Wanna go to Hogwarts!

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  1. Hey lets, go to Hogwarts! Noncannonical! Voldemort is in hiding! Harry died crippling voldemort.
    Now We are only going to have 6 people plus me <3. Manipulative Dumbledore! YEAH! LETS GO!!!

    Name:Solomon .V. Santi
    Race:Wizard (vampire,werewolf,wizard etc etc)
    Status:Pureblood from a long line of squibs. (muggle born,pure blood, half blood etc)
    Age: 16
    Year: 5
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Gifts: Parslemouth,Animagus,Potions gifted.- (animagus, ____ gifted [charms,transiguration..etec..etc], metamophigi..etc etc...)
    Wand:Liquid core;Acromantula venom ;Cherry; 16"
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  2. When's the time frame, since it's not like the next years of Hogwarts with a new enemy?
    Is there more of an actual story?
    Will it just be about going after Voldy?

    Name: Malayna Clemont
    Race: Wizard/Witch
    Status: Pureblood
    Age: 16
    Year: 6
    Best Classes: Alchemy, DADA, and Transfiguration
    Appearance: Doesn't really have a normal "look."
    House: Slytherin
    Gifts: Metamorphmagus
    Misc: Trying to get ready to try for qualifications of Auror Training
    Wand: 13" Ebony Wood with Dragon Heartstring Core
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  3. Name: Elvira Summers
    Race: Witch
    Status: Muggle-Born
    Age: 17
    Year: 7
    Appearance: http://data.whicdn.com/images/17484197/brown-cute-eyes-girl-hair-Favim.com-200209_large.jpg
    House: Ravenclaw
    Gifts: She is particularly good in Charms and Transfiguration, but she can also use her fists really well to defend herself, and usually it works, since she is very tough despite her deceptively small appearance.
    Wand: 10¾" vine wood, with a dragon heartstring core
    Patronus: Hare
  4. When's the time frame, since it's not like the next years of Hogwarts with a new enemy?
    Is there more of an actual story?
    Will it just be about going after Voldy?

    Its more like just the frame of hogwarts... same history.. but like a bunch of OCs going to hogwarts... after the battle at hogwarts... current time ish...
    there is a story line eventually but in the beginning for like 2 weeks it'll just bee alliances and choosing sides...
    Not all of it will be about moldy shorts. And he should be eliminated near the beginning outlining a *new* threat.... BAMBAMBAMMMMMMM!!!! I'm feeling dramatic cause im wearing a cape to shool!
  5. Name: Zaigou Masa Taida
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Magus
    Status: Dhampir (Half Human, Half Vampire)
    Year: 6
    Good Classes: Transfiguration, DAtDA, Potions
    Bad Classes: Flying, Divination, Arithmancy
    Gifts: Has been working on tattoos that can come to life and leave as well as return to the body.
    Show Spoiler

    Wand Wood: Bamboo Bonsai Tree
    Wand Core: Wraith Essence
    Wand Length: 12.3" Long, .4" thick at Base. Flexible, (Surgically Embedded Into His Right Hand)
    House: Ravenclaw
    Patronus: Small Wyvern

    Because I felt like making an incredibly complex character for no apparent reason.
  6. i want to join Xb
    name: Raven 'Reaper' nightlight
    age 11-12 (forgot when they start)
    year 1
    Race: witch cat person
    status: half-blood
    good classes: DAtDA
    bad classes: everything butDAtDA
    house of Ravenclaw
    gifes: she can tranform into a jagar
    looks:dark light wood
    drangons haerts blood and unacoins horn with the tail of a grifen
    fix and finish later
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  7. Thats 4! 2 more left til we start! Just remember most spells are latin based, So if you say the spell in the English/Latin form, lets say stupefy. a wizard speaking and understanding german cant react as fast, by using a german sheild spell. beschütze mich. to block it, the foreign spell is Unown to your enemy. So its cool. ya. I'll put up a list of classes for you to sign up in.
    Starting list ill finish it later

    Potions [Slug horn]
    Charms [Flitwik]
    Transfiguration [McGonagall]
    Herbology [sprout]
    care of magical creatures [Kettleburn]
    Alchemy (science) [Flamel]
    Muggle studies [Ted Tonks]
    cooking [Dobby]
    HEaling [pomphrey]
    Arithmancy (math)
    Texts (LA) [Rezzo]
    Astronomy [Vector]
    Beginning divination [Trawlany]
    Advanced divination [Frienze]
    Defense against the dark arts [Lupin]
    Ancient runes [Sinstra]
    Latin [Bill Weasly]
    French [Fluer Declour]
    Compuewtrrs [Arthur Weasly]
    Riding [Hooch]
    History of magic [bagshot]

    HEad of houses:
    Adderson Greengrass~ Slytherin
    Kingsley Shacklebolt ~ Raven Claw
    Gwenog Jones ~ GRyffindor
    Amos Diggory ~hufflepuff

    I bet your wondering why there are diffrent heads of houses it makes more sense to have Alumni be the heads so that the teachers dont get caught up in rivalry...
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  8. this is good becuse im super rust at laten and i dony know all the spells
  9. Alright one more! So i fixed the list its like all done there are 10 periods so build your schedule.
    Already has all of transfiguration credits
    1:Study hall
    5:Defense against the dark arts
    6: Healing
    7: Arithmancy
    10:History of magic
    All first periods have to be study hall.
    other classes you guys want?
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  10. 1. Study Hall
    2. Herbology
    3. Alchemy
    4. Charms
    5. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    6. Healing
    7. Potions
    8. Arithmancy
    9. Transfiguration
    10. Astronomy
  11. I think we should start soon. What say you?
  12. 1:Study hall
    2. Potions
    3. Transfiguration
    4. Charms
    5. Herbology
    6. Latin
    7. Defense Against The Dark Arts
    8. Alchemy
    9. Care of Magickal Creatures
    10. Ancient Runes

    I wouldn't be opposed to starting soon
  13. Name: Alexandria P. Moon (Alex Moon for short)
    Race: Witch
    Status: Pureblood
    Age: 16
    Year: 5
    House: Gryffindor
    Gifts: Wonderful flier, DADA, Care of Magical Creatures
    Wand: 9 1/2 inches, flexible, Rosewood, Thestral Tail Hair core
    Patronus: Peregrin Falcon
  14. 1. Study Hall
    2. Herbology
    3. Alchemy
    4. Potions
    5. Trasfiguration
    6. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    7. Arithmancy
    8. Care of Magical Creatures
    9. Transfiguration
    10. Charms
  15. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! we are all full now, sorry for anyone who didn't sign up who wanted too. Ill post the IC in a few days i have a few Rl problems to deal with.
  16. OH ok ^^