, they realize that Muse A and Muse B aren’t like them…and that must be rectified.

    Kingdom of the Past
    Muse A was the child of the previous king and queen but the nobles took them out of power, killing the queen and king and leaving their young child in an orphanage. While in the orphanage Muse A met Muse B who is the child of a noble family from a town near by. As they grow up they become friends and they explored the woods, pretending to have their own little kingdom in the forest. Eventually they came upon an old castle that used to belong to Muse A’s family. They used it as a clubhouse and they kept visiting it together. After a couple of months, Muse A was adopted, the two children never seeing each other again. Now older, Muse A moves into the town where Muse B lives and they meet again. An undeniable spark alights between them, however, Muse B's family already has an arranged marriage for Muse B.

    The Tracks
    Muse A and Muse B are part of a tight-knit group of friends who are daredevils. Every Friday night the group gets together in search of their next big thrill. Their favorite pastime is partying on the train tracks on the border of their humble town. There’s nothing quite like the rush of feeling the hard, metal tracks vibrate underneath them as the train comes barreling around the bend. Sometimes they run alongside the train as it rushes by and jump on, hitching a ride to the next town over. Sometimes they climb to the top of the train and jump off into the town’s reservoir for a late night swim. One night, the gang’s party unexpectedly gets broken up by the cops and everyone scatters. Muse A and Muse B head off in the same direction, but Muse A is the one who gets nabbed. It turns out that the police have been monitoring the tracks following reports of delinquent behavior in the last month. As hard as they push Muse A to identify their friends, Muse A refuses to cooperate and they end up taking the fall alone. Muse A is sentenced to a short term in jail and Muse B is the only friend that takes the risk to visit. Muse A and Muse B’s bond grows exponentially over the course of the sentence, developing into something deeper than friendship.

    Unwanted Love:
    This is the Victorian Era in all of its glory. The Duke has arranged with the King, a marriage between his son, Muse A, and the princess, Muse B. Muse A and B have learned the news abruptly, and neither are content with it. They bicker quite a lot, but as the marriage day come closer, they get closer to each other. What will happen next?

    Skipping Time:
    Muse A and Muse B are time travelers supposed to keep everything in different generations in check, so that nothing can alter the normal chronology of time. They go through different eras, stopping those whom are altering time. As they go on different missions, they begin to fall in love.
    (In this plot, they can be either childhood friends, or partners that bicker among themselves.)

    On The Run:
    Muse A is on a day-long drive to an out of town business meeting.They are the eternal optimist, always trying to find the best in everything and everyone, even strangers. When they spot a hitch hiker at the side of the road, Muse A is compelled to stop and give them a helping hand, offering to take them along on their route to the hotel where their meeting is taking place.
    Muse B is on the run, having escaped from the state prison during a transport three days prior. They have shed their orange jumpsuit for civilian clothes, and changed their appearance the best they could, thanks to an abandoned farm house near the penitentiary. Muse B is desperate to get as far away from that hellish place as possible. They’ve evaded the state police for this long, there is no way they will ever go back to that dark, stifling, awful cell.
    Muse A is exactly what Muse B has been hoping for - a one way ticket out of town. They share a few stories and generally enjoy each other’s company during the long, uneventful drive. Unassuming Muse A has no idea that there is a dangerous felon on the loose, but when they finally approach the state line to find a waiting police roadblock, Muse B suddenly pulls a weapon on Muse A and demands they get them through without incident. Once they’ve successfully passed the road block, Muse B reveals the truth, and Muse A is hit with the sudden frightening realization that they are now subject to Muse B’s plans.

    Muse A and Muse B are two halves of an A-list celebrity couple. Together, they have millions of adoring fans and millions of dollars to spend on whatever they could possibly desire. Despite the occasional tabloid article, Muse A and Muse B seem to be living a Hollywood love story, complete with cozy rendezvous in VIP sections of the hottest nightclubs, romantic dinners at the chef’s table in the trendiest restaurants, and affectionate touches on the red carpet at public appearances. Being as famous as they are, Muse A and Muse B are mobbed by paparazzi everywhere they go. Outside of their glamorous, gated home, the star couple can’t get a moment of privacy. But that’s perfectly alright with them because the truth is that Muse A and Muse B are together strictly for publicity. Behind closed doors, Muse A and Muse B absolutely despise one another and they secretly do everything they can to sabotage the other’s career.



    Fairy Tail:

    Natsu x Lucy
    Gray x Juvia
    Erza x Jellal
    Levy x Gajeel
    OC x OC

    The Seven Deadly Sins:
    OC x OC
    Ban x OC

    Knights of the Zodiac/ Saint Seiya Franchise:
    Seiya x OC
    Hyoga x OC
    Shiryu x OC
    Ikki x OC
    Shun x OC
    Shaka x OC
    Milo x OC

    Anything Studio Ghibli

    Black Bullet:
    Rentaro x OC
    Shoma x OC

    Akame ga Kill:
    Tatsumi x OC
    OC x OC

    (I'm still in the middle of watching it so I'm only going to put two pairings.)
    Haru x OC
    Rin x OC

    Attack on Titan:
    OC x OC

    Avatar the Last Airbender:
    OC x OC

    Captain Harlock/ Capitaine Albator:
    OC x OC
    (I'll love you forever if you know what this is)

    OC x OC

    OC x OC

    OC x OC

    Tokyo Ghoul:
    OC x OC

    Soul Eater:
    Soul x Maka
    OC x OC

    Children Who Chase Lost Voices Deep Below:
    OC x OC
    Shin x Asuna


    Video Games

    Legend of Zelda:
    Link x Zelda
    OC x OC

    Kingdom Hearts:
    OC x OC



    OC x OC

    Hunger Games:
    OC x OC

    Percy Jackson:
    OC x OC


    Time Traveler x Time Traveler
    Bullied x Bully
    Gamer x Person in a Sport
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Circus Performer x Circus Performer
    Pirate x Kidnapped Princess
    Princess/Prince x Rebel
    Rebel x Rebel
    Quiet Girl x Popular Guy
    Principal's Daughter x Rebel Guy
    Boss x Employee
    Spy x Spy
    Royal x Servant
    Kidnapper x Kidnapee
    Criminal x Victim

    I'll add some later, but this is it for now.
    I'll write more plots later. See you!
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  2. I'm up for End of the World it it's open!
  3. Yup, it's open! Just shoot me a PM~
  4. I'd love to do Kingdom of the Past, if that's open. It sounds right up my street!
  5. pm me I would love to rp
  6. Both of you PM me~
  7. Ahhh I wanna do Kingdom of the Past as well >.< if that's possible?
  8. Yes, just shoot me a PM~
  9. I have updated, now there are pairings as well as more plots.
  10. Skipping Time sounds interesting...
  11. Is Kingdom of the Past still available? D:
  12. Yay! PM me ~~~:D
  13. No, I'm sorry.
    Too many people are asking for that plot, and I'm always the same character in each and everyone of the role plays.
  14. Okay TTㅅTT
  15. Okay TTㅅTT
    Nah, it's okay, really haha
  16. 'Unwanted Love' sounds interesting. Do you play as the female or male character?
  17. Yay! I'm glad you're interested~
    I'd like to play the female, if that doesn't bother you :o
  18. UPDATE

    I am officially on vacation so I will have time to do more role plays. I will also add more plots in the following days. Still looking for more partners!
  19. the anything by studio ghibil and the plot skipping time works fine with me, perhaps we could combine it, I have some ideas and pairings, myself of course.
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