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  1. This is the sign up threads. Character sheets will be posted here.
  2. Name: Isidora

    Age: Young/Middle-aged

    Race: Naga/Lamia

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  3. Hey, I'm interested in this rp :) Uhm, is any char sheet fine?
  4. There's an interest check thread in Interest Check and Discussion that had a lot more detail than this if you haven't checked it out. They explain a bit more what they're expecting.

    Give it a glance!
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  5. Sure thing, Thanks :)
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  6. Detailed physical description...


    Well, given I've been told Deen, of the Bloodline Ahvviyinn, can't have a mate, I will set his age somewhere in his teens (around 170ish), well before his bonding with Thoee. So, in reference to the "Image..." Deen's shroudruff (the "peacock's fan" of feathers on his back) will be about one third to one half their "adult" length, otherwise, all other details will be intact.
  7. Name: ?

    Age: Appears to be in late 20's and early 30's in terms of human years.

    Race: Half-Human/Half-Elf


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  8. Name: (Not sure if this is needed)

    Age: Seems around early 20s.

    Race: Humanoid with dog like features.

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She is around 5'4 and 120 lbs. Her skin is mocha toned. Her hair is chin length, straight and brindled, consisting of a mishmash of brown, black and orange. Instead of normal humanoid ears, she has floppy doglike ears, with the same brindled tone as her hair. Her eyes are big and a warm brown with thick black eyelashes. Her eyebrows are narrow and more black than any other colour. Her cheeks are rather full though not fat.

    Going down to the rest of her body, she is pretty much human-like, although her fingers have claws rather than nails. She has a brindled long furred tail that is curled (kind of like an Alaskan Malamute's). Her legs become doglike from knee down, ending in paws. Once again, the fur on her legs and paws is brindled.
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  9. Will get my post up here soonish. Most likely in the next hour.

    Figuring most of the OOC chatter needs to start filling into this thread though instead of the other.
  10. Well, given Deen might be an issue, and to save some time even without Shade's reply in the other thread, aaand given I think I have a better character idea, more fitted to what Shade wants, I will be using a character/species without which not only Deen but the entire Nism race wouldn't exist:

    Name: Unknown

    Age/Sex: Young adult male

    Race: Takasiheen

    Appearance: Looks pretty much just like a Nism... like Deen above (and below, in all his "glory"), for convenience (and because Creators tend to create in their own image)... except for a shoulder-mane of quills, instead of a shroudruff of feathers. And, no forehead badge. Still a strong, tough bugger, though! Never argue with claws or teeth (or a charming smile).......

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  11. Name:
    "I can't seem to remember but call me Rose"
    "I don't know"
    "I am one with nature"
    Nature Nymph
    "I think I look like the trees"
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  12. Name: Doesn't recall a given name or has thought about giving himself one as of yet.

    Age: In his mid to late 20s.

    Race: Very certain he's human.

    Appearance: As mundane as humans are there is nothing exactly unique about him other than the faint markings on his pale skin artistically contoured over his body from head to toe. He is average in height, about 5 feet, 11 inches tall and is lithe with lean muscle suggesting he had an emphasis on speed over brute strength. He has long dark hair with some facial hair donning his chin and jaw line and piercing gray eyes despite the absence of his past portrays him as a man of extreme focus.
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  13. Threads too quiet.
  14. Here is the sign up. Here is not the OOC, so it is no wonder if it is quiet. The OOC was the interest check thread. :P anyway, I'll post something for you to react to.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Zero - Half elf, quarter fae, quarter wizard. His mother was the elf, his father the other two. He does not know that he is quarter wizard, though, as it cannot be seen in a reflection. He looks to be only about 5, when compared to human ages, but being an elf would also mean a longer life span. There is no way to tell just how old he really is.​
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