Walking Dead Rp?? [Group or 1x1]

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  1. This is my request for anyone interested in the gritty and survivalist rp known as Walking Dead. Originally I would like the rp to be set in the TV Show Universe with OC's that come across Rick's Group in the beginning of the outbreaks. Our OC's would have the power to intervene and alter some events of the series, but also bring forth new consequences. Preferably I would like the counterpart character to be a male to my female, but if the character is interesting enough I'd be open to a female partner as well.


    Have a Walking Dead rp based in New York City with a completely new set of characters as OC's and work our way around surviving in the Big Apple, trying to move around a MASS WAVE of walkers towards any hope or chance of survival.

    - SEX/SMUT ONLY IF ALL RPers are 18+ but not mandatory, but WILL happen at some points so long as you stay true to the gritty, surreal story that is the Walking Dead. Any and Everything goes in this rp. Anything.

    - Be ready for sacrifice. Surely you can't think there will be a happy go lucky story 24/7 and no bad endings will occur? You must be willing to accept death, loss, abandonment, etc. That goes for all participants (yupp, me too)

    - No metagaming (carrying 102 guns in inventory, can't die, killing 298 walkers alone, etc)

    - Bring something
    ORIGINAL AND FUN to the table with characters and stories! That same reaction you get when watching/playing TWD you should get while rp'ing this! ^_^

    -Based and set in the SAME universe as Kirkman's The Walking Dead TV Show.

    If your character becomes non-frequent in posting, THEY WILL DIE.

    Be ready for sacrifice, death, and chaos at every turn. THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE RP, IT WILL GET REAL!

    This rp will be as dark, cut-throat, and gripping and the series and show so it will be pretty intense. This can be a group or 1x1 depending on interest. That being said anyone interested please feel free to respond so we may discuss further details.
  2. I'm down. :)
  3. Interested.
  4. I'd be for the group RP, if it isn't too late.
  5. It is not at all, I'm guessing you guys are for the original OC group as well?
  6. Well, that doesn't matter a great deal to me. I was interested in the New York idea specifically. :)
  7. Ya.
  8. I'd be interested in a group walking dead rp for sure ^_^
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  9. OOC will be up today
  10. Awesome Sauce!
  11. Sign ups have started! The IC will probably start sooner than later.
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