Wanna Roleplay? Fandom Roleplay Partner Needed! (Fandoms and Originals)

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  1. Hey fellow Iwaku roleplayers! I'm currently looking for and in need of a long term roleplay partners and just some roleplay partners in general! I only have a few things I ask that you have before we roleplay on a long term basis.

    First of all, I would like a partner who can reply at least once a day. I feel that is doable, even with those who have a busy schedule. If you don't have that kind of time, I think, in my opinion, that maybe being on this site isnt the best idea.

    Secondly, I am a paragraph roleplayer. I usually write at least a paragraph if not more. It all depends on my mood and how much content I'm given to work with. If you write 3 paragraphs, I will match it! Just no one line roleplays. Those really bother me!

    Thirdly, I am cool roleplaying any idea you may have or craving you may have as long as I know what the fandom is or where the general plot of the roleplay will go. (We will discuss plots if you are interested in any of my ideas). Also, I typically like to roleplay romance and I am typically better at roleplaying as a male character. However, if you cannot and will not do a female character, I will do it as long as you don't mind them being a little cliche. ;)

    Also, I am willing to do MxM or FxM when it comes to romance although I prefer FxM.

    Here is a list of Fandoms I am willing to Roleplay!
    * I would like to roleplay this sometime
    ** I would love to roleplay this with someone
    *** CRAVING! I really want to roleplay this with someone asap!

    1. *Pokemon (OC's only. I will not play Canons. I do not God Mod my pokemon or trainer either and will not stand for you to do that to me.)
    2. ***Blue Exorcist (Will Roleplay OC's and Canons)
    3. ***Tokyo Ghoul (Will Roleplay OC's and Canons)
    4. **Ouran High School Host Club (Will Roleplay OC's and Canons)
    5. ***Owari No Seraph (Will Roleplay OC's and Canons)
    6.*** Howl's Moving Castle (Canon's only)
    7. ***Princess Mononoke (Canon only. Was always wanting to do an after story that deals with Ashitaka and San and what happens to them after the movie!)

    FYI - I know more animes than this, however, these are the ones I want to Roleplay the most at the moment. If you don't see one you want to roleplay, message me. Chances are moderately high that I may have seen it and or heard of it)

    TV Series
    ***Grimm - I am caught up on all of this. I will only roleplay it if you too are caught up on the whole series! I would prefer to use the storyline of the show but use OC characters to create our own story within the story!

    Original Plot Ideas

    *Animal Shifter x Human
    **Animal Shifter x Animal Shifter
    *Doctor x Patient
    *Prince/Princess x Peasant
    ***Mental Illness Patient x Psychologist
    ***Psychic x Client (Have a super interesting plot idea for this one! Hit me up if your interested!)

    (IF I get any more ideas, I will be sure to post them. These are my ideas I have at the moment!)

    Please message me if any of these catch your eye. I need a long time partner who will stick with me for a while. One who is committed to at least a paragraph once a day. If you can manage that, I'd like to hear from you! Let's become friends and have fun roleplaying!
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