Walking Dead Tv Show Rp? (Canon characters + OC)

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  1. I was thinking of a couple of ideas that would be different from the other walking dead rp's. Most of the rp's in the walking dead try to tell an origin story or make a whole new area of the post apocalyptic world, which sometimes dries out and dies quickly. This is a check for anyone who'd be willing to rp the canon from the Tv series, with adding OUR VERY OWN OC's. These OC's will become apart of Rick's group along with the original members, and their actions can even alter some events (Save Amy, Save Dale, change Woodbury, etc.)

    Note however that the plot and storyline will be the same from the tv show. Chapter 1 will be the CDC voyage all the way up to chapter 5 which is current time. I don't need alot of rpers, but if many come, I will take them! so if anyone is interested please feel free to respond. You may also reply with a character claim also.

    IF YOU WANT AN OC ,Make sure their stories are meaningful and legit. (Keep in mind setting is around Georgia)

    Okee doke!
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  2. can i have an OC and have Morgan, maybe have him and his son come instead of staying?
  3. Again lol...only pick one xD

    And the tv show events would stay the same the only people that can change outcomes are OC's. It's like a Walking Dead AU show
  4. ah dang it, okay i'll be an OC since Morgan is barely on the show
  5. Is there still space for another OC?
  6. You'd be the last OC available.
  7. Then sweet, would definatly be interested, love the show, where do I sign up?
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