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  1. Heeeeyy!

    Guess who desperately wants to roleplay but can't be bothered to look through all these threads? Me! :D


    Since I'm in the middle of a school break, and since I haven't roleplayed in awhile, I came searching for places to roleplay and I found Iwaku. I'm relatively new-ish to roleplay (the only roleplays I've done have been over skype haha), but I like to think I'm good enough at it - I've just found that I am prone to wandering around roleplay forums like a lost puppy. But I'll get used to it. Hopefully.

    -Me, Myself and I-
    From what I've seen, I think I classify as an adept-advanced writer. I have a slight tendency to ramble with my posts, and can turn out things that surpass ten paragraphs, but I tend to just give back what is given to me. If you give me a novel I'll be more than happy to return the favor, though I do ask that my partner's posts don't go below a substantial paragraph per character. As I said, I haven't been roleplaying for very long - I'd say a few months is about it, and this is my first time roleplaying on a proper roleplay website. However, that being said, I'd prefer to keep all my roleplays confined to this website - I won't be roleplaying over email / social media / stuff.

    I am below the age of eighteen, just as a heads up. I do not usually do any smut within my roleplays, though general romance usually flies well with me (alright, admittedly I'm craving a bit of romance at the moment). I just need to have a solid plot beneath it. As far as roleplays go, I'm slightly obsessed with elves. And anything fantasy-oriented. I will literally roleplay virtually anything that has fantasy elements to it, so if you have a plot in mind that includes magic / mythical creatures / ect I am game. I specifically have a soft spot for medieval-fantasy.

    I do not roleplay slice of life / modern things. I roleplay to get out of my world, please don't try to throw me back into it (no offense to the world, of course). c: Generally I don't like playing sci-fi 1x1s, though for some reason sci-fi group roleplays tend to draw me in. I don't know why. That being said, if you have a sci-fi plot / idea that you'd like to play feel free to ask me about it but I can't promise that I'll buy into it. I'm just not all that good with developing technology ideas and whatnot, magic and stuff sits much better with me. Despite that feel free to poke me about sci-fi things! I'm friendly! Sort of. Slightly. Not really. Ahem.

    Current Preferred Genres
    Action / Adventure

    Possible Pairings
    Note: I don't just play romantic pairings. I need a solid plot underneath it. Unfortunately, however, my brain is running a bit dry on plot ideas - so if you are interested in any of these pairings feel free to PM me and we can work out a plot for it.

    * Your ideas!

    Thank you for reading, and I hope to roleplay with you soon! <3
    Also, I'd prefer it if anybody interested would message me - I'll probably forget to check this thread somewhere along the way.
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  2. Hey I have this idea of a sorceress x supernatural creature, it is set in mondern times but it's got a lot more of a supernatural twist to it, Necromancers, witches and wizards as well as shifters roam the earth, a very small number of humans now about this as, if found by a human, anything with magic abilities removes the memory they have of them. Shifters just tend to kill them. I'll post the plot if you want, but my characters a girl so unless you want a FxF then you're gonna have to be male if you're okay with that.
  3. I'd love to do a Fullmetal Alchemist with you, if you'd like to do one that is. I don't have a plot off the top of my head, but I'll make if you decide to rp with me~ I can do a paragraph or more, if I'm inspired, but if I can't think of anything to do I'll mostly do a few lines. Thank you for your time, have a good day!
  4. @Wolfiethehybrid123 - Ack, sorry, at the moment I'm not really feeling a more mordern setting. >.> So sorry!

    @Psychopathy - My apologies, maybe I didn't really make it that clear but I'm not looking for a fandom-based roleplay, I just posted them up there to give people a taste of what I go for. ^-^ My apologies, again, for the confusion!
  5. Do you know anyone that may like fandom rps?
  6. Ack, I'm afraid not. :c I sort of only joined yesterday, so I'm still only getting a feel for this place. Sorry!
  7. Hello! I would love to do any type of Fantasy RP. I love constructing the fantasy world, it's my favorite part!
  8. @Animent - Gah, I'm so sorry! I forgot to close the thread once I got enough partners (I'm astonished at how many people responded o.o). At the moment I'm still busy with school since break hasn't started yet, but I'll make sure to contact you if my schedule opens up a bit!

  9. It's fine. I don't have spring break this year, but I have no life anyways.
  10. @AmberLight Tis fine, message me if you want to RP though!
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