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[size=+1]What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?[/size]

Are you the type of person that wakes up with their mind still full of dreams and fantasies or are you straight to business and what must be done, ever thinking about your next step? What aspects do you focus on? Do you hop right out of bed and get going to act or linger a little with your inner self? Talk to me!
sometimes I think about what I just have dreamt and fall asleep continuing dreaming the dream xD or just lying there thinking about the dream untill I feel like getting up. When I don't remember that I dreamed anything then my first thought is 'I want to sleep' and often I fall asleep over and over again or I lay in the bed wanting to fall asleep untill I decide two hours later that I must go up xD

When I have school I put my alarm clock at one or two hours earlier than I need to go up so I can lie and just half sleep untill it's time to go up, then I also thinks about my dreams or thinks that I want to sleep xD I don't really think about the day or anything like that before I have been able to wake my whole body and brain up which can take hours.
I usually wake up as a result of my dreams.

Either I snap up and yelp because something scary happened, toss and turn and shoot my eyes open lying in a cold sweat and tears because I had that dream that i was alone, or smile, wake up in a daze, and run into a wall becuase my eyes are still closed. It varies.
Same as Ili-sans with the whole dream/nightmare feeling, sensation, thingy.

My first REAL thoughts, besides dream thoughts and wondering what it was about, are usually like:
-What homework/studying/production work do I have to get done today.
-Do I have any tests/quizzes coming up
-What should I eat today
-When can I workout
-Iwaku-related thoughts
-Crush-related thoughts

Usually in that order.
I live by my alarm clock because of the inconistencies of retail hours. For the most part all I really am thinking is how many times can I hit the snooze button without having to skip breakfast. If I can remember my dreams, which isn't often unfortunately, I try to linger on them for a while before I finally drag myself to my bedside light and start my day.
Coffee, breakfast, workout.

I am typically the one who wakes up and is all business about it. I normally get up on the computer first thing and check my email, Facebook, and Iwaku. I'm also thinking about what I'm doing for the day. Sooner or later I'll get ready, hop in the shower, brush my teeth eat breakfast.... I do dream vividly, but I normally don't stay in bed to think about it.

No, I try to get up as early as possible so I don't have to stress with my meal, breakfeast is so important. Besides, I always prefer working out early in the morning, so I'm working to wards making that a habit.

I usually have trouble thinking too much when I GO TO sleep, not when I wake up.
As for me, I actually have very deep thoughts.
Why do I exist? What do I gain of sleeping when I could be doing something productive? Have I done anything productive? I wonder if I can eat Chinese food today? Basically, these are a few thoughts I think. I mean, if I think.

My thoughts when I wake are as I said: deep.
Most of the time I just lay back and think of many events that have shaped my life. I think of what I've dong wrong in the past, things that I could've done right or even better--and what the outcome would of been if I would've chosen another action and or path.

When I wake up because of a dream I usually have a pattern.
When it's because of a nightmare:

Well, it's funny actually. Because whenever I have a nightmare I have a whole plan planned out. I stop in the midst of my dream, I usually tell the serial killer who is after me to give me a sec--then I hit my head against a wall and chant: "Gaby wake up ! WAKE UP GABY"
And so I wake up.
I cry and tremble because my nightmare is freakishly vivid. Pray a little so I don't continue the dream and then fall back asleep.

If it's a good dream I just doze off again in hopes that I can continue it.
I usually just smile the whole because I take good and romantic dreams as a sign that I should be positive that day because something good might happen.

I dunno. I'm just weird.
Today it was "god fucking damnit my head hurts."

Usually it will be "who the fuck just woke me up?!"

I have a lot of dreams and I remember them pretty well, so I think about them and keep the ideas in my head so I can write down the good ones for roleplay plot bunnies. 8D
I tend to remember a lot of my dreams. If they linger, when I wake, I try to analyze them.

If I don't, it tends to go like this:

1. Where the h--oh my bed.
2. *Checks time*
3. Normally gets up.

Pretty boring, but I figured I would share. =)
I think of how much I'd like to move around but can't because of morning wood.

That and how much I hate the mornings in general.
My waking thoughts are (depends on when or how and not always in that order) :

"What time is it?"
"Oh look it's 7:40(goes back to sleep)..............(Insert word of choice here as I jump out of bed)!!!"
"I just want to go back to sleep."
"Time to get up. groan. I hate school."

And that's about all I can think of at the moment. As you can see I'm not a morning person.
First thought: "f%^$#@g alarm..."
Second thought: "It... it can't be 6:45am already, can it? FFFFFF---"

Then, I spend the next 45 minutes with a shower, clothes, "breakfast", and departing my home for the cruel world known as "outside."

Sunshine lives there. Be wary.
I recall my dream if I can, but then I assess if I have anything I need to do today.
One of my parrots usually wakes me up every day at the same time by screeching.

So I usually wake up in a panic, yelling something like "OKAY OKAY STOP IT!"
I tend to have a LOT of trouble sleeping with my thoughts being all about the previous day, but I usually like to linger in bed a little and reflect on my dreams when I first wake up. It really makes me feel peaceful. However, if there's an alarm clock, my first thought of the morning is usually: